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Member's Reviews

The Heartbreak Kid, a review by DJ Doena

(The Heartbreak Kid)

I own quite a few (comedy) romance movies and I like most of them, the cheerful ones as well as the ones with the more blunt humor. I own Mary and Polly with Ben Stiller and I like them, too.

But I've been rarely as bored as I was with this movie. I never laughed once and rarely had the urge to at least smile - and if I did smile I can't remember and the credits are still rolling.


PS: It was a blind buy and one of the worst of that.

PPS: If it weren't nearly midnight, I would watch a movie were something gets blown into pieces just to cheer me up.

(From The "What I watch when I don't watch TV shows" thread on September 13th, 2008)

Member's Reviews

Mars Needs Women, a review by GSyren

TitleMars Needs Women (027616-865625)
DirectorLarry Buchanan
ActorsTommy Kirk, Yvonne Craig, Byron Lord, Roger Ready, Barnett Shaw
Produced1967 in United States
Runtime82 minutes
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Mono, Spanish Dolby Digital Mono
SubtitlesFrench, Spanish
OverviewGet ready for interplanetary petting and Martian make-out madness! Teen heartthrob Tommy Kirk (Pajama Party) leads a stellar cast as a sex-starved spaceman lookin' for love on all the wrong planets. Wild, wacky and way, way out of this world, this "incredible" (The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film) and zany sci-fi adventure is filled with hot, heavenly bodies, hilarious alien contacts and outrageous close encounters...of the DATING kind!

When a girl shortage of galactic proportions turns the Martian dating scene into a black hole, four extra-handsome extraterrestrials set their sights on Earth's own cosmic duties, hoping to find a few gorgeous girls willing to go all the the stars. But when the boys at NASA  uncover the interplanetary poaching, they put rocket science to a new use – in kickin' some  Martian astronauts clear out of the solar system!
My thoughtsSome say that Larry Buchanan movies are an acquired taste. If that is true, then the acquisition is painful. Buchanan didn't make low-budget movies, he made no-budget movies. And it shows. Mars Needs Women isn't the worst of them. In fact it's the best (read: least bad) of the ones I have seen. This is my fifth Buchanan movie and, taste not acquired yet, I think it may be my last. I may be a glutton for punishment, but even I have a limit.

Buchanan is perhaps best known for bad TV remakes of already bad B movies. While this one is also made for TV, it's not a remake. Perhaps that's why it's not quite as bad as the others. It's really hard to rate Buchanan's movies. Compared to most other movies they would probably all be a half star. But then I couldn't distinguish the badness between them. So their ratings sort of stand on their own. Thus the fact that I have given Mars Needs Women the same rating as the Clash of the Titans remake doesn't mean that Clash is anywhere near as bad as Mars.
My rating

(From Reviews and ramblings by Gunnar on June 14th, 2014)

Member's TV Reviews

The One Where It All Began: The Pilot Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

Stargate SG-1

What's the show about?
Mankind is not alone in the universe. An ancient race built a transportation system to connect thousands of planets throughout the galaxy. The entry/exit points of that system are the stargates. Earth sends units to other planets to initiate trade and looking for allies and  possible threats. The first of the units is designated SG-1, consisting of Col. Jack O'Neill, Cpt. Samantha Carter (who also happens to have a doctorate in astrophysics), the archaeologist Daniel Jackson and the alien Jaffa Teal'c. Together they save the world more than once.

What happened before?
In the movie the stargate was a point-to-point connection to the planet Abydos. Daniel Jackson manages to open that connection and goes with Col. O'Neill to Abydos. As soon as they arrive they find a tribe who worships the egyptian sungod Ra - only that Ra is real and an alien. A few thousand years ago Ra abducted people from Earth and brought them to Abydos. But the people on Earth rebelled and buried the stargate. Daniel and Jack have to fight agains Ra and manage to kill him, but only Jack returns from Abydos.

For the concept to work they had to change a few things. For once, the stargate is now a multi-gate network. For another Ra was portrayed as "the last of his kind", not one of many Goa'uld god-impostors. Also there were no signs of the Goa'uld pouch on Ra's Jaffa.

"Children of the Gods"
A year after the events in the movie the project "Stargate" is practically shut down. But then a Ra-look-alike comes through the gate, kills several soldiers and abducts a female soldier. After that Colonol O'Neill's bluff is called and he has to disclose that Daniel is not dead and that Abydos was not nuked. After the team around O'Neill successfully returns to Abydos they learn that there is not only the Abydos and the Earth gate but also many thousands more. But then Abydos is also attacked by this new enemy and they kidnap Daniel's wife and Skaara, a friend of Jack's. And so a rescue mission is set up, which will lead to strange new places and to new friends...

My Opinion
Great show (sorry for the repeating comments, but if I wouldn't like my TV shows I wouldn't have them ;)) although it became a bit repetitive in later seasons. I loved O'Neill's comments and the countless references to Star Trek and other cultural references (from the pilot: "It took us 15 years and three supercomputers to MacGyver a system for the gate on Earth").

(From The One Where It All Began: The Pilot Marathon on January 2nd, 2008)