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Member's Reviews

Art of the Devil, a review by Jimmy

Title : Art of the Devil (2004)

In modern-day Thailand, witchcraft is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, there are dire consequences if you do. When a millionaire spurns his pregnant mistress, she places a deadly curse on his entire family. Soon, each family member dies in a decidedly brutal fashion. The police are puzzled. But an observant and open-minded reporter might be just the guy to unlock the mystery. This absolutely relentless Thai thriller, making its American DVD debut, boasts enough gruesome and shocking imagery for ten horror films.

My Impression
Very different than the usual Asian movie that we are used to. This one as written in the overview deal with the world of curse and witchcraft. This is very good movie, even if the subtitles are a little bit fast and hard to set in Power DVD. The film start when the story is already in progress and you sure don't understand what happen, but the story will be reveal piece by piece untill it rejoins the point where it had started. In this film it's hard to not understand why the person responsible of the curse is at fault, the father of this familly has really mistreated her, in fact her fault is that she overeact and the word is even weak. The acting seems ok (it's not easy to judge when a movie isn't in a language you understand).

Another Asian winner.... 

Rating :

(From Jimmy's 2009 Horror Marathon on October 12th, 2009)

Member's Reviews

Horrible Bosses , a review by Jon

Horrible Bosses ****

Year: 2011
Director: Seth Gordon
Rating: 15

Horrible Bosses is hilarious! Properly funny, but a pretty good film all round too. That’s a difficult balance to get right in comedy as The Hangover Part II proved. That was very funny too. It was also bloody awful, treating the audience like idiots with dreadful plotting just to join one gag to another before dumping heavy handed moralising on them as well.

At least the Hangover films are about recognisable people and maybe were so successful because audiences needed a change. While Anchorman was genuinely hilarious, like all Will Ferrell and/or Ben Stiller films of recent years, they rely on ridiculous characters. That’s getting old. Meanwhile Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) seems to have lost momentum to Judd Apatow (Knocked Up) who has failed to capture the same balance of sentimental crudeness Smith was so good at. At least Will Gluck’s Easy A recaptured the teen comedy last year in superb style, and now Seth Gordon is doing the same thing for grown ups with Horrible Bosses.

It’s a winner because it starts with a funny situation, patiently builds a fiendish plot out of it, doesn’t repeat gags and there are no speeches about finding what’s important in life or some such guff. Even during the overly convenient ending, it refuses to pull punches and you’ll leave the cinema laughing, even if you rush off during the outtakes. Which you shouldn’t, because they’re hilarious too.

The plot is about three working guys fed up of their respective bosses. Jason Bateman is getting manipulated by Kevin Spacey, who is brilliantly nasty (quieter and more devious than his boss from hell role in Swimming With Sharks). Jason Sudeikis loves his job and his boss (Donald Sutherland), who suddenly dies, leaving his drug addict crazy son in charge (“fire all the fat people!”). Finally Charlie Day is suffering Jennifer Aniston’s sexual harassment, which the other two find hard to sympathise with and Aniston is looking so fantastic you may struggle to understand as well! The three guys try to hire a hitman (Jamie Foxx, with a character name I can’t begin to tell you) to kill off their bosses. He instead advises them and they try to do it Strangers On A Train style and kill each others. “Criss-Cross-Criss”, perhaps.

What I loved was how confident the film was, that it works a gag in about how they recognise their plan as being like Hitchcock’s film but mix it up with Throw Momma From The Train! Brave stuff, putting that classic spoof in the mind, but it doesn’t suffer the comparison. Later there’s another brilliant line from Foxx referencing a pretty obscure film and it’s far from obvious and works brilliantly. A movie savvy script is always fun for film nerds! It rarely goes for the predictable, has some great lines and thank goodness it isn’t more Apatow improv. I do like those, but they make for selfish characters and plots with no ambition.

All three Boss actors are having a riot. Spacey gets to do what he’s best at and he is a perfect villain, while Aniston really gets to cut loose as the filthy dentist, as does Colin Farrell who must have had great fun (look out for his awesome take on the Enter The Dragon poster). The three disgruntled employees work together well. They each have their quirks, without spoiling the character. Charlie Day could easily have been a prat-falling sidekick, but it doesn’t quite happen which is all for the better. In fact, he gets a doozy of a final scene.

There are several great sequences, particularly dropping the box of cocaine in Farrell’s house, or trying to entrap Spacey, but they largely avoid outright slapstick and rely on good banter. Some have said it’s dark, but it’s not really or at least what is there is successfully offset by genuine good nature. This isn’t Very Bad Things, which is in glorious bad taste, but it’s certainly fruitier than Office Space or 9 To 5.

This is such a refreshing and satisfying comedy. Ok, audiences don’t ask for much in this regard and just like a good laugh, but it doesn’t hurt to have something as smart as this.

(From Horrible Bosses **** on July 19th, 2011)

Member's TV Reviews

Charmed Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Disc 2:

4. Love's A Witch
Paige becomes immersed in an ongoing feud between two magical families. the Montanas and the Callaways, and attempts to bring about a truce.

My Thoughts:
This is a pretty good episode. Here we meet a guy that Paige becomes interested in as she tries to stop two family of witches from feuding.

5. My Three Witches
The Charmed Ones learn a valuable lesson in magical priorities when a Whithlighter and a demon cast them into an alternate reality.

My Thoughts:
Another good episode. The Charmed Ones get sucked into a world where their own desires comes true... but takes a tragic turn for the worse... and must find a way out.

6. Soul Survivor
Paige discovers that her new boss has sold his soul to the demon Zahn. Despite her sisters' pleas, Paige makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her boss.

My Thoughts:
This is a good... but standard episode. The storyline of Paige wanting to hand some of these magical problems on her own at times is starting to get a little old. I understand where it is coming from... where she was raised as an only child... but it kinda goes against what Charmed has ever been.

7. Sword And The City
A bevy of magical beings arrive at the manor after the Charmed Ones agree to help the Lady of the Lake protect Excalibur, the legendary Sword in the Stone.

My Thoughts:
A good episode... but a bit on the silly side. Not that it was done in a silly way... as it was done quite seriously. I just found the whole storyline a bit silly. Was more of a stand alone episode... not one that served much purpose for future episodes.

(From Charmed Marathon on July 6th, 2008)