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Re: Veronica Mars - The Complete First Season
« Reply #30 on: September 17, 2010, 10:27:41 AM »
I recently watched the second season of Veronica Mars.  I decided to post about it in this thread instead of starting a new one.

Veronica Mars: The Complete Second Season

Who knocked on Veronica's door at the end of Season 1: Duncan? Logan? Someone even more surprising? "I was hoping it would be you," the teen sleuth said. Now you can see who rated that rare Veronica smile, then uncover the newest mystery to envelop the town of Neptune. It begins when Veronica misses the bus – a school bus that minutes later plunges off a cliff into the Pacific. It may be a tragic accident. Or suicide. Or murder. It may (or may not) be tied to Lilly Kane's murder. But you know Veronica's on the case, even when other mysteries lead to danger and double crosses, even when her love life takes a couple of dives onto the pool deck, even when...well, wait and find out. Season 2: new characters, new revelations, same drop-dead dialogue and dead-on cool. Return to Mars. It's everything you like about Neptune.

1. Normal Is the Watchword
2. Driver Ed
3. Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang
4. Green-Eyed Monster
5. Blast from the Past
6. Rat Saw God
7. Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner
8. Ahoy, Mateys!
9. My Mother, the Fiend
10. One Angry Veronica
11. Donut Run
12. Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle
13. Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough
14. Versatile Toppings
15. The Quick and the Wed
16. The Rapes of Graff
17. Plan B
18. I Am God
19. Nevermind the Buttocks
20. Look Who's Stalking
21. Happy Go Lucky
22. Not Pictured

My Thoughts

I enjoyed this season a lot overall, though it is difficult to like some of the characters at times.  The story arc with the bus accident is interesting, but not as compelling as the one tied to the first season about Lilly's murder.  The mystery aspect of the show still works well, though some of the mysteries do seem weaker.  The plots are entertaining and interesting, though at times, things are brought up and then dropped without being fully resolved.  I kept waiting for a few things to come up again.  A couple of things tied back in to the resolution of Lilly's murder turn up again.  I expected some of what happened, but I was also really surprised by a few other things.

It seems like things have to be complicated for Veronica.  Just when something starts to calm down a bit, some other complication has to rear up.  I don't always like how she handles things.  She is basically a smart, likable character, but she does some incredibly stupid things at times.  It is hard to like her in some episodes too.  There really weren't consequences for some of what she did though. 
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The relationships between the various characters are even more complicated I think..especially some of them.  I didn't always care for some of the developments, though they did help keep the show entertaining.  There is a bit of action in a few scenes as well as some violence.  Some things that come up could be a bit disturbing to some people.  The characters are still interesting overall even when they aren't always likable.  More of the characters have issues to deal with and it does seem like things aren't as tied to Veronica even though she is still involved in much of what is going on.

The second season of the show is really well done and very entertaining.  It is definitely worth watching.

I did get a review posted on Epinions.

Veronica Mars: The Complete Second Season

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Re: Veronica Mars - The Complete First Season
« Reply #31 on: May 25, 2014, 10:05:32 PM »
Reviving an old thread, since I'm late to the game to the show.

I just finished season 1, and like some others I'm not too happy about the final episode. Not so much because the killer came out of left field, but because
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is such a horrible cliche. Hm, maybe the spoiler tag was redundant? I guess pretty much all of you have already seen the show. But apart from that I liked the show quite a lot. I must have, otherwise I wouldn't have finished the whole season in 4 days. (OK, it helped that I had a cold and didn't feel like going outside)