Reviews starting with L

TitleReview By
L'Age d'orDanae Cassandra
L'AtalanteDanae Cassandra
L.A. ConfidentialDragonfire
L.A. ConfidentialJon
L: Change the WorldTom
Labor Painsaddicted2dvd
LabyrinthDanae Cassandra
Ladder 49addicted2dvd
Lady and the TrampDanae Cassandra
Lady for a DayAntares
Lady Frankensteinaddicted2dvd
Lady FrankensteinJimmy
The Lady From ShanghaiDanae Cassandra
The Lady VanishesAchim
The Lady Vanishesaddicted2dvd
The Lady VanishesDragonfire
The Lady VanishesJon
The Lady VanishesRich
The Lady VanishesTom
Lady VengeanceAntares
Ladybug LadybugAntares
The LadykillersJon
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in Indiadfmorgan
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in IndiaTom
Laid to Restaddicted2dvd
Lake Deadaddicted2dvd
The Lake Houseaddicted2dvd
The Lake HouseHal
The Lake HouseTom
Lake PlacidDanae Cassandra
Lakeview Terraceaddicted2dvd
Lakeview TerraceJon
Lakeview TerraceKinkyCyborg
Land of the Deadaddicted2dvd
Land of the Lostaddicted2comics
Land of the Lostaddicted2dvd
Land of the LostDragonfire
Land of the MinotaurJimmy
The Land That Time ForgotRich
The Land UnknownGSyren
The Langoliersaddicted2dvd
The LangoliersKinkyCyborg
The Language of LoveJimmy
Laputa: Castle in the Skydfmorgan
Larks on a Stringsamuelrichardscott
Larry CrowneDragonfire
The Las Vegas Serial KillerJimmy
Last Action Heroaddicted2dvd
Last Action HeroDJ Doena
The Last AirbenderDragonfire
The Last American Hero samuelrichardscott
Last Chance Harveyaddicted2dvd
Last City RaidersEdwin
The Last Days of PompeiiGSyren
The Last DetailAntares
Last Exit to Brooklynsamuelrichardscott
The Last HomecomingDanae Cassandra
Last House on the Leftaddicted2dvd
The Last House on the LeftJimmy
The Last King of ScotlandEric
The Last Legiondfmorgan
Last Man on Earthaddicted2dvd
The Last of SheilaAntares
The Last SamuraiDJ Doena
The Last StarfighterTom
The Last Starfighteraddicted2dvd
Last SummerJimmy
The Last SupperJimmy
The Last Time I Saw ParisHal
The Last UnicornDanae Cassandra
The Last WaveDanae Cassandra
Last Year at MarienbadAntares
Late Night ShoppingJon
Late SpringDanae Cassandra
Laughter in ParadiseAntares
The Lavender Hill MobJon
Law Abiding CitizenKinkyCyborg
A Lawless StreetRogmeister
Lawrence of ArabiaJon
Lawrence of ArabiaRich
Lawrence of ArabiaDanae Cassandra
The League of Extraordinary GentlemenDVDsRGreat
The League of Gentlemen (1960)Antares
A League of Their Ownaddicted2dvd
Leap of FaithTom
Leap YearTom
Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre IIIJimmy
Leave Her to HeavenRick
Left in DarknessJimmy
Legacy of Bloodaddicted2dvd
Legally BlondeDJ Doena
Legally BlondeTom
Legally Blonde (2001)addicted2dvd
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blondeaddicted2dvd
The Legend of Billie Jeanaddicted2dvd
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Critter
The Legend of the Hell Houseaddicted2dvd
The LEGO Batman MovieTom
The LEGO MovieTom
Lemonade Mouthaddicted2dvd
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Eventsaddicted2comics
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Eventsaddicted2comics
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Eventsaddicted2dvd
LéonDJ Doena
The Leopard Manaddicted2dvd
Leopard ManJon
Leprechaun 2Jimmy
Leprechaun 3Jimmy
Les 7 jours du talionJimmy
Les diaboliquesAntares
Les Filles du BotanisteTom
Les quatre cents coups Antares
Les VisiteursTom
Lesbian Vampire KillersTom
Let Me InAchim
Let Me Indfmorgan
Let Me InJon
Let Me InTom
Let Me Inaddicted2dvd
Let The Right One InAchim
Let the Right One InCritter
Let the Right One Indfmorgan
Let the Right One Ingoodguy
Let The Right One InJon
Let The Right One InKinkyCyborg
Let the Right One InTom
Let the Right One Inaddicted2dvd
Lethal Weaponaddicted2dvd
Lethal WeaponJon
Lethal WeaponTom
Lethal Weapon 2addicted2dvd
Lethal Weapon 2Tom
Lethal Weapon 3addicted2dvd
Lethal Weapon 3Tom
Lethal Weapon 4addicted2dvd
Lethal Weapon 4Tom
Lethal Weapon 4addicted2dvd
Letter Never SentDanae Cassandra
Letters to JulietDanae Cassandra
Letters to JulietSilence_of_Lambs
Liar Liaraddicted2dvd
Libeled LadyAntares
Liberty! The American RevolutionAntares
The Librarian: Quest for the SpearDJ Doena
Licence To KillRich
Licence to KillTom
License to KillDragonfire
License to Wedaddicted2dvd
License to Wed (2007)addicted2dvd
Liebe MauerTom
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissousnowcat
Life as We Know Itaddicted2dvd
Life as We Know Itaddicted2dvd
A Life Less OrdinaryRich
The Life of David GaleRich
The Life of OharuAntares
Life of PiGSyren
Life of Piaddicted2dvd
Life or Something Like ItRich
Light SleeperKinkyCyborg
The Lincoln LawyerDragonfire
Linda Linda LindaTom
La Linea - The LineSilence_of_Lambs
The LineupAntares
The Lion Kingsnowcat
The Lion Kingaddicted2dvd
Lions for LambsSilence_of_Lambs
Lips of BloodDanae Cassandra
Lips of BloodDanae Cassandra
Lisa and the DevilAchim
Lisa and the DevilJimmy
Lisa and the DevilJimmy
Lissi und der wilde KaiserTom
Little Big ManAntares
Little Big Soldierdfmorgan
Little Big SoldierTom
Little Black Bookaddicted2dvd
Little ChildrenRich
Little FishKinkyCyborg
Little FockersDragonfire
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Laneaddicted2dvd
The Little MermaidTom
The Little Mermaid Tom
The Little Mermaid II: Return to the SeaTom
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's BeginningTom
Little Miss SunshineTom
Little Miss Sunshine addicted2dvd
Little Nickyaddicted2dvd
The Little Shop of Horrorsaddicted2dvd
The Little Shop of HorrorsJon
Little Shop of HorrorsTom
Little Shop of HorrorsDanae Cassandra
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)addicted2dvd
Live and Let DieDragonfire
Live and Let DieJon
Live and Let DieRich
Live and Let DieTom
Live Free or Die Hardaddicted2dvd
Live Free or Die HardDragonfire
The Living DaylightsDragonfire
The Living DaylightsRich
The Living DaylightsTom
The Living DaylightsGSyren
The Living DaylightsGSyren
The Living Dead at the Manchester MorgueJimmy
The Living Dead GirlDanae Cassandra
Loaded Weapon 1Tom
The Lodger: A Story of the London FogDragonfire
Logan's RunDanae Cassandra
Logan's Runaddicted2dvd
Lola renntgoodguy
Lola renntTom
The Lone Rangeraddicted2dvd
The Lone Ranger (2013)Dragonfire
Lone Star State Of MindKinkyCyborg
Lone Wolf & Cub: Sword of VengeanceAntares
Lonely HeartsRich
The Lonely ManKinkyCyborg
Lonesome Doveaddicted2dvd
The Long Goodbyegoodguy
The Long GoodbyeGSyren
The Long Ridersaddicted2dvd
The Long RidersRogmeister
The Longest Dayaddicted2dvd
The Longest DayAntares
The Longest Yardaddicted2dvd
The Longest Yardaddicted2dvd
Look Who's TalkingDJ Doena
Look Who's Talkingsamuelrichardscott
Look Who's Talking Toosamuelrichardscott
Look, Up In The Sky!: The Amazing Story of Supermanaddicted2dvd
Looney Tunes: Back in ActionTom
Looney Tunes: Back in Action Dragonfire
Lord of Illusionsaddicted2dvd
The Lord of the Rings TrilogyAntares
The Lord of the Rings: Collector's EditionDJ Doena
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ringaddicted2dvd
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingDJ Doena
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingDJ Doena
The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersDJ Doena
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towersaddicted2dvd
Lord of WarRossRoy
The Lords Of FlatbushKinkyCyborg
The Loreley's GraspGSyren
Los cronocrímenesAchim
The Losersdfmorgan
The LosersDragonfire
The LostJimmy
Lost and DeliriousTom
The Lost Boysaddicted2dvd
The Lost Boysaddicted2dvd
The Lost Boysaddicted2dvd
The Lost BoysDragonfire
The Lost BoysTom
The Lost BoysAntares
The Lost BoysDragonfire
Lost Boys: The Tribeaddicted2dvd
The Lost Boys: The Tribeaddicted2dvd
Lost Horizon (1973)GSyren
Lost missionRich
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavraaddicted2dvd
The Lost Skeleton of CadavraJimmy
Lost Souls addicted2dvd
The Lost Valentineaddicted2dvd
The Lost Valentineaddicted2dvd
The Lost World: Jurassic Parkaddicted2comics
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkTom
Love & Mercyaddicted2dvd
Love Aaj KalTom
Love ActuallyTom
Love ActuallyDanae Cassandra
The Love Bugaddicted2dvd
The Love Guruaddicted2dvd
Love in the Time of CholeraKinkyCyborg
The Love LetterTom
Love Lies BleedingKinkyCyborg
Love Me TenderGSyren
Love My LifeTom
Love on the SideTom
Love PhobiaTom
Love Potion #9addicted2dvd
Love SickTom
Love Storyaddicted2dvd
Love Story 2050Tom
Love, So DivineTom
Lovely RivalsTom
Lover Come BackTom
Loving AnnabelleTom
Lucky # Slevinaddicted2dvd
The Lucky OneTom
Lucky StarAntares
Lust for DraculaJimmy
Lust, CautionJon