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Adam Had Four Sons
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Title: Adam Had Four Sons
Year: 1941
Director: Gregory Ratoff
Rating: G
Length: 80 Min.
Video: Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital: Mono
Subtitles: English

Ingrid Bergman
Warner Baxter
Susan Hayward
Fay Wray
Richard Denning

A beautiful young governess keeps a family from destroying itself in this sensitive, affectionate drama, Emilie Gallatin, a gentle and affectionate foreign girl, comes into an American home to serve as the governess for Adam's four sons. Her devotion and innate strength see the family through the death of Adam's wife and the financial failure of his business. The family is nearly torn apart when one of the boys marries Hester. Emilie learns of the hatred and jealousy the new bride is causing through her infidelity, and attempts to enlighten the rest of the family - an effort that nearly results in Emilie's discharge. Adam, however, finally realizes how right Emilie has been, and together they discover the love that has grown between them over the years

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My Thoughts:
Ingrid Bergman, Warner Baxter and especially Susan Hayward make this an emotional and sometimes gut-wrenching film.  Being one of Bergman’s first American produced films, it is understandable why she became the sensation she did.  The development of her character from innocent newly emigrated nanny, to wise and selfless family peacekeeper may seem syrupy to some, but no one can deny how beautifully acted her role is.  Susan Hayward is instantly despised, making the outcome less than suspenseful, but well done none-the-less. 

I admit that my love of Bergman probably taints my view of this film, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will surely be seeing it again, probably with my better half.  It is after all, a chick flick!   ;)