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Nanny McPhee Returns
« on: September 20, 2010, 10:42:33 AM »
I had the chance to see Nanny McPhee Returns last week.  The movie is entertaining, though not as good as the first one.

Isabel Green is trying to keep the family farm running while her husband is off fighting in a war.  She also works in a store in the local village with Mrs. Docherty, an older woman who doesn't seem to be all there.  Isabel's children help around the farm, though they do try her patience at times.  Norman, Megsie and Vincent aren't happy when their cousins, Cyril and Celia, come from London.  The two are very stuck up and look down on everything about the farm.  The children are fighting like mad when Nanny McPhee turns up.  She manages to get the children to stop fighting within minutes.  She then starts teaching them other lessons.  While that is going on, Isabel has to deal with her brother in law who is trying to convince her to sell the farm.

This movie takes place many years after the first movie.  The year isn't said, though it seems to be sometime during WWII from some of what is going on.  For most of the movie, it seems like the only connection to the first movie is Nanny McPhee, but another connection comes up late in the movie.  This one can stand alone, though certain things about Nanny McPhee will make more sense if the previous movie is seen first. 

The plot for the movie is fairly simple and a lot like the plot of the first movie.  Because of that, most of what happens is predictable and there aren't many surprises which may disappoint some people.  I still think the movie is entertaining despite that.  The same basic pattern that was used in the first movie is used again.  That does work for the plot and what is going on.  There are some magical elements to the movie again, provided by things that Nanny McPhee does.  There isn't any explanation for how she can do what she does, or why her appearance changes like it does, so that does keep some mystery to the character.  Even though there is still magic stuff going on, the movie does seem a tad less magical overall than the first movie.  There is some humor to what is going on, though more of it is gross.  There are a lot of jokes and remarks about various animal poop, which I could have done without. 

The cast does really well with their parts.  Emma Thompson is wonderful as Nanny McPhee.  The makeup is amazing and she isn't recognizable at first.  There aren't many actresses who would be willing to look that way in a movie.  The children actors do well with their parts too.  The children are really bratty at first, but they calm down as the movie progresses and become more likable. 

The movie is fun and entertaining overall, though it isn't going to appeal to everyone.  People who enjoyed the first movie may find something to like about this one.  I really enjoyed it and will probably pick it up once it is available on DVD.

I did get a review posted on Epinions.

Nanny McPhee Returns