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The Rum Diary
« on: November 13, 2011, 06:19:04 AM »
The Rum Diary

I wasn't exactly sure what this movie was about from the previews, but I wanted to see it...mostly because Johnny Depp is in it.  I have seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, though it has been several years, so I was expecting this one to be kind of bizarre too.

The plot is kind of straightforward, with Paul Kemp taking a job at a newspaper in Puerto Rico and enjoying the rum...a lot.  He meets this developer guy Sanderson and becomes obsessed with his girlfriend Chenault.  Paul ends up in some rather odd situations with Sala, a friend he makes at work.  Paul discovers some things about Sanderson and then has to decide how to deal with things.  Some of what happens doesn't make much sense at first...and a few things still don't make much sense by the end of the movie either.  That didn't bother me though since I thought the movie was really entertaining.  A few scenes show chicken fighting..something I really didn't need to see.  Thankfully, those parts aren't too graphic.

The movie is actually pretty funny.. one scene had me laughing so hard my eyes started to water.  It is funnier than I expected and probably one of the funnier movies I've seen.  Some of what happens is funny just because it is so bizarre or twisted in some way.  The humor isn't going to appeal to some people, but I think it works for the movie.

Johnny Depp is great in the part.  The other cast is good too, but Depp is my favorite.

Overall I loved this movie and am really glad I went to see it.  I'm sure I'll be getting it once it is out. 

The Rum Diary