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Member's Reviews

SpaceCamp, a review by addicted2dvd

     SpaceCamp (1986/United States)
IMDb |Wikipedia |Trailer |
MGM Home Entertainment
Director:Harry Winer
Writing:W. W. Wicket (Screenwriter), Casey T. Mitchell (Screenwriter), Patrick Bailey (Story By), Larry B. Williams (Story By)
Length:107 min.
Video:Widescreen 1.85:1
Audio:English: Dolby Digital: Dolby Surround
Subtitles:English, French, Spanish

Kate Capshaw as Andie
Lea Thompson as Kathryn
Kelly Preston as Tish
Larry B. Scott as Rudy
Joaquin Phoenix [Leaf Phoenix] as Max
Tate Donovan as Kevin

  • Scene Access
  • Closed Captioned

My Thoughts:
Decided to check this one out today. It is a part of my friends collection... and one I haven't seen since it was originally released on VHS. I remembered enjoying it quite a bit at the time... and time has not changed this opinion. This film easily kept my intrest from beginning to end. If you never seen this film I definitely recomend it. Hope to add it to my own collection.

My Rating:

(From What Movies I Been Watching on January 9th, 2014)

Member's Reviews

Diebuster: The Movie, a review by dfmorgan

Diebuster: The Movie

Year: 2006
Director: Kazuya Tsurumaki
Overview: In a future where the Space Monsters resume their invasion of the Sol System, the abilities of young men and women known as the Topless, and their Buster Machines, are mankind's final line of defense! One day, runaway girl Nono sets out for the capital to become a space pilot, and meets the fighter ace Lal'C...neither realizing that the future of humanity rests on the both of them!
Presented for the first time in full HD, the theatrical release version of the long-awaited GUNBUSTER sequel OVA (aka GUNBUSTER 2) from the director of FLCL is the second half of a diptych that started with GUNBUSTER The Movie!

Watched: 1st Mar 2010
My Thoughts: Like Gunbuster: The Movie this film is an abridgement of the original 6 episode series Diebuster (aka Gunbuster 2). This is the first time I've seen this, in either form. The setting for this film is within the time-frame covered by Gunbuster. An excellent film which has made me place an order for the original 6 episode series as well as going for the R1 remastered Gunbuster series.

My Rating


(From Dave's DVD/Blu-ray Reviews on March 1st, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Smallville Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Season 6: Disc 5

15. Freak
A boy named Tobias was blinded by the meteor shower but given the ability to identify other meteor freaks. Lex is using Tobias to locate other people with abilities so that he can perform experiments on them. Lana learns of Tobias and is fearful that he will name Clark as a freak, so she offers him a cornea transplant to keep him quiet. But Tobias has some surprising news.

My Thoughts:
This one was a really good episode...We definitely learn something new in this episode...
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  Was an interesting episode... I also like how Clark did the impromptu laser surgery on Chloe. 

16. Promise
Clark has second thoughts about Lana marrying Lex, and Lana has the same concerns. Meanwhile, the doctor involved in the secret behind Lana's pregnancy threatens Lex with his knowledge.

My Thoughts:
This was a good episode... a lot happens... not the least being
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As good as it was.. not sure I cared much for the jumping back and forth in time to show the day by different people's perspectives.

17. Combat
Clark and Chloe find an escaped Zoner named Titan who is the star of a secret fight club that puts its death battles on the internet.

My Thoughts:
This episode was just plainly a lot of fun... got to love the illegal fighting arena idea... though I did hate the style of the ring announcer/promoter. This episode has 2 more pro wrestling stars... One being Kane (Think this is the first time I ever seen him without a mask as when I used to watch... he wore one.) and the other being some woman named Ashley. (This one I would have never known was a pro wrestler if it wasn't for her being on Survivor this season.) Nice looking woman... but in my opinion... those 2 piercings in her lower lip has got to go!  :P But I really enjoyed the action and fighting in this one. I also really enjoyed the flirting/fight between that Ashley and Lois!

18. Progeny
Lex discovers that Chloe's mother has special abilities and forces her to help him in exchange for Chloe's life. However, she has a trick or two of her own to use to escape.

My Thoughts:
And yet another episode I really enjoyed! This one guest stars the still lovely Lynda Carter who was of course Wonder Woman back in the 70's. She plays Chloe's mother... so naturally we learn a lot about her and why she left. Also in this episode we find out something huge between Lana and Lex!... 
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Disc 5 Extras
This disc also only has Deleted scenes... this time for 3 episodes... Freak, Combat and Progeny.

(From Smallville Marathon on September 24th, 2007)