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The Eagle
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There few periods of history that really intrigue me in film, WWI and the Roman Empire are two them. Mainly because story's don't relove around these two periods of history very often, so it's very rare to see them be realised on film. This is what initially attracted to go see The Eagle in cinema, and boy was i impressed with how well realised it was.

Staring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell. Marcus (Tatum) is posted to Britain in the hope of regaining his family's honour, after the ninth legion disappeared in North Britain twenty years under the command of his father. Losing the Eagle standard, Rome's most sacred symbol of honour and five thousand men. Shamed by the defeat Hadrian's wall is build, marking the line of the end of the known world.

After saving the life of a young Briton slave called Esca (Bell), who in thanks swears a bond to Marcus. Marcus sets off with Esca beyond the wall to find the Eagle standard and restore his family's honour.

From the opening where Marcus arrives at his first post to the ending. Every detail of Roman Britain is brilliantly brought to life, and all this on a budget twenty five million dollars.

There's no gas can powered chariots in this film (wink wink).

The only issue i had with the historical aspect, was the highlands not being as leafy as it was back then. The highlands only lost it's forests in the 18th century thanks to the Royal Navy. But that's forgiveable and only another couple of issues pop up here and there.

The action scenes do suffer from the fast is apparently more realistic idea. And the plot does get a little slow at certain point. Overall though Tatum and Bell both put in strong performances. Bell coming off better as it's safe to say he is the better actor (no offence to Mr Tatum).

Mixing full on violence with a more profound story of honour and courage. A masterpiece it is not but a solid film none the less, and the sleeper hit of this year i think.