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TitleReview ByLink
L'AtalanteDanae CassandraReview
L.A. ConfidentialDragonfireReview
L.A. ConfidentialJonReview
L: Change the WorldTomReview
Ladder 49addicted2dvdReview
Lady Frankensteinaddicted2dvdReview
Lady FrankensteinJimmyReview
The Lady VanishesAchimReview
The Lady Vanishesaddicted2dvdReview
The Lady VanishesDragonfireReview
The Lady VanishesJonReview
The Lady VanishesRichReview
The Lady VanishesTomReview
Lady VengeanceAntaresReview
The LadykillersJonReview
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in IndiadfmorganReview
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in IndiaTomReview
Laid to Restaddicted2dvdReview
Lake Deadaddicted2dvdReview
The Lake Houseaddicted2dvdReview
The Lake HouseHalReview
The Lake HouseTomReview
Lakeview Terraceaddicted2dvdReview
Lakeview TerraceJonReview
Lakeview TerraceKinkyCyborgReview
Land of the Deadaddicted2dvdReview
Land of the Lostaddicted2comicsReview
Land of the Lostaddicted2dvdReview
Land of the LostDragonfireReview
Land of the MinotaurJimmyReview
The Land That Time ForgotRichReview
The Langoliersaddicted2dvdReview
The LangoliersKinkyCyborgReview
The Language of LoveJimmyReview
Laputa: Castle in the SkydfmorganReview
Larks on a StringsamuelrichardscottReview
Larry CrowneDragonfireReview
The Las Vegas Serial KillerJimmyReview
Last Action Heroaddicted2dvdReview
Last Action HeroDJ DoenaReview
The Last AirbenderDragonfireReview
The Last American Hero samuelrichardscottReview
Last Chance Harveyaddicted2dvdReview
Last City RaidersEdwinReview
The Last Days of PompeiiGSyrenReview
The Last DetailAntaresReview
Last Exit to BrooklynsamuelrichardscottReview
Last House on the Leftaddicted2dvdReview
The Last House on the LeftJimmyReview
The Last King of ScotlandEricReview
The Last LegiondfmorganReview
Last Man on Earthaddicted2dvdReview
The Last of SheilaAntaresReview
The Last SamuraiDJ DoenaReview
The Last StarfighterTomReview
Last SummerJimmyReview
The Last SupperJimmyReview
The Last Time I Saw ParisHalReview
Last Year at MarienbadAntaresReview
Late Night ShoppingJonReview
Laughter in ParadiseAntaresReview
The Lavender Hill MobJonReview
Law Abiding CitizenKinkyCyborgReview
A Lawless StreetRogmeisterReview
Lawrence of ArabiaJonReview
Lawrence of ArabiaRichReview
The League of Extraordinary GentlemenDVDsRGreatReview
Leap of FaithTomReview
Leap YearTomReview
Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre IIIJimmyReview
Leave Her to HeavenRickReview
Left in DarknessJimmyReview
Legacy of Bloodaddicted2dvdReview
Legally BlondeDJ DoenaReview
Legally BlondeTomReview
Legally Blonde (2001)addicted2dvdReview
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blondeaddicted2dvdReview
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole CritterReview
The Legend of the Hell Houseaddicted2dvdReview
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Eventsaddicted2comicsReview
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Eventsaddicted2comicsReview
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Eventsaddicted2dvdReview
LéonDJ DoenaReview
The Leopard Manaddicted2dvdReview
Leopard ManJonReview
Leprechaun 2JimmyReview
Leprechaun 3JimmyReview
Les 7 jours du talionJimmyReview
Les diaboliquesAntaresReview
Les Filles du BotanisteTomReview
Les quatre cents coups AntaresReview
Les VisiteursTomReview
Lesbian Vampire KillersTomReview
Let Me InAchimReview
Let Me IndfmorganReview
Let Me InJonReview
Let Me InTomReview
Let Me Inaddicted2dvdReview
Let The Right One InAchimReview
Let the Right One InCritterReview
Let the Right One IndfmorganReview
Let the Right One IngoodguyReview
Let The Right One InJonReview
Let The Right One InKinkyCyborgReview
Let the Right One InTomReview
Let the Right One Inaddicted2dvdReview
Lethal Weaponaddicted2dvdReview
Lethal WeaponJonReview
Lethal WeaponTomReview
Lethal Weapon 2addicted2dvdReview
Lethal Weapon 2TomReview
Lethal Weapon 3addicted2dvdReview
Lethal Weapon 3TomReview
Lethal Weapon 4addicted2dvdReview
Lethal Weapon 4TomReview
Letters to JulietDanae CassandraReview
Letters to JulietSilence_of_LambsReview
Liar Liaraddicted2dvdReview
Libeled LadyAntaresReview
The Librarian: Quest for the SpearDJ DoenaReview
Licence To KillRichReview
Licence to KillTomReview
License to KillDragonfireReview
License to Wedaddicted2dvdReview
License to Wed (2007)addicted2dvdReview
Liebe MauerTomReview
The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissousnowcatReview
A Life Less OrdinaryRichReview
The Life of David GaleRichReview
Life of PiGSyrenReview
Life or Something Like ItRichReview
Light SleeperKinkyCyborgReview
The Lincoln LawyerDragonfireReview
Linda Linda LindaTomReview
La Linea - The LineSilence_of_LambsReview
The LineupAntaresReview
The Lion KingsnowcatReview
Lions for LambsSilence_of_LambsReview
Lisa and the DevilAchimReview
Lisa and the DevilJimmyReview
Lisa and the DevilJimmyReview
Lissi und der wilde KaiserTomReview
Little Big ManAntaresReview
Little Big SoldierdfmorganReview
Little Big SoldierTomReview
Little Black Bookaddicted2dvdReview
Little ChildrenRichReview
Little FishKinkyCyborgReview
Little FockersDragonfireReview
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Laneaddicted2dvdReview
The Little MermaidTomReview
The Little Mermaid TomReview
The Little Mermaid II: Return to the SeaTomReview
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's BeginningTomReview
Little Miss SunshineTomReview
Little Miss Sunshine addicted2dvdReview
Little Nickyaddicted2dvdReview
The Little Shop of Horrorsaddicted2dvdReview
The Little Shop of HorrorsJonReview
Little Shop of HorrorsTomReview
Live and Let DieDragonfireReview
Live and Let DieJonReview
Live and Let DieRichReview
Live and Let DieTomReview
Live Free or Die Hardaddicted2dvdReview
Live Free or Die HardDragonfireReview
The Living DaylightsDragonfireReview
The Living DaylightsRichReview
The Living DaylightsTomReview
The Living DaylightsGSyrenReview
The Living Dead at the Manchester MorgueJimmyReview
Loaded Weapon 1TomReview
The Lodger: A Story of the London FogDragonfireReview
Lola renntgoodguyReview
Lola renntTomReview
The Lone Ranger (2013)DragonfireReview
Lone Star State Of MindKinkyCyborgReview
Lonely HeartsRichReview
The Lonely ManKinkyCyborgReview
Lonesome Doveaddicted2dvdReview
The Long GoodbyegoodguyReview
The Long Ridersaddicted2dvdReview
The Long RidersRogmeisterReview
The Longest Dayaddicted2dvdReview
The Longest DayAntaresReview
The Longest Yardaddicted2dvdReview
Look Who's TalkingDJ DoenaReview
Look Who's TalkingsamuelrichardscottReview
Look Who's Talking ToosamuelrichardscottReview
Look, Up In The Sky!: The Amazing Story of Supermanaddicted2dvdReview
Looney Tunes: Back in ActionTomReview
Looney Tunes: Back in Action DragonfireReview
Lord of Illusionsaddicted2dvdReview
The Lord of the Rings TrilogyAntaresReview
The Lord of the Rings: Collector's EditionDJ DoenaReview
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingDJ DoenaReview
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingDJ DoenaReview
The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersDJ DoenaReview
Lord of WarRossRoyReview
The Lords Of FlatbushKinkyCyborgReview
Los cronocrímenesAchimReview
The LosersdfmorganReview
The LosersDragonfireReview
The LostJimmyReview
Lost and DeliriousTomReview
The Lost Boysaddicted2dvdReview
The Lost Boysaddicted2dvdReview
The Lost Boysaddicted2dvdReview
The Lost BoysDragonfireReview
The Lost BoysTomReview
The Lost BoysAntaresReview
The Lost BoysDragonfireReview
Lost Boys: The Tribeaddicted2dvdReview
The Lost Boys: The Tribeaddicted2dvdReview
Lost missionRichReview
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavraaddicted2dvdReview
The Lost Skeleton of CadavraJimmyReview
Lost Souls addicted2dvdReview
The Lost Valentineaddicted2dvdReview
The Lost Valentineaddicted2dvdReview
The Lost World: Jurassic Parkaddicted2comicsReview
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkTomReview
Love Aaj KalTomReview
Love ActuallyTomReview
Love ActuallyDanae CassandraReview
The Love Bugaddicted2dvdReview
Love in the Time of CholeraKinkyCyborgReview
The Love LetterTomReview
Love Lies BleedingKinkyCyborgReview
Love My LifeTomReview
Love on the SideTomReview
Love PhobiaTomReview
Love Potion #9addicted2dvdReview
Love SickTomReview
Love Storyaddicted2dvdReview
Love Story 2050TomReview
Love, So DivineTomReview
Lovely RivalsTomReview
Lover Come BackTomReview
Loving AnnabelleTomReview
Lucky # Slevinaddicted2dvdReview
The Lucky OneTomReview
Lucky StarAntaresReview
Lust for DraculaJimmyReview
Lust, CautionJonReview