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Member's Reviews

Live and Let Die, a review by Rich

Live and Let Die

Roger Moore makes his first appearance as "Bond...James Bond" in 1973's Live and Let Die. Bond is dispatched to the States to stem the activities of Mr. Big (Yaphet Kotto), who plans to take over the Western Hemisphere by converting everyone into heroin addicts. The woman in the case is Solitaire (Jane Seymour in her movie debut), an enigmatic interpreter of tarot cards. The obligatory destructive-chase sequence occurs at the film's midpoint, with Bond being chased in a motorboat by Mr. Big's henchmen, slashing his way through the marshlands and smashing up a wedding party. Clifton James makes the first of several Bond appearances as redneck sheriff Pepper, while Geoffrey Holder is an enthusiastic secondary villain. The title song, written by Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney, provides the frosting on this 007 confection

Top notch film, a young Roger Moore plays Bond as more of a dirty dog, bedding a multitude of women, suave, sophisticated and full of witty one-liners. His apprenticeship as Simon Templar helped carve his character, and it was a breath of fresh air following the last 2 007 movies.
So many memorable scenes and aspects in one movie, alligator hopping, speedboat chase, voodoo ceremony, Louisiana sherriff who is a riot, a curvy Jane Seymour, the train fight with claw handed man.
Connery would do Moore in a scrap, and that is the only negative I have with the eyebrow aching Moore taking the role - he isn't quite hard enough.
But for a film, it is one of my favourite 007 releases despite its straying from Flemings book in so many ways.

(From Riches Random Reviews on March 16th, 2009)

Member's Reviews

The Beastmaster, a review by addicted2dvd

    The Beastmaster (1982/United States)
IMDb |Trailer |Wikipedia |
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director:Don Coscarelli
Writing:Don Coscarelli (Writer), Paul Pepperman (Writer)
Length:118 min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
Audio:English: Dolby Digital: 2-Channel Stereo

Marc Singer as Dar
Tanya Roberts as Kiri
Rip Torn as Maax
John Amos as Seth
Josh Milrad as Tal
Rod Loomis as Zed

The prince of a family slaughtered by lords of evil, Dar must embark on a perilous journey to seek his revenge against a villainous priest.

  • None

My Thoughts:
This is a on a cheap Echo Bridge DVD I got at a grocery store recently called Fantasy Adventure: 4 Films Collector's Set. 4 movies on 1 single side DVD for only $2.99. So going into it I wasn't expecting much of anything quality wise.  Of course no extras at all... not even a scene select menu. When I picked this one up I couldn't remember for sure if I seen any of the films before. Turns out in this case as I was watching it I remember I have seen it before. But it has been many years! The movie itself is pretty good... not what I would call a great movie... but I definitely enjoyed it. As for the quality... I was honestly expecting worse. But still wasn't great. Reminded me of the old VHS days. So it is watchable... but nothing special. At least it was in Widescreen.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Weekend Movie Marathon: Unwatched DVDs on June 23rd, 2013)

Member's TV Reviews

My PILOT Marathon, a review by Rich

The Simpsons - Series 1

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
It is up to Homer to save Christmas, when bonuses are cut at the nuclear power plant and Marge is forced to use the Christmas savings on an emergency.

Interesting to revisit such a successful series as the Simpsons and view its starting point. The winning formula is evident from the pilot, the animation and production may be certainly slicker now, but little has changed in the humour and feel of the show.
I will never be the biggest fan of the show, they were and are purchased for my son, but I respect how and why this programme is so popular.
As a pilot, it did a good job introducing all the major characters, their roles in the show, and the many nuances that have become so familiar over the years.

(From My PILOT Marathon on September 19th, 2009)