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Member's Reviews

Toys are not for Children, a review by Jimmy

Title : Toys are not for Children (1973)

Miserable with her marriage to a toy-store clerk and obsessed with memories of her long-absent father, child-like Jamie learns that toys are not for children when she turns her life around--by becoming a hooker! Playing "daddy's little girl" with dirty old men, she finds true happiness until a friend arranges a special "date" between Jamie and her whore-hungry dad that, to put it mildly, does not go well. Two toy-friendly sickies definitely not for the kiddies!

My Impression
A good thing with Something Weird Video is the fact that they have many hidden jewels. This movie is a good exemple of this, usually the second movie in a double feature is weaker than the principal but TANFC is much better and original than The Toy Box (itself a good movie, but nothing special). The story is really well construct and the acting is good (I can't understand why Marcia Forbes haven't made anything else), it's easy to see that the director had take this project seriously. If you don't like Hollywood ending movie you won't get one here, this ending is one of the more depressing that I've seen. By the way I really like the song theme of this film (Lonely Am I by T. L. Davis). The only downside is that this movie isn't restore at all : the sound is ok but the picture have many defects.
Rating :

(From My Alphabet Marathon Review on November 24th, 2008)

Member's Reviews

Rang De Basanti, a review by Tom

     Rang De Basanti (2006/India)
IMDb | Wikipedia

ALIVE, Rapid Eye Movies (Germany)
Director:Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
Writing:Kamlesh Pandey (Story By), Prasoon Joshi (Screenwriter), Rensil D Silva (Screenwriter), Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra (Screenwriter)
Length:160 min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35
Audio:German: Dolby Digital 5.1, Hindi: Dolby Digital 5.1

Aamir Khan
Atul Kulkarni
Sharman Joshi
Kunal Kapoor

Arriving in India, a UK graduate enlists a gang of college students to participate in a documentary about India's freedom fighters. Initially, these students scoff at the ideals and people of the past, but a sequence of events set in slow motion a merging of the past and present.

Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Cinematographer Award (Binod Pradhan)
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Director Award (Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra)
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Editing Award (P.S. Bharati)
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Movie Award
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Music Director Award (A. R. Rahman)
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Critics Award for Best Performance (Aamir Khan)
IIFA Awards (2007)  Best Lyricist (Prasoon Joshi)
IIFA Awards (2007)  Best Movie
IIFA Awards (2007)  Best Music Director (A.R.Rahman)
IIFA Awards (2007)  Best Screenplay (Rensil D'Silva, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra)
IIFA Awards (2007)  Best Supporting Actress (Soha Ali Khan)
BAFTA (2006)  Film Not In The English Language (Ronnie Screwvala, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra)
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Actor Award (Aamir Khan)
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Lyricist Award ("Roobaroo": Prasoon Joshi)
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Supporting Actor Award (Kunal Kapoor)
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Supporting Actor Award (Siddharth Narayan)
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Supporting Actress Award (Kirron Kher)
Filmfare Awards (2007)  Best Supporting Actress Award (Soha Ali Khan)

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My Thoughts:
A great movie about a bunch of students, who at first cannot understand that someone would die for their country but after a tragedy they learn how it is to be willing to sacrifice their lives for a cause.
This movie won multiple awards (including Best Movie and Best Director) and had some impact on the Indian public regarding their perception of the government. One main issue of this movie was the corruption in Indian politics.
I can recommend this movie to everyone who would be interesting in to check out a great Indian movie but don't like musicals. This movie has no traditional musical numbers.


(From Tom's Random Reviews on May 17th, 2011)

Member's TV Reviews

"Stargate SG-1" Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

Disc 3

Rules of Engagement
Synopsis: SG-1 meets an unidentified SG team that is under heavy fire by Jaffa. But the moment they want to help them they get shot by the "SG team". As it turns out are both "SG team" and "Jaffa" humans on a training mission under the order of Apophis. No one there knows that Apophis is dead and SG-1 has to explain that their mission is no more.

My Opinion: These soldiers (who are no Jaffa) strongly reminded me of the "Volkssturm", being the last resort of Apophis. I was glad that SG-1 could show them the futility of their mission without causing too many casualties.

Forever in a Day
Synopsis: Some of the Abydosians - including Daniel's father-in-law - have been captured by Amonet who has also retaken her and Apophis's child. When SG-1 attempts to free the Abydosians, Teal'c is forced to kill Amonet/Sha're who in turn was trying to kill Daniel. But Sha're manages to send one last message to her husband.

My Opinion: This was a very good ending to the Amonet/Sha're storyline. They gave her a worthy exit that remended me positively of Angel's You're Welcome. And now Daniel has a new mission: to find the child of Apophis and Amonet, the child that has all the knowledge of the Goa'ulds.

Past and Present
Synopsis: SG-1 comes to a planet that has neither elders nor children. And all the other people have lost all their memories one year ago. Hints indicate that this could be the work of Linea, the Destroyer of Worlds (Prisoners), who SG-1 has inadvertently freed. It's also not impossible that she is still on the planet.

My Opinion: Another good episode. Can a person have a change of heart? Hasn't Teal'c already proven that it's possible? I liked it.

Jolinar's Memories
Synopsis: Jacob/Selmak has been captured. He is held prisoner by Sokar - who imposes the devil instead of a god -  on a moon (Ne'tu) that literally has been turned into hell. Sokar plans a massive assault on the System Lords and Jacob/Selmak has inside knowledge. The problem is: There is only one person who has ever managed to esape from Ne'tu: Jolinar of Malkshur.

My Opinion: These Goa'ulds just don't know when they are supposed to have died. Apophis is back! Actually I like it, Apophis is a worthy opponent and his new mask looks "good". A very thrilling cliffhanger. Can't wait to see the conclusion.

(From "Stargate SG-1" Marathon on March 16th, 2008)