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Fright Night (2011)
« on: August 21, 2011, 10:25:54 AM »

I decided to go see the new Fright Night.  I tend to keep an open mind about remakes in general.  I do agree that there have been a lot of them in recent years, and many of them haven't been that good...but that doesn't mean that all remakes are automatically bad like a lot of people seem to think. 

I think I first found out about this one when I looked up David Tennant after getting hooked on Doctor Who and I saw he was in the movie.  That alone, even before I saw the first trailer, had me wanting to see the movie.  Once I did see a trailer, I thought it looked like it could be good, though I was really disappointed that Tennant is only just briefly seen in the trailer.  I decided to go Friday and I'm really glad I did.

The plot is basically the same as the original, though a few small things have been changed a bit. Those changes work really well.  The dynamic between Charlie and Ed is a little different, and things with the suspicions about Jerry come about a little differently.  Amy is hotter, and that is the change that seems the most out of place since Charlie is still basically a nerd.  They aren't that believable as a couple, though Amy is fine.  The truth about Jerry comes out sooner, but there is still some decent suspense in a few scenes.  The plot is kind of simple, but it works and the movie is really entertaining. 

This is an R rated vampire movie and while it is violent at times, it isn't overly gory.  This isn't a child friendly movie and it isn't one aimed at teeny boppers - thank goodness.  Jerry is a full on, proper, scary, intimidating vampire who hunts and relishes killing people.  He can be seductive and inviting at times, but there is still a hint of danger to him.  He doesn't mope around and whine about anything and he sure as hell doesn't sparkle in sunlight.  He is a more...traditional vampire I guess you could say.  Holy water, crosses, stakes, and sunlight will do him in.  He has to be invited into a house to enter.  In addition to the scarier moments, there is also a bit of humor here and there.  The humor works well without making things too cheesy or corny.  There is a good blend that makes the movie really entertaining. 

The movie is in 3D and I did end up seeing it in 3D.  I hadn't really planned on that or necessarily wanted to see it in 3D, but the theater here is pretty much only showing it in 3D.  Throughout most of the movie, the effect is subtle, just adding depth to scenes.  There are a few scenes though that use the 3D to full effect, producing awesome visuals.  When it is really used, the 3D is used really well, in a cool way.  It works well with what is happening in the movie too, and doesn't seem like something was added to the movie just so they could have something jump out at the audience.  It truly is good use of 3D and I'm so glad that I saw it in 3D.  This is the most impressed I've been with 3D in ....I honestly don't know how long.  Much of the movie does take place at night or in settings that aren't lit that well, so the glasses do make it a bit darker.  I was still able to tell what was going on, but some people may not like that.

Charlie starts off as more of a jerk, but he gets more likable.  Jerry is a wonderful vampire and a nice change after the vampires of Twilight.  My favorite character is Peter Vincent, played marvelously by David Tennant.  I don't want to say too much about the character.  He is some ways, he is the same as he was in the original movie, and in other ways, he's very different.  I like how the character has been changed and updated, and think it works well for the movie.  After seeing the movie, I think it is good that he isn't seen more in the trailers because he was such a surprise when he turned up.  He's a wonderfully entertaining character and Tennant is awesome in the part.  He easily steals every scene he's in and I would have liked him to be in more of the movie.

Overall, Fright Night is a wonderful vampire movie and definitely worth seeing.  People shouldn't dismiss it just because it is a remake.  It truly is a good movie.

I did get a review posted on Epinions.

Fright Night (2011) the way Jon, since it is your fault that I got hooked on Doctor Who, it is also your fault that I saw this...because Doctor Who got me hooked on David Tennant. ;)