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Member's Reviews

Mystery Street, a review by Antares

Mystery Street (1950) 66/100 - A serviceable film that for some reason is considered a noir, but to me, was more of a crime procedural. I guess its because of the first half hour and John Alton's dark lighting, which for the first thirty minutes, makes this a pretty good film. But then morning arrives and the story kind of sputters, and Ricardo Montelban doesn't have the screen presence of a Robert Mitchum, Dana Andrews or Richard Widmark, and the whole effort is really kind of wasted. It's not a bad movie, but a few times, I found myself looking at the clock, wondering how much more before the climax and ending.

What the color coding means...

Teal = Masterpiece
Dark Green = Classic or someday will be
Lime Green = A good, entertaining film
Orange = Average
Red = Cinemuck
Brown = The color of crap, which this film is

(From Antares' Short Summations on August 11th, 2012)

Member's Reviews

High School Musical, a review by snowcat

High School Musical – 2006
Director - Kenny Ortega
Running Time – 97 minutes
Stars: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman

When you think Disney films you think of the great stories, nice clean animation and the songs. For most Disney films take them back to their childhood, Disney are known for their timeless classics that to this day still stand strong next to modern day animation. However Disney are also known for their poor live action films. Although maybe it was time to mix there award winning animated film abilities with Live action, I'm not talking about an animation/live action cross over a la Pete's Dragon I mean a Live Action film full of cheesy Disney songs, about winning and finding your true love.

Before I start this review I'll admit musicals are a guilty pleasure of mine, I hate to admit it but I love the cheesy songs and poor acting. Now High School Musical is exactly what it says on the case a musical about a High School.

The story starts as Troy (Zac Efron) meets Gabriella whilst on holiday, the scene cuts to after the holiday where it seems Gabriella has moved to Troy's city and is the new kid at the school.

Troy is captain of the Basketball team and there for it is frowned upon for any members of the team to take part in singing, acting or baking etc. Gabriella is the smart kid, the one who should be shy and reserved not dancing around on stage that should be left to extroverted twins Ryan and Sharpay. Of course when Troy and Gabriella let their latent singing abilities out so do the rest of the school, who also admit to their secret hobbies that if this was a regular High School movie they would be removed from their respective cliques for having.

I have to admit I was surprised by this film, when it was released I jumped on the “It sucks” bandwagon, I did not give it a chance. And to this day I have never prejudged a film in the same way again.  I see this as the new generation version of Grease, I mean at least these kids look 17.

So what did I like about this movie you ask? Well I'll tell you, It was nice, it was corny and unrealistic just what I expect from a Disney film, after all you don't watch Tarzan and expect to see a Ape-man in the zoo with the gorillas. The music was catchy and the characters were your typical stereotypes however those stereotypes had something behind them, they all had hidden talents. The films message is that you should be yourself, a message which is littered throughout every scene in the film.

Ive heard this film called the worst musical, obviously those people have never seen that awful American Idol winner's film, From Justin to Kelly (I believe that's the name)

To anyone who prejudges this film leave your preconceptions at the door and give it a chance. 

(From Emma's Film Reviews (snowcat) on January 18th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

Disc 4

Synopsis: In a few days Buffy will turn 18 and she doesn't really want to celebrate it due to the fear that it will be a crap-fest again. And she's right. She has suddenly lost her Slayer powers and is a normal young woman again. The gang investigates in this - with the exception of Giles because it is he who must put her through an ancient and cruel Watcher's Council ritual.

My Opinion: Between this and the last episode of Buffy I've watched, I watched a lot of other stuff, including four seasons of Bones, in which David Boreanaz plays the male lead. So I needed a bit of time to get used to the brooding Angel again. I never really liked the plot of that episode because IMHO it doesn't make sense. The Slayer is always in constant danger of being killed and the more experienced she gets the better are her chances of survival. So why take the chances of her getting killed in this stupid test when the result would be that you end up with an inexperienced beginner Slayer again?
But I really liked the ending when Buffy wordlessly forgave Giles when Quentin fired him due to his fatherly love for Buffy.

The Zeppo
Synopsis: After being pummelled by a demon again, Buffy and Giles seriously advise Xander to stay out of future fights. But without being in the midst of it he feels useless and decides to become the "wheel man". This doesn't really work out either and he suddenly finds himself being the driver for a bunch of dead-yet-not-in-the-ground former high school jocks who want to have some fun.

My Opinion: That was a great Xander episode. I really liked it that there was a big Hellmouth fight - but that it wasn't really the plot of the episode. I also liked how they pointed at the danger Angel had to face (and survived of course) without ever explaining or showing what he was up against - because that it wasn't really the plot of the episode. This way they could create a cool Xander-based story without making the others his sidekicks (which would never work) or make them disappear for the entire episode.

Bad Girls
Synopsis: The new Watcher has arrived: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, a young stiff Englishman on a high horse who isn't taken seriously by neither Buffy nor Faith. Because both have better things to do: Want. Take. Have. Faith shows Buffy her philosophy of what it means to be a Slayer and together they party and slay and party and break into a weapons store and party ... until Faith makes a horrible mistake.

My Opinion: When I saw him enter the library I had a hard time imagining that this man is the husband of Alyson Hannigan and father of her child. It's just a role, but still... But back to the episode: When I first watched this episode I didn't know what was going to happen in the end but I was quite certain that something would bring the party crashing down. It was inevitable from the moment they broke into that weapons store. But I didn't recognize who Faith had killed (Bad with faces, remember?) until it's explained in the next episode. Still, I liked this episode, Faith and Buffy partying and playing bad girls.

Synopsis: Faith has accidentally killed the Deputy Mayor but she has no intentions of facing the consequences and is trying to cover everything up. When that doesn't work she tries to blame Buffy who has already a hard time to cope with what had happened. When Wesley gets wind of this he tries to deport Faith back to England which makes matters only worse.

My Opinion: This episode I really, really liked. It was great to see Buffy struggle with her secret and how she tried to convince Faith to come clean and how she sobbed in Willow's arms. She is a warrior, but she still remains human. I also liked how Xander honestly tried to reconnect with Faith even though he failed. But this is his quality: He does not give up on his friends and one day it will save the world.
What I honestly didn't understand was Willow's breakdown in the bathroom. Granted, she had always feelings for Xander, but after Lovers Walk she wanted to get back with Oz and Xander was single again. What did she expect?

(From "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Marathon on August 31st, 2009)