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Did You Hear About the Morgans
« on: December 27, 2009, 12:59:15 AM »
I decided to go see Did You Hear About the Morgans when I had the chance since I tend to like Hugh Grant and I thought it looked like the movie would be entertaining from the trailers.

Paul and Meryl Morgan are having trouble in their marriage and have been separated for a few months.  Paul keeps contacting Meryl, wanting to work things out while she isn’t as willing.  She finally agrees to have dinner with him one night before she has to meet a client - she’s a real estate agent - to show a property.  Things go well enough at dinner, and he walks with her to where she is meeting her client.  Unfortunately, they get there just in time to see him murdered and the killer sees them too.  Since Meryl has received a lot of media attention for her business, it takes no time for the killer to track her down.  A decision is made to put them in witness protection.  They end up in the small town of Ray Wyoming, staying with Sheriff Clay Wheeler and his wife Emma.

The plot is fairly simple, even with the added complications of the marriage trouble and being on the run from a killer.  The marriage trouble really doesn’t get enough attention and it seems like it was just tossed in as an attempt to add more tension between Paul and Meryl when they are shipped off to Wyoming.  The movie is entertaining overall, though I think the plot could have been stronger if some things were handled better.  Much of what happens is predictable, something that is disappointing.

There is humor in the movie, though it isn’t as funny as I had hoped.  Pretty much all the funniest moments were included in the trailer, which is disappointing.  Paul ends up with more funny things to say and I think he is funnier than Meryl.  The characters are just sort of alright, with both of them having issues that make it harder to like them.  Even with his issues, I think Paul is a bit more likable than Meryl.  She is hyper at times and frankly not that nice.  She is a bit shrill at times and does get annoying.  I think I liked Hugh Grant more than Sarah Jessica Parker, though this is far from his best movie.  Clay and Emma are somewhat interesting, though the are flat. 

Overall, the movie is entertaining, though nothing that great or special.

I did get a review posted at Epinions if anyone wants to take a look.

Did You Hear About the Morgans