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The Sessions
« on: April 01, 2013, 12:17:48 AM »

Overview: Academy Award® Winner Helen Hunt joins Academy Award® Nominees John Hawkes and William H. Macy in this triumphant true story about love, sex, desire...and making every breath count.

Paralyzed and confined to an iron lung since childhood, poet-journalist Mark O'Brien (Hawkes) has overcome adversity time and time again. But now, at age 38, he faces his toughest challenge yet: losing his virginity. With the help of a beautiful therapist (Hunt), a sympathetic priest (Macy), and his own unbridled sense of optimism and humor, Mark embarks on an extraordinary personal journey to discover the wondrous pleasures that make life worth living.

My thoughts: I seldom write reviews - I find it difficult to put my thoughts into words. But, every once in a while I want to share my viewing experience - especially when few people have written about it.

I have always enjoyed films that are based on real people and their experiences - the bonus features for this movie even introduces us to some of them.

If you are a viewer who dislikes films that has sex or involves nudity this film is not for you. They are an integral part of the characters and their journey and this movie could not be told without them.

There are few films that can make me laugh out loud. Even fewer have moved me to tears. This movie did both.

The Sessions is special.