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Member's Reviews

Slap Shot, a review by Jon

Slap Shot
4 out of 5

A cult classic, acclaimed as "one of the top ten sports movies ever" (Sports Illusdtrated,, The Sporting News), this irreverent and outrageously funny look onto the world of professional ice hockey has Paul Newman as the coach of the Chiefs, a third-rate minor league hockey team. To build up attendance at their games, management signs up three odd looking players whose job it is to literally attack and pulverise the opposition, to the delight and cheers of a steady increasing throng of fans. SLAPSHOT'S hockey sequences, reminiscent of the football games in M.A.S.H., THE LONGEST YARD and the gruesome ROLLERBALL, offer a freewheeling mixture of slapstick and grisly physical violence.

Anyone who likes Kevin Smith movies should look up Slap Shot. Considering the balance between filth and poignancy, plus the fact it's about hockey, it had to have been an influence. Otherwise, it feels like it belongs somewhere between Animal House and The Cannonball Run, though comedy is more subjective than any genre and it might actually be better, with a great script by Nancy Dowd, peppered with quotable lines and based on her brothers experience in minor league hockey where violence was becoming the main attraction.

It's a typical sports movie plot with a collection of odd-balls making up the Chiefs, but what sets it apart is the slapstick violence and the underlying cynicism (the Chiefs only find success and popularity comes once the three brothers turn matches into bloodbaths), with one of the funniest moments being the match where everyone gets beaten up before it has even started! Paul Newman is fantastic, as you'd expect, and his foul-mouthed rant at the team owner is jaw-dropping. Still, it isn't all punch-ups and violence. It has a heart too, in particular with the sub-plot about Lily, the wife of the star player, who is quickly turning to drink. It's a very funny performance by Lindsay Crouse who was once married to David Mamet and who you may recognise from season four of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

This feels like Newman cutting loose a little and I suspect a bit of a stitch-up considering this was his third collaboration with director George Roy Hill. They previously did Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, then The Sting. You can't get much further away than Slap Shot!

(From Jon's Random Reviews on January 2nd, 2010)

Member's Reviews

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a review by DVDsRGreat

Title: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

A hunter, a scientist, a vampire, an invisible man, an immortal, a spy, a beast... when a masked madman known as "The Fantom" threatens to launch global Armageddon, legendary adventurer Allan Quatermain commands a legion of superheroes, the like of which mankind has never seen.  Now, despite fighting their own personal demons - and each other - they must join forces to save the world.

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this one. Hadn't watched it before. I liked how they had brought together so many characters like the Invisible Man, Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde, Allan Quartarmain from various literature and even character's out of 20,000 Leagues under the sea and the Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. The pace of the movie was nice and the special effects were pretty good too. All in all a pretty good feature.


(From My November alphabet marathon reviews on November 3rd, 2008)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's TV Pilots marathon, a review by Tom

     Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan (2005/Japan)
IMDb | Wikipedia

(United States)
Length:169 min.
Video:Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio:Japanese: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Imagine a future where the secret to immortality has been discovered, causing women to stop aging by the time they turn twelve. Not quite right, is it? That's why the Big Man Upstairs sends Dokuro-chan, an angelic assassin, into the past to "deal" with the sicko who messed with nature. But she decides instead to move in with her target to keep him too occupied to find eternal life. The path of nonviolence leads to a fountain of blood, as she constantly kills him by accident, only to resurrect him with a magical chant moments later.

Bokusatsu tenshi Dokuro-chan
1.01 It's a Bludgeoning Angel! Dokuro-chan!
Writer: Masaki Okayu (Original Material By), Tsutomu Mizushima (Screenwriter)
Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
Cast: Saeko Chiba (Dokuro-chan (voice)), Reiko Takagi (Sakura Kusakabe (voice)), Rie Kugimiya (Sabato-chan (voice)), Ayako Kawasumi (Shizuki Minakami (voice)), Nobuo Tobita (Zansu (voice)), Masakazu Morita (Yamazaki Sensei (voice)), Makoto Yasumura (Miyamoto (voice)), Shinnosuke Tachibana (Matsunaga (voice)), Keijin Okuda (Sasaki (voice)), Kenichi Mochizuki (Hosaka (voice)), Atsushi Imaruoka (Umezawa (voice)), Nobuyuki Tanaka (Ludwick (voice))

A fun episode. Though I never got past watching the second episode. I have enjoyed the episodes, but it already showed that its a one-joke series. Dokuro-chan's habit to bloodily kill off the main character, just to revive him again.


(From Tom's TV Pilots marathon on March 30th, 2011)