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Member's Reviews

A Christmas Story, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: A Christmas Story: 20th Anniversary: Two-Disc Special Ed.
Year: 1983
Director: Bob Clark
Rating: PG
Length: 93 Min.
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78:1, Pan & Scan 1.33:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital: Mono, French: Dolby Digital: Mono, Commentary: Dolby Digital: 2-Channel Stereo
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

Melinda Dillon
Darren McGavin
Peter Billingsley
Ian Petrella
Scott Schwartz
R. D. Robb

The Christmas spirit isn't served up with more observant hilarity than in this beloved adaptation of Jean Shepherd's holiday story. In 1940s Indiana, nine-year-old Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) dreams of his ideal Christmas gift: a genuine Red Ryder 200-shot Carbine Action Air Rifle. But when gruff dad (Darren McGavin) and doting mom (Melinda Dillion) regularly respond with "You'll shoot your eye out!" Ralphie mounts a full-scale Santa-begging campaign. He encounters a slew of calamities from snowsuit paralysis to the dreaded tongue-on-a-frozen-flagpole gambit. We triple-dog-dare you to unwrap a more welcome Yuletide classic!

Scene Access
Audio Commentary
Feature Trailers
Interactive Games
Closed Captioned
Radio Readings by Jean Sheppard

My Thoughts:
While I have seen small bits and pieces of this movie on cable over the years... this is actually the first time I got to see this one from start to finish. It is a fun movie... I definitely enjoyed it. Though from all the years of hearing about this one... I think I was expecting more from it... and felt it didn't live up to it's reputation for me. But it definitely had some decent laughs in it. OMG... that terrible gift from his aunt... the bunny pajamas... and the fact that his mother liked it so much was scary as well. I do think the story was over exaggerated... but I believe that was on purpose. After all it was supposed to be a guy telling the story about a childhood Christmas.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Addicted2DVD's 25 Days of Christmas Marathon: 2010 on December 17th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Someone's Watching Me!, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Someone's Watching Me!
Movie Count: 72
TV Ep Count: 25
Time Started: 10am
L.A. newcomer Leigh Michaels moves into a chic high-rise apartment building. She loves the view. So does the Peeping Tom who lives somewhere in the adjacent tower.

John Carpenter ('Halloween', 'Escape from New York') writes and directs this thriller where the breath-catching suspense starts the moment Leigh (Lauren Hutton) is framed in the lens of a telescope. For Leigh, it's the beginning of terrors that escalate from anonymous calls and gifts to lights that mysteriously flicker to prove that someone watches every moment of her life. Leigh fights back, matching her tormentor's obsession with her own relentless drive to uncover his identity. The prey is now predator -- and that escalates the stalker's game to a deadly new level. Someone is watching. You won't dare look away.

My Thoughts:
This one is a TV Movie back from 1978. Another one I have never seen... and is the final movie that came in the "Twisted Terror Collection" boxset. I went into this one with fairly high hopes... for two reasons. First I am a fan of John Carpenter. Then there is also the fact that I have learned by collecting the DVDs that I really tend to enjoy TV Movies from the 1970's.  But I think I went into this one expecting a little too much. I enjoyed the movie... but not as much as some of the other 70's TV Movies I have watched.

(From Month-Long Horror/Halloween Marathon on October 25th, 2007)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's Random Star Trek Reviews, a review by Tom

DS9 7.12 The Emperor's New Cloak
Writer: Ira Steven Behr (Writer), Hans Beimler (Writer)
Director: LeVar Burton
Cast: Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko), Rene Auberjonois (Odo), Nicole DeBoer (Lieutenant Ezri Dax), Michael Dorn (Lt. Commander Worf), Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko), Colm Meaney (Chief O'Brien), Armin Shimerman (Quark), Alexander Siddig (Doctor Bashir), Nana Visitor (Colonel Kira), Andrew J. Robinson (Garak), Jeffrey Combs (Brunt), Max Grodénchik (Rom), J. G. Hertzler (Martok), Tiny Ron (Maihar'du), Chase Masterson (Leeta), Wallace Shawn (Zek), Peter C. Antoniou (Helmsman)

Usually I do not mind Ferengi episodes that much. There are some that I really enjoyed (like "Bar Associations" from season 4). But sadly here it is mixed with a mirror universe episodes, which also is the last mirror episode of this series. I would have liked to have a proper solution to this storyline instead of having it made into a comedy episode.
Besides this, it is an enjoyful episode.


(From Tom's Random Star Trek Reviews on September 26th, 2009)