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Member's Reviews

Maniac Cop 2, a review by GSyren

TitleManiac Cop 2 (827058-704397)
DirectorWilliam Lustig
ActorsRobert Davi, Claudia Christian, Michael Lerner, Bruce Campbell, Laurene Landon
Produced1990 in United States
Runtime87 minutes
AudioEnglish DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, English Dolby Digital EX 5.1 (Matrixed 6.1), English Dolby Digital Dolby Surround, Music Only DTS-HD Master Audio 2-Channel Stereo, Commentary Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
SubtitlesChinese, Danish, English, French, German, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish
OverviewThe "Maniac Cop" is back from the dead and stalking the streets of New York once more. Officer Matt Cordell was once a hero, but after being framed by corrupt superiors and brutally assaulted in prison, he sets out on a macabre mission of vengeance, teaming up with a vicious serial killer to track down those that wronged him and make them pay...with their lives!

Robert Davi (LICENSE TO KILL), Claudia Christian (THE HIDDEN), Michael Lerner (BARTON FINK), Laurene Landon (HUNDRA), Leo Rossi (HALLOWEEN II), Robert Z'Dar (TANGO & CASH), Charles Napier (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS), and Bruce Campbell (THE EVIL DEAD) star in this chilling, action-packed sequel written by Larry Cohen (IT'S ALIVE) and directed by William Lustig (MANIAC). Featuring a brand-new 4K High Definition transfer from the original camera negative, this definitive presentation of MANIAC COP 2 comes packed with exclusive Extras!
My thoughtsopening The Wild Bunch.

If you enjoyed the original Maniac Cop, then this one should be a no-brainer.
My rating4 out of 5

(From Reviews and ramblings by Gunnar on December 15th, 2013)

Member's Reviews

Only Yesterday, a review by dfmorgan


Title: Only Yesterday
Original Title: Omohide poro poro
Year: 1991
Director: Isao Takahata
Rating: PG
Length: 114 Min.
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
Audio: Japanese: Dolby Digital: Dolby Surround
Subtitles: English

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My Thoughts:

It is 1982 and Taeko, a 27 year old office worker from Tokyo, has always dreamt of traveling to the countryside for holidays like many of her school friends did every year. She managed it for the first time last year, by staying with her sisters in-laws at their farm, and is to do the same this year. Whilst packing she reminisces of her time at home and school in 1966 when she was ten. The memories continue during the journey and after she has arrived and is working on the farm. Some of the memories tell of trials and tribulations she had and are told to her brother-in-laws friends and family to highlight an event, others are to give a background to Taeko. Memories of first love, disappointments etc. All the while they are helping her to discover herself.

A nice gentle tale of a young woman and how she finds herself. Not too everyones taste but I find this to be well told and enjoyable. The memories are highlighted within the film by having a slight pastel colouring to the scenes rather than the bright colours that are used for the current day Taeko.

As I stated in my My Neighbour Totoro review this film is the only film from the initial agreement with Studio Ghibli that Disney have not released. My understanding, from the interweb and places such as, is that Disney have a major problem with a sequence within the film. Disney apparently asked permission to cut the sequence out completely but Studio Ghibli reiterated that the agreement clearly states No Cuts. Disney then asked whether they could reword the sequence and Studio Ghibli said that it was part of the agreement that Disney could reword sections to allow for the difference in cultures but they could not change the meaning. Disney therefore decided not to release this title. That is the background and the problem sequence is:-

In one of the reminisces Taeko goes back to a Sex Education class the girls had where they were taught about Periods and Menstrual Panties. The boys find out about this lesson and take the mickey out the girls and look up their skirts to see what panties the girls were wearing that day. The boys also expressed fear of catching Periods if the girls who were missing PE touched the ball.

As a "family" company Disney felt that they couldn't show this sequence. It has been pointed out that Disney, if they so wished, could release the film on one of their more adult lines, e.g. Touchstone, but Disney have so far chosen to keep this film from the American public. There is an on-line petition, links at, but in 5 years nothing has come of it. The television channel Turner Classic Movies has shown the film a few times in America and it apparently is high on their request for repeats charts. Luckily Madman Entertainment, Australia, and Optimum Releasing, UK, also had an agreement with both Disney and Studio Ghibli to take whichever version was available and Madman obtained a version from Studio Ghibli that they and Optimum had subtitled, deciding that dubbing to the standard of Disney would cost too much and they both released this version in their respective countries.

My rating is a gentle 4


In fact there is another film that Disney have yet to release but that wasn't part of the initial agreement and the lack of release was out of Disney's hands. Tales from Earthsea hasn't been released because The Sci-Fi Channel owned the TV, film and video rights to Earthsea. These rights have now expired and Disney should be releasing Tales from Earthsea to cinemas in the US this August.

(From dfmorgan's Studio Ghibli Marathon on June 30th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's TV Finales marathon, a review by Tom

    The Office: Season Nine (2012/United States)
IMDb | Wikipedia

(United States)
Length:0 min.
Audio:English: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles:English, Spanish

Join the Scranton gang for the ninth and final season of the groundbreaking, Primetime Emmyr Award-winning hit series, The Office. Andy's back in charge as regional manager at Dunder Mifflin, but a journey of self-discovery leads to unexpected consequences. Jim lands the job of his dreams, but he and Pam must now adjust to a long-distance relationship. Meanwhile, Dwight steps up on the family farm; Darrel looks at new career opportunities; and Erin struggles with matters of the heart. And... everyone is excited to finally see the long awaited documentary about their lives in the office, an event nine years in the making.

The Office
Season 9.23 Finale

The final season of The Office was a let down for me. The series has been one of my favorites, but it went on now too long until they didn't have any good ideas anymore. Some of the characters became a joke. Especially Andy this last season.
The finale itself was okay. I enjoyed it. Luckily the last season dealt a little with the airing of the documentary. And this last episode is set one year after the documentary has aired. Maybe it would have been better, if the documentary would have started airing toward the beginning of this season, and we could have seen the cast dealing with impact throughout the season.

(From Tom's TV Finales marathon on January 25th, 2014)