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Member's Reviews

Lady Frankenstein, a review by Jimmy

Title : Lady Frankenstein (1971)

Dr. Frankenstein and his daughter are experimenting with the re-animation of tissue and create a hideous monster that kills the doctor and escape into the countryside. The daughter, undaunted by her father's failure, goes to medical school to gain the necessary skills to continue her father's work. Upon her return, she and her father's former assistant create a new creature by placing the assistant brain into the body of a simple-minded, brawny handyman. Things become complicated when the first creature returns to finish exacting his revenge by killing the doctor's daughter and assistant.

My Impression
For this one the problem is the version available and this is the same print in every PD release, this is the cut version of it and almost 10 minutes are missing. Sadly the complete version doesn't exist actually on dvd anywhere in the world,. I know that an European label was working on it last year, but I didn't get an update on this since february (just hope that the project is not dead).

This is a good update story of Frankenstein with an european twist on it and you know that I like those movies ;D. For those who don't know, since we had some new people here, it means that a lot of nudity is add (not that much this is the cut version). I like the look of the monster in it (evidently not the "Universal Frankenstein Monster" since his look is copyrighted) and the fact that his face burn when the lightning strike add a touch of "reality". I can really comment on the acting since this movie is dub and not really well. But, Rosalba Neri is as beautifull than ever and we can see the emotions in her eyes. For the completist Joseph Cotten play the Baron Frankenstein in this film. The 19th century recreation is well done too.

I like this film, but I recommand to wait the release of the complete italian version of it.   
Rating :

Number of film watch : 46

(From My October Horror Marathon on October 28th, 2008)

Member's Reviews

Dragonheart, a review by DJ Doena

Dennis Quaid    ...    Bowen
David Thewlis   ...    King Einon
Pete Postlethwaite   ...    Gilbert of Glockenspur
Dina Meyer   ...    Kara
Jason Isaacs   ...    Lord Felton
Brian Thompson   ...    Brok

Synopsis: When the young prince Einon is dying, his mother persuades a dragon to give him half his heart. Although Einon has been taught about the old ways both by his mother and his sword teacher Bowen he becomes as ruthless as his father was. Bowen blames the dragon and becomes a dragon slayer. But then he meets Draco, the last of his kind. Then they take the fight to Einon because Draco has also a score to settle with him.

My Opinion: Sean Connery has done a marvellous job in voicing Draco (although the german voice of Mario Adorf isn't that bad either) and Dennis Quaid is a great knight of the old ways. I enjoyed it very much and often forgot that Draco is "just an animation". Funny thing is, this was the first time I ever saw David Thewlis and when he was cast as Remus Lupin in Harry Potter I was sceptical (because he was a bad guy here) but it worked very well (the fact that I don't like the third Harry Potter movie that much aside).

(From The "What I watch when I don't watch TV shows" thread on June 20th, 2008)

Member's TV Reviews

Miracles Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Miracles Marathon

2. The Friendly Skies
Paranormal investigators Paul Callan, Alva Keel and Evelyn Santos try to determine why a commercial airplane temporarily disappeared from radar - and why, during those unaccountable moments, the flight's passengers actually experienced their innermost thoughts, fears and fantasies.

Guest Stars:
Ann Cusack
Ashley Edner
Christopher Cousins

My Thoughts:
This is a pretty good episode. But definitely not a favorite. I found it to be a bit on the slow side. Some of the early episodes are a bit hit and miss. This one just happened to be a miss for me.

My Rating:

(From Miracles Marathon on December 22nd, 2009)