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Member's Reviews

Dark Light, a review by Jimmy

Title : Dark Light (1993)

A tale of intense vampire action!

My Impression
The problem with this one is the budget, more money could make it so much better. The basic idea is interesting :  the army had done a secret research to create a race of super soldiers, they had used a vampire as a guinea pig to combine is strength with the human strenght (the real army experiment on thing as insane as this in real life). The experience had succeed with the creation of a vampire race who can live in daylight. But when the human-vampire hybrid break out they have to retrieve him and keep it secret. That sound like a pretty good film on paper, but on the screen not so. Nothing really happen and the action is absent. Too bad that this idea was not developed better...

Rating :

P.S : I'm not sure if this movie is really Zombie Genocide, but I'm unable to find another film done by the Irish director Andrew Harrison. Maybe one of our British members can help me with this?   

(From Jimmy's 2009 Horror Marathon on October 4th, 2009)

Member's Reviews

Diamonds Are Forever, a review by Dragonfire

A fortune in stolen diamonds thrusts James Bond into action in this thrilling adventure! Sean Connery returns as Agent 007 and teams up with the beautiful Tiffany Case (Jill St John) to prevent his nemesis Blofeld (Charles Gray) from using the diamonds in a deadly laser satellite.

My Thoughts

I did get this watched last Saturday, so it was still during the week for this movie.  I'm just really behind writing about it.  And I do still need to watch all the extras. 

Anyway, the movie was ok, but not that great.  Connery wasn't as good in the part as he was in the first few movies.  He really wasn't in shape for the part anymore either, which made it less believable that he was still effective as a spy with the fights he got in.  The plot did seem a bit more silly.  I didn't mind that yet another actor played Blofeld.  I just didn't think everything with the character was handled as well as it could have been.  The pace was slower at times and I just wasn't as interested in what was going on.  It also didn't make sense to me that Tracey wasn't even mentioned with how important she became to James in the last movie.  The movie was just ok for me. 

 :-\ - I hope that is the right emote.

I am working on a draft of a longer review to post on Epinions.

(From James Bond Marathon on March 20th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's Glee Marathon, a review by Tom

Season 1.19 Dream On
Writer: Ryan Murphy (Created By), Brad Falchuk (Created By), Ian Brennan (Created By), Brad Falchuk (Writer)
Director: Joss Whedon
Cast: Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray), Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel), Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri Schuester), Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester), Jayma Mays (Emma Pillsbury), Kevin McHale (Arty Abrams), Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson), Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester), Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones), Mark Salling (Noah "Puck" Puckerman), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang), Neil Patrick Harris (Bryan Ryan), Jonathan Groff (Jesse St. James), Idina Menzel (Shelby Corcoran), Molly Shannon (Brenda Castle), John Michael Higgins (Russell), Iqbal Theba (Principal Figgins), Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez), Paul Vogt (Herb Duncan), Heather Morris (Brittany Pierce), Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang), Dijon Talton (Matt Rutherford), Molly McCook (Sophomore Singer), Wendy Worthington (Woman Auditioning)

Brian, an old rival of Will's, shows up, played by Neill Patrick Harris. I enjoyed this episode.
Also in this episode Rachel finds out, that Shelby (the coach of the rival Glee club) is her biological mother. This storyline has been chosen by the producers because fans have been saying that Idina Menzel (Shelby) and Lea Michele (Rachel) look a lot alike. They were not wrong as you can see in one of the music clips below. Menzel has starred in "Wicked" on Broadway. I only knew her from the movie version of "Rent" before this.

She has some great scenes with Artie.

Notable music:
There was a short rendition of "Piano Man" sung by Brian and Will, which I enjoyed.
Another song I enjoyed was "Safety Dance", a dream sequence in which we see Artie out of his wheelchair for the first time. Before this I wasn't aware that the actor playing Artie wasn't paralized in real life:

Another song I really enjoyed in this episode is Brian (Neill Patrick Harris) and Will singing Aerosmith's "Dream On". And I also enjoyed Artie singing "Deam a Little Dream of Me".

My favorite song in this episode is sung by Shelby and Rachel. "I Dreamed a Dream" from LesMis. Sadly I only found a clip for it where the spoken parts are dubbed in Spanish:


(From Tom's Glee Marathon on September 18th, 2012)