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Member's Reviews

Night of the Seagulls, a review by Jimmy


Title: Night of the Seagulls (1976)

Genre: Horror
Director: Amando de Ossorio
Rating: NR
Length: 1h29
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
Audio: English and Spanish
Subtitles: English

Víctor Petit
María Kosty
Sandra Mozarowsky   
Jan Antonio Castro   
Julia Saly   

The classic saga of The BLIND DEAD ends with this creepy tale of a remote coastal town where frightened villagers must sacrifice beautiful virgins to the blood cult of the Knights Templar. For seven nights every seven years, these eyeless zombies rise from the sea to feast on human flesh as the souls of the damned are trapped in the screams of gulls. In this final unforgettable shocker from writer/director Amando de Ossorio, the mood is darker, the fear is stronger and the hunger of the Templar more ferocious than ever before!

My Thoughts:
The Ghost Galleon the previous episode was a weak offering as I wrote in my review five years ago:

"This one didn't work at all as a knight templar movie. No horse, no sword and no hiding places. The Knights aren't scary on a boat, it took me 2 minutes to realize what it tooks the complete movie for the characters to realize : you are on a boat, the corpses are in boxes, the knights sleep in the day... Take the boxes and throw them in the water in the day :shrug:"

So Amando de Ossorio did the logical thing and brought back the action on land wich made the knight templars frightening again. You get a got feeling of isolation with two strangers coming to a new place where almost everybody ignore them. Like I've said before the templars are nighmarish creature (they were in my nightmares more than once, so they are in my book) and are impossible to kill (considering they are dead since more than 600 years). The Templars are base on history so if you want to learn more about them follow the link.

As good as the first two episodes.

Rating :

(From Jimmy's - 2013 Ooctober Horror Marathon on October 24th, 2013)

Member's Reviews

Primer, a review by Tom

     Primer (2004/United States)
IMDb | Wikipedia

New Line Home Entertainment (United States)
Director:Shane Carruth
Writing:Shane Carruth (Writer)
Length:77 min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78
Audio:English: Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround, Commentary: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, Commentary: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Subtitles:English, Spanish

Shane Carruth as Aaron
David Sullivan as Abe
Casey Gooden as Robert
Anand Upadhyaya as Phillip
Carrie Crawford as Kara

Everything you think you know about modern science is about to unravel.

While conducting experiments in a garage, two brilliant engineers who lead double lives accidentally discover that their project enables them to travel back in time. Each man's curiosity leads to experiments without the other's knowledge, some with serious consequences. In an "ingenious blend of sci-fi and mystery" (Steven Read, "Philadelphia Inquirer"), viewers are challenged to solve the puzzle that is PRIMER.

Independent Spirit Awards (2005)  Best Debut Performance (David Sullivan)
Independent Spirit Awards (2005)  Best Director (Shane Carruth)
Independent Spirit Awards (2005)  Best Feature (Shane Carruth)
Independent Spirit Awards (2005)  Best First Screenplay (Shane Carruth)

  • Bonus Trailers
  • Closed Captioned
  • Commentary
  • Scene Access
  • Trailers

My Thoughts:
When I watched this movie the first time, I labeled it "For Sale". I never came around to sell it and I wanted to give it another chance now. It seems I do not get the movie. Looks like it will be left with the label.


(From Tom's Time-Travel Movie Reviews on January 6th, 2008)

Member's TV Reviews

Smallville Marathon #2, a review by DJ Doena

Season 3

Disc 1

Synopsis: Clark hides out in Metropolis under the alias "Kal" and has become a criminal in order to finance his lifestyle. The Kents have to sell the farm, they and Lana are still looking for him. There's one person who knows where he is but she's promised him not to reveal it. Meanwhile Lex "lives" on a tropical island with some other guy and tries to get off it.

My Opinion: Great continuation of the story. Though I haven't understood why Jonathan and Pete didn't try to knock him out with Kryptonite. Ok, they did that last time but that proved to be successful. I understand that using the same plot twice is uncreative, yet if it were for real I doubt that they wouldn't have tried it again.
I also liked Michael's performance on the island, he did a better job than Tom Hanks (What a boring movie!).

Synopsis: Both Clark and Lex return to Smallville and both have to deal with what happened lateley. That means that Lex has to straighten out what really happened on that plane and if his wife had anything to do with it. And Clark has to deal with a Metropolis crime boss who threatens his parents and he has to apologize to a whole lot of people.

My Opinion: It was a good conlusion to this four-parter. Unfortunately it ends with Clark's break-up with Lana against her expressed wish and he is retreating into his shell again.
I liked to see Rutger Hauer in the role of the crime boss, if it were for me, it could have lasted longer than these two episodes but unfortunately he had to share the fate of bad guys who know Clark's secret.

Synopsis: A "meteor freak" attacks Lana in the school pool and a secret vigilante shoots him to death. He has killed before and his next target is Lex whom he believes to be a meteor freak, too. Clark can save Lex once again but that makes him also a target. Unfortunately the shooter has found Clark's Achilles' heel and he uses Kryptonite bullets.

My Opinion: I liked the theme of the episode: Are all meteor-infected people murderous freaks? If I were in Clark's position I wouldn't have told her (Lana) my secret either. Her point of view at the begin of the episode was quite firm and although she said that she wouldn't mind if Clark were bullet-proof (i.e. a meteor freak), I wouldn't be sure that she really wouldn't mind. This topic will surface again, especially in one of the key episodes of the fourth season: Pariah.
I also liked the Eastwood-y way he protected himself from the bullets and put Lana's mind at rest (at least for a while).

Synopsis: Clark has the weirdest day: He somehow can fly, he skinny-dips with Lana, Lex finds out his secret and a young girl is chased by a mysteriously hooded figure in the woods and disappears into the ground. But then he awakes, after he's been asleep for 36 hours. He learns that new neighbours have moved into Lana's old house and that there's a young girl in a coma.

My Opinion: I wonder what insurance company insures the Kent's truck and what garage does the repairing. It had been in several very heavy crashes and was even blown up. Maybe they just like the brand and the colour. ;)
I liked the episode because it had a different angle than usual.

(From Smallville Marathon #2 on May 26th, 2008)