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Member's Reviews

Roxie Hart, a review by Antares

Roxie Hart (1942) 75/100 - Lots of fun and surprises in this film. First, I didn't realize that this was directed by William A. Wellman, a director known more for his drama films. Also, I didn't know that this was the inspiration for the musical Chicago. Ginger Rogers, an actress I'm embarrassed to say I don't know or have seen many films by, is outstanding in the title role. At times, she kind of goes over the top a bit, but the character tends to lend itself to being flamboyant, so it works. Wellman does an adequate job with the material and the pacing, but I kind of wonder what this film would have been like if say Preston Sturges or Howard Hawks had directed it. I think it would probably be better remembered today, alongside the more famous screwball comedies of the era.

What the color coding means...

Teal = Masterpiece
Dark Green = Classic or someday will be
Lime Green = A good, entertaining film
Orange = Average
Red = Cinemuck
Brown = The color of crap, which this film is

(From Antares' Short Summations on September 25th, 2013)

Member's Reviews

Halloween, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Halloween
Movie Count: 13
TV Ep Count: 2
Time Started: 8:30am
Fifteen years ago, Michael Myers brutally massacred his sister. Now, after escaping from a mental hospital, he's back to relive his grisly crime again, and again...and again..

My Thoughts:
This is of course a classic horror that I must watch every year around this time. I normally like to save the Halloween movies for Halloween day... but the urge hit me really early this month. I am planning on saving at least 1 (of the 4) that I have for Halloween day. This is of course the one that started it all... and finding out from one of the featurettes on the disc... a movie that was shot very quickly and cheaply. You would never know it watching the movie. I feel they all did an awesome job on this movie!/b]

(From Month-Long Horror/Halloween Marathon on October 5th, 2007)

Member's TV Reviews

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Season 5: Disc 1

An uneasy encounter with the legendary Count Dracula leaves Buffy desiring to learn more about herself and thus asking Giles to once again be her Watcher.

My Thoughts:
This is another of my all time favorite episodes. It is an episode you knew from the beginning of the series that they just had to do!.. and I think they did a great job with it. I think Nicholas Brendon (Xander) played his part in this episode perfectly... to the point of stealing the show. He was just hilarious in it. I also had to laugh when Giles wanted to jump back into the pit with the 3 sister vampires.

As Dawn begins a journal recounting her life with the Slayer, she encounters a madman who tells her she "doesn't belong" and a group of vampires led by Harmony.

My Thoughts:
Another good episode to introduce the character Dawn... Buffy's little sister. When I got my very first look at Dawn I thought it was going to be too big of a change and was the beginning of the end of the series... but I was proven wrong. I found myself really liking her from her very first episode. Though it did take me a little getting used to the whole idea of who she was and how she was just added the way she was.

When Xander blocks a Toth demon's magical blast from hitting Buffy, he wakes up the next day to find a doppelganger has taken over his life.

My Thoughts:
More of a fun episode then anything else... Nicholas Brendan once again gets to show off his talent.

As Riley's friends beg him to see a medical specialist at Sunnydale General hospital, Harmony and Spike kidnap the same specialist with hopes he can remove Spike's chip.

My Thoughts:
This is a decent episode..  not one of my favorites... It is more of an episode to tie up some loose ends from last seasons main story line.

(From Buffy the Vampire Slayer Marathon on November 23rd, 2007)