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Member's Reviews

Ordeal in the Arctic, a review by Danae Cassandra

Ordeal in the Arctic
Year of Release: 1993
Directed By: Mark Sobel
Starring: Richard Chamberlain, Catherine Mary Stewart, Melanie Mayron, Scott Hylands, Page Fletcher
Genre: Drama, Disaster

October 30th, 1991, a Canadian Airforce CC-130 Herc, Box Top 22 tail number 322, left Edmondton, via Greenland, on its way to Alert a top-secret military listening post on Ellesmere Island. The captain John Couch, could see the lights of the airstrip at Alert, so he decided to go by his eyes instead of his instruments. Eighteen passengers and only 5 were killed by the crash. Roland Pitre was the first to hit the ground, he was the loadmaster. Although they were only a few miles from the base of Alert, a blizzard and the terrain, made it impossible for help to be sent at once, although every effort was made to get to them.

My Thoughts:
The story is harrowing to think about, being trapped at the site of the crash in the Arctic for 32 hours, slowly freezing to death, and you can really feel that bitter cold just sitting on the couch, watching this film.  There is a lot of attention to keeping the film as realistic as possible, and to keep to the truth of the events.  For all its obvious low budget, I found the film to be quite well done.  Richard Chamberlain has long been a favorite of mine, and he does not disappoint me here.  His portrayal of the guilt-ridden pilot is the finest in the cast, though I thought they all did a good job.  Recommended if you like disaster films and/or true stories.

Bechdel Test:  Pass

Overall: 3.5/5

(From Within My (Mom's) Lifetime Marathon on March 28th, 2015)

Member's Reviews

Seven Samurai, a review by Rich

Expectations in Japan...

Title: Seven Samurai

Genres:Action, Drama

Plot:A desperate village hires seven samurai to protect it from marauders in this crown jewel of Japanese cinema. No other film so seamlessly weaves philosophy and entertainment, delicate human emotions and relentless action. Featuring Japan's legendary star, the great Toshiro Mifune, Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai is an inspired epic, a triumph of art, and an unforgettable three-hour ride.

My Review:
Ok, this was my second viewing of the film, I was all set-up for the marathon knowing the immense length of the production, and with expectations I would enjoy this more than when I watched it some years ago at a friends.
Nope - I still only see this as an average film.  :tomato: I don't get all the hype?  :bag: Just appears now like film buff BS.
Unrealistic acting, false wigs so clear to see on a bigger screen, did I miss a really good swordplay fight scene whilst comatose, all they seemed to do is shout at each other the whole film??
Unless you have a beard, wear cordrouys and jackets with patches on the elbows, and wish to pretend you are cultured, I would miss this one.
My Rating

(From Around the World in 80 DVD's on March 7th, 2008)

Member's TV Reviews

My PILOT Marathon, a review by Rich


Meet Meredith Grey. Daughter of famous surgeon Ellis Grey and currently recovering from a one-night stand. She shoos away her evening's companion, saying she'll be late for her first day of work. She is a first year intern at Seattle Grace Hospital and is working alongside some colorful characters. Cristina Yang is a highly competitive Stanford graduate who befriends Meredith. George O'Malley is a quirky warm hearted man who learns a lesson or two on his first day. Izzie Stevens is a former model who doesn't get any special treatment on her first day. And Alex Karev is an arrogant jerk who misdiagnoses a patient on his first shift. Overseeing them is Miranda Bailey, (not-so-) affectionately dubbed 'The Nazi'. Meredith also gets a surprise when she realizes that her friend from the night before is a co-worker, and even worse, her boss.

At the point of watching, this was winning my poll, and all I can say is thanks guys and gals!  :cheers:
An excellent way to start a series, characters constructed with belief and artistry, touches of humour, drama and suspense.
This show appears gripping right off the bat. Well written, well acted and crafted to hook the viewer.
The strength of any series for me are the characters, and this is jam packed full of quality roles. George is funny with no idea with the ladies. Meredith a strong main character, and her relationship with Shepard will be interesting to watch develop. Miranda (Hitler) looks like a character I will enjoy watching.
Overall a great start, and is now at the top of my 'must see more' pile.
Only concern is how skinny Ellen Pompeo looks - is she anorexic??

(From My PILOT Marathon on May 18th, 2008)