Author Topic: 2014 TV Show Episodes watched on DVD  (Read 4089 times)

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Re: 2014 TV Show Episodes watched on DVD
« Reply #15 on: January 02, 2015, 03:32:33 PM »
5 episodes watched in December:

DateTV SeriesEpisodeRating
2Doctor Who4.10 Midnight
2Doctor Who4.11 Turn Left
4Doctor Who4.12 The Stolen Earth
4Doctor Who4.13 Journey's End
13Doctor Who4.14 The Next Doctor

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Re: 2014 TV Show Episodes watched on DVD
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247 episodes watched in 2014:

TV SeriesEpisodeMonthDayRating
Doctor Who1.01 Rose11
Torchwood2.11 Adrift11
Torchwood2.12 Fragments11
Torchwood2.13 Exit Wounds11
Boston Legal3.09 On the Ledge11
Boston Legal3.10 The Nutcrackers12
Boston Legal3.11 Angel of Death12
Boston Legal3.12 Nuts12
Boston Legal3.13 Dumping Bella12
Boston Legal3.14 Selling Sickness12
Boston Legal3.15 Fat Burner12
Boston Legal3.16 The Good Lawyer12
Boston Legal3.17 The Bride Wore Blood12
Boston Legal3.18 Son of the Defender12
Boston Legal3.19 Brotherly Love13
Boston Legal3.20 Guise 'N Dolls13
Boston Legal3.21 Tea and Sympathy13
Boston Legal3.22 Guantanamo by the Bay13
Boston Legal3.23 Duck and Cover13
Boston Legal3.24 Trial of the Century13
Torchwood3.01 Day One13
Torchwood3.02 Day Two13
Torchwood3.03 Day Three13
Boston Legal4.01 Beauty and the Beast13
Boston Legal4.02 The Innocent Man14
Boston Legal4.03 The Chicken and the Leg14
Boston Legal4.04 Do Tell14
Torchwood3.04 Day Four14
Boston Legal4.05 Hope and Gory14
Boston Legal4.06 The Object of My Affection14
Boston Legal4.07 Attack of the Xenophobes15
Boston Legal4.08 Oral Contracts15
Boston Legal4.09 No Brains Left Behind15
Torchwood3.05 Day Five15
Boston Legal4.10 Green Christmas15
Boston Legal4.11 Mad About You15
Boston Legal4.12 Roe v. Wade, the Musical16
Doctor Who1.02 The End of the World16
Doctor Who1.03 The Unquiet Dead16
Boston Legal4.13 Glow in the Dark16
Boston Legal4.14 Rescue Me16
Boston Legal4.15 Tabloid Nation16
Boston Legal4.16 The Mighty Rogues16
Torchwood4.01 The New World16
Boston Legal4.17 The Court Supreme16
Boston Legal4.18 Indecent Proposals16
Boston Legal4.19 The Gods Must Be Crazy16
Boston Legal4.20 Patriot Acts16
Boston Legal5.01 Smoke Signals17
Boston Legal5.02 Guardians and Gatekeepers17
Boston Legal5.03 Dances with Wolves17
Boston Legal5.04 True Love17
Boston Legal5.05 The Bad Seed18
Boston Legal5.06 Happy Trails18
Boston Legal5.07 Mad Cows18
Boston Legal5.08 Roe18
Boston Legal5.09 Kill Baby Kill!19
Boston Legal5.10 Thanksgiving19
Boston Legal5.11 Juiced19
Boston Legal5.12 Made in China / Last Call110
Torchwood4.02 Rendition111
Torchwood4.03 Dead of Night111
Doctor Who1.04 Aliens of London111
Doctor Who1.05 World War Three111
Pretty Little Liars3.02 111
Pretty Little Liars3.03 111
Pretty Little Liars3.04 111
Pretty Little Liars3.05 111
Torchwood4.04 Escape to L.A.111
Torchwood4.06 The Middle Men113
Torchwood4.07 Immortal Sins114
Torchwood4.08 End of the Road114
Torchwood4.09 The Gathering115
Torchwood4.10 The Blood Line115
Doctor Who1.06 Dalek117
The Office2.21 Conflict Resolution118
The Office9.01 New Guys119
The Office9.02 Roy's Wedding119
The Office9.03 Andy's Ancestry119
The Office9.04 Work Bus119
The Office9.05 Here Comes Treble120
The Office9.06 The Boat120
The Office9.07 The Whale120
The Office9.08 The Target120
The Office9.09 Dwight Christmas120
The Office9.10 Lice120
The Office9.11 Suit Warehouse121
The Office9.12 Customer Loyalty122
The Office9.13 Junior Salesman122
The Office9.14 Vandalism122
The Office9.15 Couples Discount123
The Office9.16 Moving On123
The Office9.17 The Farm123
The Office9.18 Promos124
The Office9.19 Stairmageddon124
The Office9.20 Paper Airplane124
The Office9.21 Livin' the Dream124
The Office9.22 A.A.R.M.124
The Office9.23 Finale125
Pretty Little Liars3.06 126
Pretty Little Liars3.07 126
Doctor Who1.07 The Long Game126
The Sarah Silverman Program.2.07 High, It's Sarah127
The Sarah Silverman Program.2.08 Mongolian Beef127
The Sarah Silverman Program.2.09 Making New Friends127
The Sarah Silverman Program.2.10 Patriot Tact128
The Sarah Silverman Program.2.11 Pee128
The Sarah Silverman Program.2.12 There Is No Place Like Homeless128
The Sarah Silverman Program.2.13 Fetus Don't Fail Me Now128
The Sarah Silverman Program.2.14 I Thought My Dad Was Dead, But It Turns Out He's Not128
The Sarah Silverman Program.2.15 Kangamangus128
The Sarah Silverman Program.2.16 Vow Wow128
Pretty Little Liars3.08 129
Pretty Little Liars3.09 130
Pretty Little Liars3.10 131
Glee3.01 The Purple Piano Project22
Glee3.02 I Am Unicorn23
Glee3.03 Asian F24
Glee3.04 Pot O' Gold26
Doctor Who1.08 Father's Day28
Doctor Who1.09 The Empty Child28
Doctor Who1.10 The Doctor Dances28
Sherlock2.01 A Scandal in Belgravia28
Sherlock2.02 The Hounds of Baskerville28
Doctor Who1.11 Boom Town210
Doctor Who1.12 Bad Wolf210
Doctor Who1.13 The Parting of the Ways211
Doctor Who2.00 The Christmas Invasion215
Doctor Who2.01 New Earth227
Doctor Who2.02 Tooth and Claw312
Doctor Who2.03 School Reunion327
Der Tatortreiniger1.01 Ganz normale Jobs46
Der Tatortreiniger1.02 Spuren46
Doctor Who2.04 The Girl in the Fireplace46
Doctor Who2.05 Rise of the Cybermen46
The Vampire Diaries3.01 The Birthday410
The Vampire Diaries3.02 The Hybrid410
Doctor Who7.00 The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe411
The Vampire Diaries3.03 The End of the Affair411
The Vampire Diaries3.04 Disturbing Behavior411
Doctor Who7.01 Asylum of the Daleks51
Doctor Who7.02 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship53
Doctor Who7.03 A Town Called Mercy53
Doctor Who7.04 The Power of Three53
Doctor Who7.05 5, The Angels Take Manhattan53
Doctor Who7.06 2012 Christmas Special: The Snowmen54
Doctor Who7.07 The Bells of Saint John54
Doctor Who7.08 The Rings of Akhaten56
Doctor Who7.09 Cold War59
Doctor Who7.10 Hide59
Doctor Who7.11 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS510
Doctor Who7.12 The Crimson Horror510
Doctor Who7.13 Nightmare in Silver511
Doctor Who7.14 The Name of the Doctor511
Der Tatortreiniger1.03 Nicht über mein Sofa530
Psych7.01 Santabarbaratown 2530
30 Rock6.01 Dance Like Nobody's Watching611
30 Rock6.02 Idiots Are People Two!611
30 Rock6.03 Idiots Are People Three!611
Full Metal Panic!1.01 ki ni naru aitsu ha gunsou615
Doctor Who2.06 The Age of Steel720
Doctor Who2.07 The Idiot's Lantern721
Doctor Who2.08 The Impossible Planet81
Doctor Who2.09 The Satan Pit81
Doctor Who2.11 Fear Her82
Doctor Who2.12 Army of Ghosts82
Doctor Who2.13 Doomsday82
Doctor Who3.00 The Runaway Bride82
Doctor Who3.01 Smith and Jones83
Doctor Who3.02 The Shakespeare Code83
Doctor Who3.03 Gridlock83
Doctor Who3.04 Daleks in Manhattan88
Doctor Who3.05 Evolution of the Daleks89
Doctor Who3.06 The Lazarus Experiment89
Doctor Who3.07 4289
Doctor Who3.08 Human Nature810
Doctor Who3.09 The Family of Blood810
Doctor Who3.10 Blink811
Doctor Who3.11 Utopia811
Doctor Who3.12 The Sound of Drums823
Doctor Who3.13 Last of the Time Lords823
Arrow1.01 Pilot824
Arrow1.02 Honor Thy Father824
Arrow1.03 Lone Gunmen824
Arrow1.04 An Innocent Man824
Arrow1.05 Damaged824
Arrow1.06 Legacies824
Arrow1.07 Muse Of Fire825
Doctor's Diary1.01 Männer sind Schweine!831
Doctor's Diary1.02 Hilfe, ich brauche ein Date!831
Doctor's Diary1.03 Bin ich fett?91
Doctor's Diary1.04 Marc will Sex91
Doctor's Diary1.05 Kaan ist doch süß!92
Doctor's Diary1.06 Frauen auf dem Ärzteball92
Arrow1.08 Vendetta97
Arrow1.09 Year's End97
Arrow1.10 Burned910
Arrow1.11 Trust But Verify910
Arrow1.12 Vertigo910
Arrow1.13 Betrayal913
Arrow1.14 The Odyssey913
Arrow1.15 Dodger913
Arrow1.16 Dead To Rights917
Arrow1.17 The Huntress Returns105
Arrow1.18 Salvation1019
Arrow1.19 Unfinished Business1019
Arrow1.20 Home Invasion1019
The Big Bang Theory7.01 The Hofstadter Insufficiency1031
The Big Bang Theory7.02 The Deception Verification111
The Big Bang Theory7.03 The Scavenger Vortex111
The Big Bang Theory7.04 The Raiders Minimization111
The Big Bang Theory7.05 The Workplace Proximity111
The Big Bang Theory7.06 The Romance Resonance111
The Big Bang Theory7.07 The Proton Displacement111
The Big Bang Theory7.08 The Itchy Brain Simulation111
The Big Bang Theory7.09 The Thanksgiving Decoupling112
The Big Bang Theory7.10 The Discovery Dissipation112
The Big Bang Theory7.11 The Cooper Extraction112
The Big Bang Theory7.12 The Hesitation Ramification112
The Big Bang Theory7.13 The Occupation Recalibration112
The Big Bang Theory7.14 The Convention Conundrum112
The Big Bang Theory7.15 The Locomotive Manipulation112
The Big Bang Theory7.16 The Table Polarization112
The Big Bang Theory7.17 The Friendship Turbulence116
The Big Bang Theory7.18 The Mommy Observation116
The Big Bang Theory7.19 The Indecision Amalgamation116
The Big Bang Theory7.20 The Relationship Diremption116
The Big Bang Theory7.21 The Anything Can Happen Recurrence116
The Big Bang Theory7.22 The Proton Transmogrification116
The Big Bang Theory7.23 The Gorilla Dissolution117
The Big Bang Theory7.24 The Status Quo Combustion117
Doctor Who4.00 Voyage of the Damned118
Doctor Who4.01 Partners in Crime119
Doctor Who4.02 The Fires of Pompeii119
Doctor Who4.03 Planet of the Ood1110
Doctor Who4.04 The Sontaran Stratagem1118
Doctor Who4.05 The Poison Sky1119
Doctor Who4.06 The Doctor's Daughter1119
Doctor Who4.07 The Unicorn and the Wasp1120
Doctor Who4.08 Silence in the Library1120
Gossip Girl1.01 Pilot1124
Gossip Girl1.02 The Wild Brunch1124
Doctor Who4.10 Midnight122
Doctor Who4.11 Turn Left122
Doctor Who4.12 The Stolen Earth124
Doctor Who4.13 Journey's End124
Doctor Who4.14 The Next Doctor1213