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Member's Reviews

Goldfish Memory, a review by Tom

     Goldfish Memory (2003/Ireland)
IMDb | Wikipedia

Pro-Fun Media (Germany)
Director:Liz Gill
Writing:Liz Gill (Writer)
Length:85 min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78
Audio:English: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Sean Campion as Tom
Fiona O'Shaughnessy as Clara
Peter Gaynor as David
Flora Montgomery as Angie
Keith McErlean as Red

A light-hearted look at the dangers and delights of dating in contemporary Dublin.

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My Thoughts:
Very watchable movie. Nothing special but I was not entertained throughout. This movie features a few lesbian, straight and gay relationships. All were okay, but the only one that I thought had real chemistry didn't seem to have worked out.


(From Lesbian Movie Marathon on December 28th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Back to the Future: Part III, a review by DJ Doena

January, 18th

Michael J. Fox    ...    Marty McFly / Seamus McFly
Christopher Lloyd   ...    Dr. Emmett Brown
Mary Steenburgen   ...    Clara Clayton
Thomas F. Wilson   ...    Buford 'Mad Dog' Tannen / Biff Tannen
Lea Thompson   ...    Maggie McFly / Lorraine McFly
Elisabeth Shue   ...    Jennifer Parker
James Tolkan   ...    Chief Marshal James Strickland
Matt Clark   ...    Chester the Bartender

Synopsis: Marty's stuck in 1955 while the Doc's back in 1885. But the Doc isn't going to live much longer after he had written the letter and Marty decides to go back and get him.But the old West didn't have real roads and Marty subsequently rips the fuel line apart. Now they have to find another way to accelerate the DeLorean to 88 miles per hour. As if this weren't enough Doc also falls in love and Marty agrees to a gunfight against 'Mad Dog' Tannen.

My Opinion: In my opinion this movie is a bit more serious than the other two and both characters seem to have grown a lot due to their travels. I felt it to be a bit unfair that Marty travelled back to save Doc's life and he doesn't even thank him by warning him of the "Rolls-Royce accident". But I also thought it to be a really good idea to let Marty make that decision alone and to show that the time travels have taught him something. I also thought that Mary Steenburgen was a great addition and to see Doc in love was very nice. It great conclusion to a fantastic trilogy.

BTW: When Marty arrives in 1985 the formerly know Shonash/Clayton Ravine is now called Eastwood Ravine.

(From DJ Doena's movie watchings 2009 on January 18th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete Second Season marathon, a review by goodguy

2x12 Alpine Fields
Synopsis: Sarah and Cameron work to save a family on the list with a connection to Derek and Jesse in the future.
My Rating:

After the revelations of 2x10, the show goes off on a tangent for the second time in a row. That's either a pretty ballsy move, the result of the network asking for more self-contained episodes, or padding towards the mid-season finale (2x13). While I like to think it is the first, in reality it is probably a little of all three.

Since I'm rewatching the series, I obviously have more patience for things that maybe considered distractions from the main plot. But I have to say that it didn't bother me on first viewing either. And while the episode has no relation to the main plot, it does relate to the main story by mirroring it: protector and savior, Lauren and her sister, Sarah and John.

I really liked the three time frames. They have done future flashbacks before, and adding another layer to that seems almost like a natural extension. Especially since there is nothing gimmicky about it here, all the flashbacks are very clearly personalized and structured to good effect.

I always found Derek to be an interesting character. We get to know a little more about his suicidal strike (Kyle's disappearance causing him to volunteer for risky missions) and we get to see that moment where he and Jesse meet for the first time. BTW, kudos to the writers for throwing in that "She'll be apples" line (linking to Riley's carrots-and-apples in her first talk with John).

The scenes in the Fields cabin had an almost Buffy-esque feeling in the way they pushed the hilarious elements while maintaining both drama and suspense. I especially liked how certain bits trickled from one conversation to another (cyborgs, not robots; closer doesn't mean happy) and that Lauren was the one who knew all the little family secrets (the gun, David's shady business, Anne's affair).

All in all that was another great episode, very well told and very engaging. That's not to say there weren't a few missteps, though. They went for some of the more obvious tearjerker and clichéd moments and tied it all up a little to neatly, even if the final shot again was great as Derek finds that Lauren is gone and has left behind the necklace he considered a target.

Another thing that bugged me is that first they to spoil the suspense by giving certain information "accidentally" too early (who is the terminator after...?) just to give us an entire different solution later; it felt cheap.

Erm, no. At that point, we know (from the now-frame) that Lauren's father is already dead and that the terminator is still after pregnant Anne and Lauren.

(From Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete Second Season marathon on February 14th, 2010)