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Member's Reviews

Look, Up In The Sky!: The Amazing Story of Superman, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Look, Up In The Sky!: The Amazing Story of Superman
Year: 2006
Director: Kevin Burns (1955)
Rating: NR
Length: 110 Min.
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital: 5.1
Subtitles: French

Kevin Spacey
Gerard Jones
Forrest J Ackerman
Elliot S! Maggin
Mark Hamill
Mark Waid

From comic books to radio shows. From TV to blockbuster motion pictures.

For nearly seventy years, the Man of Steel has delighted generations of fans and helped define the meaning of the word "hero." This definitive telling of the Superman saga traces the character's humble beginnings all the way up to his emergence as the world's mightiest pop culture icon. Includes rare footage, outtakes and exclusive interviews. Also includes a behind-the-scenes look and a special sneak peek at Superman Returns. No matter if you're a movie fan or just a Superman fan - this is the adventure you've been waiting for!

Scene Access
Bonus Trailers
Closed Captioned

My Thoughts:
Watched this today for Jackie Cooper's birthday. As I felt like something from Superman but watched and reviewed all the Superman movies more then once here already... so really didn't feel like one of the movies. Plus I haven't seen this documentary since it first came out. Jackie Cooper only had one brief interview in this... but there were also several clips of him from the movies.

This is a good documentary on the Superman mythology. Starting from the very beginning of when the two 16yr old boys had their original idea for him... bringing us to pretty much current times. Covering everything from comic books to radio to television to movies. While I did like it... I could almost say it covered too much as I did start to tire of it towards the end a little. But it is enjoyable. And it was good to see some of the actors as they are now... especially the ones from the older shows. Worth watching... but don't think it is something that can be watched all that often. Unlike how I am with the movies.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Addicted2DVD's September Birthday Marathon on September 15th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

The Joys of Jezebel, a review by Jimmy

Title : The Joys of Jezebel (1970)

Dead for a week, bad girl Jezebel can't enjoy the pleasures of Hell until she first gets revenge on the man who killed her. So she makes a deal with The Devil: he'll let her return topside providing she finds a soul to replace hers. In fact, Lucifer suggests the soul of Rachel (Dixie Donovan), a buxom airhead who happens to be a virgin. Presto-change-o, Jezebel and Rachel swap bodies resulting in Rachel acting like a slut above while Jezebel behaves bashfully below... Full of writhing bodies and sinning souls, THE JOYS OF JEZEBEL is a witty sex fantasy from the creative team of David F. Friedman (The Erotic Adventures of Zorro) and Peter Perry (The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill). And, hey, who knew Hell was so psychedelic?

My Impression
I was affraid that after two more "mainstream" movies everybody would think that my library of weird film was at an end. Don't worry I've many unknown movies never reviewed here in my collection that just wait to be  ;)

This one is a David Friedman production and a part of his costume sexploitation films. Many of them are really good like Trader Hornee, The Erotic Adventures of Zorro and The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill, but Jezabel is not one of those. Even if Christine Murray is the first bill actress in it  :yahoo: she doesn't have a lot of screen time :weep:. In fact the real star in this is Dixie Donovan since they swap their body and, even if miss Donovan is really beautifull and sexy as hell, she can't act (contrary to Christine Murray who is a really good actress). I like how the Hell is represented (if this isn't a false representation, I reserve my place right now :devil:). Many characters from the bible are there and I understand why Eve and Goliath are there, but I have no idea why the King Solomon is there (maybe someone knowing is bible more than me could explain why to me). Another thing there is an error in IMDB the Christopher Stone playing Lucifer isn't the well known Christopher Stone.

Rating :

(From My Alphabet Marathon Review on November 10th, 2008)

Member's TV Reviews

"Stargate SG-1" Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

Disc 4

The Road Not Taken
Synopsis: Sam is accidentally catapulted into an alternate universe. There Atlantis has never been found, Landry is president and has declared martial law and the Ori are going to attack soon. Sam agrees to help them if she's allowed to return home after that.

My Opinion: The very first alternate reality we've ever encountered (There But For the Grace of God was overrun by enemies. Yet almost always the people in these alternate realities were as noble as the ones in our world or they've been extremely desperate (Ripple Effect). This time we've actually seen a world where the people had to make hard choices but these choices changed them dramatically. That we aren't immune to this was proven in Absolute Power, still I am glad that Sam's back.

The Shroud
Synopsis: SG-1 captures a Prior - it's Daniel. With the help of Merlin he was able to deceive Adria and could present to her a plan in which another plan is hidden. But for this to work SG-1 has to disable the Supergate - it all depends on whether Daniel is telling the truth.

My Opinion: This episode was well written, until the very end the question of Daniel's allegiance had remained open. The Prior make-up did look cool on Daniel and I had fun seeing Jack again. I believe Daniel is in the lead again when it comes to the "race" against Jack on whose body had to endure more (implanted symbiote, ascended, knowledge of the Ancients loaded into the brain, rewritten DNA, ...). ;)

Synopsis: After SG-1 has sabotaged another crop transport, Netan of the Lucian Alliance puts a price on their heads. Although they are scattered all over the USA, they all have the same problem suddenly: bounty hunters.

My Opinion: I liked this episode very much, too. Especially Vala who spiced up the class reunion considerably. And who could be surprised by the fact that she knew the bounty hunter. ;)
What I find interesting regarding series and movies is the fact that trains and busses either don't stop at all after they've ran something or someone over or they start to brake only after they've hit it. That leaves the question if they drive only by hearing. The bounty hunter was standing there for quite some time. I am of course aware that it is a stylistic device, but: A train that approaches a car standing on the tracks, blows a horn, runs the car over and drives away as if nothing had happened (Back to the Future III)?!

Bad Guys
Synopsis: SG-1 is arriving directly in a museum that is visited by members of the administration. They are immediately mistaken for rebels. After the shootings have stopped they find themselves in the roles of hostage-takers.

My Opinion: Daniel shouldn't switch to taking hostages as a primary occupation that would be a very short career. ;D Really cool was that Teal'c understood the cultural reference ("We've got ourselves a John McClane here.") better than Daniel. Such kind of knowledge doesn't find one in ancient egyptian scrolls. But I noticed that some of the team members aren't appearing for complete episodes. First Daniel has been gone for two episodes, then Teal'c and Vala haven't been seen in an episode and now Sam is away. On the other hand they have to create screen time for five people now.

(From "Stargate SG-1" Marathon on May 3rd, 2008)