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Member's Reviews

Serenity, a review by Dragonfire

The action-packed adventure Serenity continues on Blu-ray Hi-Def! With exclusive all-new bonus features, this must-own edition takes you deeper into the incredible worlds created by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly). It's an edge-of-your-seat experience that can't be missed.

After watching Firefly, it was time to watch Serenity again.  This is one of my rare triple dips...I have 2 DVD versions and the Blu-ray. 

The movie picks up a while after the end of the last episode.  Some time is taken at the beginning to recap some things, including showing how Simon got River out of the Alliance facility.  I liked how that was done, though that does contradict how in the series Simon said he made contact with someone to get her out and that he didn't know what had been done to her.  The Alliance hasn't forgotten about River and then send a deadly operative after her.  She shows more of the...effects of what has been done to her in a few scenes.  The plot is interesting and it does tie up things that weren't fully dealt with before the show was prematurely cancelled.  There are two things that happen that I didn't like, though the second is worse.  I'm still a bit ticked at Whedon for that. 

The same main characters return, though some of them don't get as much to do unfortunately.  The cast is great in their parts. I really liked seeing the characters again.  There are some humorous moments again, mostly from things some characters do or say.  There is action and some violence in the movie.  There is a decent conclusion, though I would have preferred to have more seasons of the show.  But the movie is better than nothing.

Serenity is a wonderfully entertaining movie that helps to tie up things from Firefly.  The movie definitely deserves to be seen.

I did post a return on Epinions after I originally saw the movie in the theater.


(From Marie's Random Movie Viewing on June 27th, 2013)

Member's Reviews

The Darjeeling Limited, a review by snowcat


Wes Anderson is known for his stories of dysfunctional families and dead pan humour from Bottle Rocket to the Royal Tenenbaums there is a certain uniqueness about his style that is just as prominent in The Darjeeling Limited.

(From Emma's New Film Reviews! on June 13th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

The Good Old Days TV Thread, a review by addicted2dvd

The Ray Bradbury Theater
Season 3: Episode 10
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Original Air Date: 05/14/1988

My Thoughts:
This is a show from my teen years. The show originally started on HBO but shortly after moved to USA. This is a show I only ever seen a small handful of episodes when they first aired. This is one of the many episodes I never seen before. This particular episode I didn't care too much for. I found it rather slow and boring. Nothing very thrilling about this episode what so ever.

My Rating:

(From The Good Old Days TV Thread on February 18th, 2010)