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Member's Reviews

Don't Look Down, a review by addicted2dvd

Don't Look Down
One fateful day, as Carla's boyfriend snapped photos, Carla's sister fell through the loose railing and plummeted over a cliff to a tragic death. Ever since, Carlahas been haunted by visions of her angry sister blaming her. As a result, Carla has developed an unnatural and paralyzing fear of heights.

To overcome her acrophobia, she joins a support group. But when the support group members start getting killed one by one, Carla begins to suspect her sister's accident was no accident - and that she has been the real target all along.

My Thoughts:
This was a 1998 TV Movie. It is a good movie... I really did enjoy it. I wouldn't say it is really that scary... but it does have a bit of an effect on me since I do have a touch of a fear of heights. Unfortunately this DVD has no extras what so ever.

(From Wes Craven Marthon on July 26th, 2007)

Member's Reviews

Growing Up Brady, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Growing Up Brady
Year: 2000
Director: Richard A. Colla
Rating: PG-13
Length: 88 Min.
Video: Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital: 2-Channel Stereo
Subtitles: N/A

Adam Brody
Kaley Cuoco
Rebeccah Bush
Kaitlin Cullum
Ricky Ullman
Carly Schroeder

Remember them? The Dad, Mom, and six kids that were The Brady Bunch, whose clean-cut but chaotic lives and hilarious domestic mayhem made them the most popular TV sitcom family of the 1970s?

This fabulous new biopic, based on the memoirs of actor Barry Williams (Greg Brady), reveals the behind-the-scenes truth about what really happened: the legendary off-screen battles between Robert Reed (Mike Brady) and the show's real daddy, series creator Sherwood Schwartz; Barry's date with his screen Mom; his relationship with 'sister' Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) and the ultimate question - did they or didn't they? You'll laugh and cry along with them all as the meteoric rise to international TV stardom brings happiness and heartbreak in a moving story of what the rocky road to fame is really like.

Scene Access
Closed Captioned

My Thoughts:
I bought this one more because I am a Kaley Cuoco fan then I am a Brady Bunch fan. It does seem I enjoy the series more now then I did when I was a kid... I know it is a very odd thing... I don't understand it myself. Maybe it is just a strong nostalgic thing.

Anyway... in this TV movie Kaley Cuoco plays Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady). This movie was made 10 years ago so she does look a bit younger in this one. After all going by imdb... Kaley was only 15 at the time of making this movie.. wow... that is my daughter's age. It was odd though... in some scenes I actually saw Maureen McCormick in her. But in other scenes all I could see  is Kaley Cuoco.

I like that this was off the book written by Barry Williams (Greg)... it makes you feel you can believe at least a big part of it. And I learned a lot of things I didn't realize before... like the fact that the Brady Kids actually went on tour as a musical group. I was surprised that this movie didn't even touch on the trips they went on for the vacation episode... like the Grand Canyon and Hawaii. Over-all I found the movie to be both interesting and fun... so I am glad I picked it up.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Weekend Movie Marathon: Unwatched DVDs on November 6th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

Season 6

Disc 1

A Time to Stand
Synopsis: The war has been going on for three months and the Federation had to take heavy losses. But the minefield is still in place and seemingly unbreachable. Starfleet developes a plan to destroy the Ketracel-White supplies of the Dominion. Without the drug the Jem'Hadar won't be able to fight anymore. Sisko takes a commandeered Jem'Hadar ship behind enemy lines to accomplish the task.

My Opinion: This is the beginning of a six-part arc, it's the first time on Star Trek that they did something longer than a two-parter. While Sisko's mission was interesting it also was "just another mission". I found it more interesting to observe how the different characters on the station behaved. And I liked how Jake tried to be a reporter and how he and Weyoun discussed the "freedom of the press" in times like these.

Rocks and Shoals
Synopsis: Sisko's heavily damaged ship crashes on a planet in an uncharted nebula. Most of the crew survives but now they are stranded with no means of communication. And they have another problem: They are not the first to crash there. A group of Jem'Hadar and their Vorta leader are also there and the Jem'Hadar are running low on White which makes them all the more dangerous. On DS9 Terok Nor life goes on. Kira works within the military hierarchy of the Dominion (Dukat has taken command of the station again) and Odo is a member of the ruling council. But that all changes when some Bajorans begin to demonstrate against (what they feel is) the occupation.

My Opinion: It's seems that you can't genetically engineer certain attributes together in the same DNA. The Vorta are cunning and shifty and good negotiators but at the same time they aren't as nearly as loyal to the Dominion as the Jem'Hadar. I liked it how Sisko tried to prevent the bloodshed and although they are the enemy it was a bit sad that the Jem'Hadar had to be slaughtered. But Keevan (the Vorta) will get was he deserves in a later episode.

Sons and Daughters
Synopsis: Alexander Rozhenko - Worf's son - starts as crew member abourd the IKS Rotarran and Worf has to deal with him, since he is the XO of that ship. But Alexander and Worf have never been close and until now Alexander denied his heritage as a klingon warrior. So why is he there? Meanwhile Dukat has brought Ziyal back from Bajor and to the station.

My Opinion: It was nice to see Alexander again whom we haven't seen in nearly four years. And I also liked that they didn't make him suddenly into the perfect warrior. I also liked how Ziyal tried to re-create the triangle relation between her, her father and Kira. But this time it had to fail and it was good that Kira didn't continue this absurd charade.

This was the second episode that was cut due to the BBFC. About 20 seconds are missing at the end where the three Klingons conducted their hand cutting ritual.

Behind the Lines
Synopsis: Quark learns that Damar (Dukat's second) has found a way to disable the minefield and Rom (who designed it) confirms that this could work. The resistance cell (consisting of Kira, Odo, Rom, Leeta & Jake) plans to sabotage the station. But then the female founder comes to the station and that changes everything. Meanwhile Sisko was promoted to Admiral Ross's assistant and Dax takes over the command of the Defiant and she takes it to a very dangerous mission.

My Opinion: This episode was an average one until short before the end. When I first watched it I expected that maybe not everything was going as planned but that they would succeed eventually. It really surprised me that Odo let them down just to get into a link with the other shapeshifter. But that makes the situation aboard the station all the more interesting.

(From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Marathon on February 21st, 2009)