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Member's Reviews

Simple Men, a review by goodguy

   Simple Men (1992)

Cover Blurb: What do you do if your father, a former all-star shortstop and mad bomber anarchist, breaks out of jail? You go after him, of course. Even if his trail leads straight into being caught. Two brothers trek through deepest, darkest Long Island, only to discover that sometimes even the oddest things really are just what they seem.

I love US indie movies. I especially love Hal Hartley's movies. And I absolutely love, love, love Simple Men. It is a suburban melodrama, but not quite. It is an outlaw movie in the tradition of Godard by the way it uses genre cliches to create something else. At the movie's turning point, there is a hommage to the dance scene in Bande a part, which is even more hilarious and "cool" than the original one.

Apropos cool. The characters in Simple Men are cool. But not the larger-than-life (and in the end rather conformistic) Tarantino-cool. They don't try to be cool, they are cool, because they try to be true to themselves. They speak in seemingly artificial rapid-fire dialogue, but if you listen a little closer, they use very short and simple sentences. It is all in the rhythm (think Mamet) and in the juxtaposition of scene and spoken word. And in the choreography, of course. There movements are highly gestural, stage-like, carefully framed. But they are still very real, just not pictured in a naturalistic way.

Simple Men is the last one of Hartley's Lindenhurst trilogy, the other two being The Unbelievable Truth (1989, R1-US 2001) and Trust (1990, only as R4-AU 2005). Trilogy in a themed way, you don't have to watch them all (although you should), or in a particular order.

(From May 2008 Man/Men Marathon - Discussion Thread on May 4th, 2008)

Member's Reviews

Action Replayy, a review by Tom

     Action Replayy (2010/India)
IMDb | Wikipedia

Moser Baer Entertainment (India)
Director:Vipul Amrutlal Shah
Writing:Shobhana Desai (Original Material By), Suresh Nair (Story By), Aatish Kapadia (Story By), Suresh Nair (Screenwriter), Aatish Kapadia (Screenwriter), Ritesh Shah (Screenwriter)
Length:130 min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35
Audio:Hindi: Dolby Digital 5.1, Hindi: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Akshay Kumar as Kishen
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Mala
Om Puri
Kirron Kher
Neha Dhupia

Bunty and Tanya - two people very much in love. But there's a problem. Bunty will do anything for love - except get married.
It's not hard to understand his phobia of marriage if one were to look at his parents. Kishen (Akshay Kumar) and Mala (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) - two bickering senior citizens who are so incompatible that they are like a match made in hell even on their 35th wedding anniversary! While the couple runs a restaurant where they serve their volatile arguments as complimentary with the food. Bunty has never really understood why his parents got married and what stops them from getting divorced. Desperate to save his parent's marriage and his own love life. Bunty embarks on the most challenging journey of his life - by stealing his prospective grandfather-in-law's time machine right before his eyes! To rewrite Kishen and Mala's destiny and alter their disastrous arranged marriage into a romantic affair of the hearts.
Action Replay is a comedy rollercoaster that takes you back on a time machine to the good old 70s where a son plays Cupid to his own parents - and redefines generation gap!

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My Thoughts:
The basic story reminds of Back to the Future. A guy is travelling back in time to get their parents to fall in love with each other instead of having a loveless arranged marriage with each other.
The movie is rather silly and not very convincing. But I had fun overall. Especially towards the end when his father started to grow some backbone I enjoyed it. It's not telling of the kind of humor the movie has otherwise, but it must have the first fart joke I remember seeing in a Bollywood movie. I had to laugh because it was so unexpected.


(From Tom's Time-Travel Movie Reviews on November 23rd, 2011)

Member's TV Reviews

Smallville Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Season 4: Disc 5:

17. Onyx
A glimpse of the future Lex Luthor is revealed after a kryptonite explosion splits Lex in two and his evil side - Alexander - is released.

My Thoughts:
This one was also a good episode. It was cool to see just how evil Lex could get... or for that matter just how good he could have been.

18. Spirit
A stunned Chloe is nominated for Prom Queen and tries to talk a reluctant Clark and Lana into attending the dance with her. However, after her rival Dawn, a wannabe Prom queen, crashes her car into a ravine filled with kryptonite, Dawn's spirit is released and she enters the bodies of the others making them act out of character.

My Thoughts:
This episode I liked a lot! A Smallville ghost story.... and I love ghost stories! Chloe learns a little more about Clark... this time she learns that the meteor rocks can harm/kill Clark.

19. Blank
Kevin, a boy who can cause people to temporarily lose their memory, turns his powers on Clark and causes him to have total amnesia. Chloe discovers what has happened and must teach Clark about his superpowers while simultaneously trying to keep him from accidentally revealing them to others.

My Thoughts:
This is actually one of my favorite episodes. It was really cool to see Chloe explain to him about his abilities. Telling him she believes he was effected by the meteor rocks. Again Chloe learns more about Clark's powers... this time she learns of his Super Hearing, Heat Vision and X-Ray Vision. I thought it was hilarious when she learned of his X-Ray Vision she pulls her sweater closed over her chest... afraid Clark my be checking her out!

(From Smallville Marathon on August 10th, 2007)