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Member's Reviews

License to Wed (2007), a review by addicted2dvd

     License to Wed (2007/United States)

Warner Home Video
Director:Ken Kwapis
Writing:Kim Barker (Screenwriter), Tim Rasmussen (Screenwriter), Vince Di Meglio (Screenwriter), Kim Barker (Story By), Wayne Lloyd (Story By)
Length:91 min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 2.40:1, Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio:English: Dolby Digital: 5.1, French: Dolby Digital: 5.1, Spanish: Dolby Digital: 5.1
Subtitles:English, French, Spanish

Robin Williams (1951) as Reverend Frank
Mandy Moore (1984) as Sadie Jones
John Krasinski as Ben Murphy
Eric Christian Olsen as Carlisle
Christine Taylor as Lindsey Jones
Josh Flitter as Choir Boy

Drive through downtown Chicago. Blindfolded. Care for two screaming, slobbering, creepy-looking babies. Robot babies. Give up sex. Yes, even that. Oh, the things Rev. Frank has you do before you say "I do!"

Robin Williams, Mandy Moore and John Krasinski headline this zany, light-hearted romantic comedy about a young couple eager to walk down the aisle and the bride's minister, who aims to lower the divorce rate by busting up incompatible twosomes before the shoes and rice. Sign up for Rev. Frank's marriage preparation course. It's tougher than boot camp. And a whole lot funnier!

  • Scene Access
  • Bonus Trailers
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Interactive Games

My Thoughts:
The first time I watched this movie it was on On Demand... and I wasn't very impressed with it at all. It felt like it wasn't the old Robin Williams that I have been a fan of for all these years. After watching the DVD today (which was given to me) I feel I was a bit harsh on it the first time I watched it. I still don't think it was a great movie. That there should have been some of the old zany Robin Williams in it... but it is definitely better then I remembered it being.I said the first time I watched it that I didn't like the little boy that was supposed to be the Reverend's protege. That I found him annoying. And while that is still the case... he didn't seem as annoying this time as he was for me the first time I saw it. So with all that said I am glad I gave this movie a second chance. Though it still could have been better.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Alphabet Marathon: The Unwatched Version on September 24th, 2011)

Member's Reviews

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, a review by Dragonfire

I went to see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  I really enjoyed the first two movies and I've been wanting to see this one for a while.  It is in 3D in some theaters, and that is the version I saw.  There weren't as many images used to take advantage of the 3D images, but it was still done well.  The animation is wonderful overall.  The hair on the animals was done really well.  Ellie looks so soft and cuddely.

The plot isn't that complex, but it is entertaining.  Manny and Ellie are preparing for the birth of their child.  Diego is thinking that he needs to head off on his own and Sid is feeling left out.  He ends up in a cave where he finds 3 eggs that he believes have been abandoned.  He decides to take the eggs to raise as his children.  It turns out they are dinosaurs and they don't get along well with the other children.  Then Mommy dinosaur tracks down her babies, and is not pleased that Sid has them.  She takes the babies and Sid back through the cave.  Manny, Ellie, Diego, Eddie, and Crash decide to to after Sid and they discover another world where dinosaurs are still alive.  They meet Buck, a sort of crazy weasel who has been living in the jungle a long time.

While all that is going on, Scrat the squirrel is still chasing his precious acorn.  He gets distracted when he meets Scratte, a female flying squirrel, also after the acorn.

I think this movie can mostly stand alone, though certain things tied to the characters will make more sense if the first two movies have been watched.  Things are rather predictable, but the movie is still entertaining and enjoyable.  There is a tiny bit of suspense in a few places and one or two surprises.

During this movie, Scrat and Scratte pop up every so often and they do come into some contact with the main characters.  I've always loved Scrat and his attempts at getting the acorn, and I continued to enjoy him in this movie.  He's just a cute, funny character. 

The movie is very funny overall, though some of the humor is silly and won't appeal to some viewers.  Some of the humor is a bit gross or crude, though it isn't too graphic.  There is a bit of action and some mild violence in a few sequences as well, so parents will want to keep that in mind when deciding on if this is a good movie for their children.

Overall, this is a really cute, entertaining movie that I enjoyed.  I'm sure I'll be adding the DVD to my collection once it is out.  I would have rated it 4.5 stars at Epinions when I did my review there if I had the option, but since I didn't, I rounded up to 5.  I'll use the same rating here.


I did get a review posted on Epinions if anyone would like to take a look.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

(From Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on July 23rd, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's Random Reviews, a review by Tom

Title: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season Two
Year: 2008
Rating: NR
Length: 964 Min.
Video: Widescreen 1.78
Audio: English: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish

Leny Headey
Thomas Dekker
Summer Glau
Brian Austin Green

The hunt is on in a season of powerful revelations, breathless pursuits and bravura effects. A mysterious 3-dot symbol (do UFOs provide a clue?), a girlfriend for John (is Cameron jealous?), a mysterious tech company ZeiraCorp (can it master the renegade software called Turk?) - Season 2's 5-disc action arsenal is locked, loaded, ready to amaze.

Deleted Scenes
Scene Access

My Thoughts:
This season started promising. Although not quite as great as the first season, I was enjoying it. But then I had the feeling that all involved were getting worn out making an action series and wanting to slow down. I have no problem with that, but I didn't really enjoy the storylines they were making then. For me it just didn't fit anymore. Added to that I didn't really like the Weaver/John Henry storyline. Her character just did not appeal to me, though the original idea involving her wasn't so bad. Also the Derek/Jessie was not that interesting. For my feeling Cameron had too few scenes. I also missed scenes with the group working together. Everyone had their own agenda.
The series picked up again towards the end, but never to the level of the first season. Contrary to the first season, which I already watched twice and could start watching again anytime, I think the urge to revisit the second season anytime soon will not be that great.
The last episode made me really worried. As it did go on they were opening up new threads one after another with the ending coming closer and closer. I was fearing that I will face a massive cliffhanger. But at the last minute with the last scene, it came all full circle for me and I think it was the perfect way to end the series. I am not sure if I would have liked a third season. I thought the last scene worked really great as a series finale.

01Samson and Delilah
02Automatic for the People
03The Mousetrap
04Allison from Palmdale
05Goodbye to All That
06The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short
07Brothers of Nablus
08Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today
10Strange Things Happen at the One-Two Point
11Self Made Man
12Alpine Fields
13Earthlings Welcome Here
14The Good Wound
15Desert Cantos
16Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep
17Ourselves Alone
18Today Is the Day - Part 1
19Today Is the Day - Part 2
20To the Lighthouse
21Adam Raised a Cain
22Born to Run

(From Tom's Random Reviews on January 25th, 2010)