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About this site
« on: April 24, 2007, 01:25:46 PM »
I think it's time for this.......

WHen I found out that IVS had requested an injunction to shut down the server at IVS I got really pissed.  Like many I was quick to judge, assumed that IVS was the bad guy and I wanted to feel free to rant as much as I want.  I needed a place to vent, I thought others did as well so I started, judging by the traffic this site has had in the past few days it seems that I was right.

After a few days I thought maybe I should keep it up, change the name and turn it into a place where we can all talk about our common passion outside of the sites owned by software companies.  Some showed an interest in it so here we are, with DVD Collectors Online.

This site will be dedicated to DVD Collectors to give them a place to discuss about software, hardware, movies, TV shows, collection handling and anything related to collecting and owning DVDs.  Since most members here, at least for now, are from IVS' and Invelos' forums, there is a certain "animosity" between some that will undoutebdly be carried here and I expect some discussion will heat.  Although I value freedom of speech, I believe such freedom should be exerciced with respect and that one should withdraw from a discussion if he/she has no arguments left but insults and personal attacks.

This principle will be the foundation of moderation on this forum, I can understand that sometimes people lose patience (I have a temper myself ;)) and say things and there will be a certain tolerance but no thread will turn into and endless flow of insults.