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Member's Reviews

Koi... mi gaya, a review by Tom

Title: Koi... mi gaya
Year: 2003
Director: Rakesh Roshan
Rating: FSK-6
Length: 166 Min.
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35
Audio: German: Dolby Digital Stereo, Hindi: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: German

Hrithik Roshan
Preity Zinta
Prem Chopra
Rajiv Verma

Filmfare Awards2004WonBest Actor AwardHrithik Roshan
Filmfare Awards2004NominatedBest Actress AwardPreity Zinta
Filmfare Awards2004WonBest Choreography AwardFarah Khan
Filmfare Awards2004WonBest Movie Award
Filmfare Awards2004NominatedBest Music Director AwardRajesh Roshan
Filmfare Awards2004NominatedBest Supporting Actress AwardRekha
Filmfare Awards2004WonCritics Award for Best PerformanceHrithik Roshan
IIFA Awards2004WonBest ActorHrithik Roshan
IIFA Awards2004WonBest DirectorRakesh Roshan

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My Thoughts:
After very much enjoying the superhero movie "Krrish", I was eagerly awaiting to watch its predecessor. The first half of the movie I enjoyed very much so. I think the lead actor does a great job in portraying the mentally retarded Rohit. Here we learn which problems Rohit encounters in everyday life because of his disability. And we learn how he befriends Nisha, the love interest.
The second half though is a rip-off of E.T. Aliens land (special effect for the space ship are good) and leave again, leaving behind one of their own. This E.T. rip-off befriends Rohit and gives him abilities (great mind and physical powers). In the end Rohit must help E.T. to get home again avoiding all the military.
Rahit is the father of the character of the sequel. In the sequel we learn through flashbacks what happens to Rahit after this first movie. And these scenes were my expectations for this movie. I would have liked it better, if the second half of this movie would have had the tone similar to the scenes we saw in these flashback scenes.
The songs in this movie are rather forgettable. Nothing as catchy as the ones in Krrish. But they didn't bother me.


(From Tom's Random Reviews on July 4th, 2009)

Member's Reviews

Det sjunde inseglet, a review by Danae Cassandra

Where We Are: Sweden

What We Watched:

Det sjunde inseglet (The Seventh Seal)Overview:
Disillusioned and exhausted after a decade of battling in the Crusades, a knight (Max von Sydow) encounters Death on a desolate beach and challenges him to a fateful game of chess. Much studied, imitated, even parodied, but never outdone, The Seventh Seal (Det sjunde inseglet), Ingmar Bergman's stunning allegory of man's search for meaning, was one of the benchmark imports of America's 1950s art-house heyday, pushing cinema's boundaries and ushering in a new era of moviegoing.

My Thoughts:
This is an art film - striking cinematography, arresting visuals, allegorical, philosophical, symbolic.  It is also the art film, richly deserving of its status as classic.  It's an extraordinary piece of art, a dark, beautiful film with great power to disturb the viewer.

Steeped as it is in conflicts/contrast between faith and disbelief (the Christian knight and his atheist squire, the condemnation of the flagellants fanaticism and the simple beauty of Jof's vision of Mary and the Christ Child) I ultimately found the film to affirm the Wiccan adage "For if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without."  The knight, seeking endlessly for answers, has the answer within himself the entire time - only you give your life meaning. 

Of course, perhaps Bergman means for us to each find our own message in the film.  It's a rich, complex, layered piece of work and highly recommended for the thinking film enthusiast.  A new favorite.

Bechdel Test: Fail

Overall: 5/5

(From Around the World in 86 Movies on August 12th, 2013)

Member's TV Reviews

Charmed Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Disc 4:

12. Used Karma
Dangerous supernatural events result when Phoebe is the accidental recipient of the spirit of Mata Hari, a stripper and double agent during World War 1.

My Thoughts:
This was a pretty good episode. In this one Phoebe's boyfriend finds out about them being witches. I loved the reaction he had... Paige accidentally orbs them into a room right in front of him... and he just stares and faints. Very funny! This is another possession episode... but with a twist as she isn't really possessed by a spirit... but by bad karma.

13. The Legend Of Sleepy Halliwell
A Magic School mentor calls upon The Charmed Ones to find out who cast the spell of darkness upon the school and conjured up the Headless Horsemen who's been busy beheading the teachers!

My Thoughts:
This is another really good episode. In this one we don't only get introduced to the Magic School... but Phoebe learns the truth about who Chris really is. I have really enjoyed the Chris storyline... I think they did an awesome job of keeping you interested... first by making you wonder if he is really good or bad... and then making you wonder exactly who he is... teasing you with the info. Which made it a really great ride.

14. I Dream Of Phoebe
Magical misfortune abounds and wishes go awry when phoebe is tricked into becoming a genie after she frees that genie from a bottle.

My Thoughts:
Another fun episode. it is  Phoebe's turn again to get turned into something... this time a genie. And now in this one Chris has to tell Paige who he really is... so now it is only Piper and Leo that don't know.

15. The Courtship Of Wyatt's Father
Phoebe and Paige believe that Leo and Piper are dead after they are accidentally sent to the Ghostly plane by a Darklighter.

My Thoughts:
And yet another good episode. This one of course is there to get Piper and Leo together for Chris' sake. But they end up in the Ghostly Plane... so Paige and Phoebe must rush to save them... so that they can save Chris. At the end of this one Paige and Phoebe tells Piper who Chris is.... and the three of them decide it is for the best not to tell Leo.

(From Charmed Marathon on July 7th, 2008)