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Member's Reviews

Frailty, a review by Jimmy

Title : Frailty (2001)

Years after terrorizing a small Texas community, the God's Hand Killer has returned - leaving in his wake a perplexing trail of fear and death. Convinced that he knows the killer's identity, Fenton Meiks shows up at FBI Headquarters, intent on putting an end to the murderous rampage and relieving his conscience of his family's sinister secrets.

My Impression
Since I know what is waiting for me later, I've decided to watch one movie that I like a lot this morning. This one is the best blind buy that I've ever bought. Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton and even the 2 kids are really great in this. The story is perfect and the end is impredictable (at least it was for me). I don't know if it was the first movie directed by Paxton or if he have directed anything else but I'm really impress. The movie is even scarier when we think that some crazy guy like this exist and are free.
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The movie that I recommand the most in this marathon at this time  :thumbup:

Rating :

Number of film watch : 22

(From My October Horror Marathon on October 11th, 2008)

Member's Reviews

Spellbound, a review by Jon

Spellbound (1945)
3 out of 5

The chief doctor (Leo G. Carroll) of Green Manors Mental Asylum has been forced to step down. His replacement, the young Dr. Edwardes (Gregory Peck) is not all what he seems. Dr. Constance Peterson (Ingrid Bergman) cannot help but fall in love with him, despite realising he is not the real Dr. Edwardes, but an amnesiac imposter who may be guilty of murder.

(From Alfred Hitchcock Marathon on June 15th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

Smallville Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Season 7: Disc 4

13. HERO
Look who's back. Clark is thrilled to catch up with Pete Ross, his old school pal. And he's dismayed to discover Pete has acquired a meteor power that could leave him vulnerable to exploiters like Lex.

My Thoughts:
This is a good episode. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was good to see Pete Ross back... been too long without him. I still hope to see him on the show again before it is all over. One thing I have to say about this episode. I don't think they could be more obvious about product placing then they are here. Talk about going overboard.

My Rating:


My Thoughts:
This is a good episode. We now have Supergirl/Kara back. It also makes you wonder if Lionel really is good now or not.

My Rating:


My Thoughts:
This is a pretty good episode. Though not as good as the last few. For some reason this one just didn't really hold my interest as much.

My Rating:

Lex is driven to discover the secret of Veritas, even if it sets his life on a path of no redemption...even if it means the murder of someone near to him. Another killer also surfaces, a mysterious figure who may be determined to protect Clark's secret.

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed this one. It ios time to say goodbye to one of the main cast. Shame... I always liked the character whether he was playing a good guy, a bad guy or if you just weren't sure.

My Rating:

(From Smallville Marathon on January 13th, 2010)