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Member's Reviews

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , a review by Tom

     Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937/United States)
IMDb | Wikipedia

Walt Disney Home Entertainment (United Kingdom)
Director:David Hand
Length:83 min.
Video:Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio:English: DTS-HD High Resolution 7.1, Hindi: Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1, Italian: DTS 5.1, Spanish: DTS 5.1, Dutch: DTS 5.1
Subtitles:Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish


Academy Award (1938)  Special Award (Walt Disney)
AFI (1937)  100 Years... 100 Movies (1998)
AFI (1937)  100 Years... 100 Movies (2007)
AFI (1937)  100 Years... 100 Songs (2004) ("Song": Some Day My Prince Will Come)
Academy Award (1937)  Best Music, Scoring (Leigh Harline (Score), Walt Disney Studio Music Department, Frank Churchill (Score), Paul J. Smith (Score))
AFI (1937)  100 Years... 100 Songs (2004) ("Song": Whistle While You Work)

  • Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Featurettes
  • Music Videos
  • Scene Access

My Thoughts:
Disney's first feature film and even after almost 75 years the animation still holds up. It's flawless. The movie isn't much dialog-driven, but by the score which is constantly accompanying the animation.


(From Tom's Random Reviews on June 11th, 2011)

Member's Reviews

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, a review by DJ Doena

Sean Astin    ...    Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee
Orlando Bloom   ...    Legolas Greenleaf
Billy Boyd   ...    Peregrin 'Pippin' Took
Brad Dourif   ...    Grima Wormtongue
Bernard Hill   ...    Theoden
Bruce Hopkins   ...    Gamling
Christopher Lee   ...    Saruman the White
Ian McKellen   ...    Gandalf
Dominic Monaghan   ...    Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck
Viggo Mortensen   ...    Aragorn
Miranda Otto   ...    Eowyn
Craig Parker   ...    Haldir
John Rhys-Davies   ...    Gimli / Voice of Treebeard
Andy Serkis   ...    Gollum
Liv Tyler   ...    Arwen
Karl Urban   ...    Eomer
David Wenham   ...    Faramir
Elijah Wood   ...    Frodo Baggins

Synopsis: The fellowship has broken. Frodo and Sam are looking for a path into Mordor and they get unexpected help in the form of Gollum who has been a ring-bearer for nearly 500 years before Bilbo Baggins got the ring. But the enemy does not know this. Saruman thinks Merry and Pippin have it and his Uruk-Hai are bringing them to Isengard. Aragorn, Gimli and and Legolas are following them and they get also unexpected help. And they need it dearly since Saruman is unleashing his armies onto the kingdom of Rohan.

My Opinion: Of all the music in the LOTR

(From DJ Doena's movie watchings 2009 on October 4th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

"Due South" marathon, a review by Tom

1.08 Chigaco Holiday - Part 2 (1994-11-17)
Writer: Paul Haggis (Created By), Jeff King (Writer), Paul Haggis (Writer)
Director: Lyndon Chubbuck
Cast: Paul Gross (Constable Benton Fraser), David Marciano (Detective Ray Vecchio), Beau Starr (Lt. Harding Welsh), Daniel Kash (Detective Louis Gardino), Tony Craig (Detective Jack Huey), Catherine Bruhier (Elaine), Lisa Jakub (Christina Nichols), Stacy Haiduk (Janice DeLuca), Ron Lea (Mr. Nichols), Deborah Rennard (Medical Examiner), Peter Williams (Gerome), Holly Cole Trio (Themselves), Stephen Shellen (Eddie Beets), Marvin Ishmael (Niffug), Beth Amos (Mrs. McGuffin), Kevin Rushton (Henry), Tannis Burnett (Dominatrix), Kelly Proctor (Janus), David Rosser (Quigly)

I didn't like this second part very much. It was rather boring to me.


(From "Due South" marathon on July 10th, 2009)