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Member's Reviews

L'Age d'or, a review by Danae Cassandra

L'Age d'orOverview:My Thoughts:
Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for this film. It's a series of vignettes, loosely strung together by following a man and woman who can't seem to manage to get enough privacy to have sex. There's a cow in the bed. She fellates a statue's toes and french kisses her father. It just gets weirder from there. It's a surrealist film, a collaboration with Salvador Dali, so that's not surprising. I didn't really enjoy it, and I usually appreciate this sort of thing, so I'll give it another try later on. Definitely not for those who want a linear story.

Bechdel Test: Fail

Overall: 2.5/5

(From March Around the World 2016 on April 7th, 2016)

Member's Reviews

Singing Detective, a review by Rich

Singing Detective

The switch of backdrop from UK to USA, the reduced running time, the lack of Michael Gambon in the lead, all diminished this movie in comparison to the brilliant original BBC series.
However with Potter having written this simpler screenplay, and if you had not watched the original, this movie is not bad and would stand alone as an interesting piece directed by Gibson. Downey does his best in the lead, but never seems to manage to portray the pain, desperation and psychologically damaged mind that the disease has brought Dan Dark.
Gibson (with amazing makeup) does a great job as the psychiatrist, and a solid supporting cast do their best with a tricky storyline. A big downer for me was the music, which for some reason had been switched to the 50's and didn't work?
Moving, dark and comic all rolled into one.

**Carla Gugino mini-marathon

(From Riches Random Reviews on August 7th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's Random Star Trek Reviews, a review by Tom

Season 3.18 Azati Prime
Writer: Manny Coto (Screenwriter), Rick Berman (Original Material By), Brannon Braga (Original Material By), Manny Coto (Original Material By)
Director: Allan Kroeker
Cast: Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer), John Billingsley (Dr, Phlox), Jolene Blalock (T'Pol), Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed), Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather), Linda Park (Hoshi Sato), Connor Trinneer (Charles "Trip" Tucker III), Matt Winston (Daniels), Randy Oglesby (Degra), Scott MacDonald (Reptilian Commander), Tucker Smallwood (Xindi-Humanoid), Rick Worthy (Xindi-Arboreal), Christopher Goodman (Thalen)

This episode has a short scene where Archer gets pulled 400 years into the future. Nothing special though. I find the storyline with the Xindi boring.


(From Tom's Random Star Trek Reviews on October 16th, 2013)