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« on: January 02, 2011, 09:22:39 AM »

I do like musicals, so I have been wanting to see Burlesque for a while.  I wasn't sure I was going to get the chance to see it at first, but I did.  I'm really glad I saw it and I'm sure I'll add it to my movie collection.

It is a musical, which will turn some people off right away - and make Pete run for the hills ;)  I think it is a little different from other musicals since the characters don't just burst into song.  The songs are performances done in a nightclub.

The plot is a bit simple and predictable, but it manages to be entertaining and interesting.  I like the songs and will probably get the soundtrack.  Christina Aguilera plays Ali, the main character, and she does most of the singing.  Cher plays Tess, the woman who owns the club.  She does sing two songs, one of which I really liked.  It would have been nice if Cher had sung a bit more, but she is still great in the part.  The songs, especially the one that Tess does, work to move the story forward while also managing to sound like singles that could play on the radio.  The women don't wear a lot when performing the songs, so there is a lot of skin shown.  I do think there is a decent amount of humor tossed into what is going on.  Tess and Sean have a wonderful friendship, and the two do tease each other a bit.

The characters are interesting, though Ali is really the only one that receives much attention.  I've always liked Aguilera as a singer.  She is much more talented than Brittany Spears even though she didn't achieve the same level of popularity.  This is the first movie that Aguilera has been in and I think she does a really good job.  Tess is a bit more complex than she looks at first and Cher is great in the part.  Sean is a very entertaining character and I really like Stanley Tucci in the part.  The other women that perform at the club are barely developed.  Nikki receives the most attention, but she still could have been a lot more developed.  Kristen Bell is kind of wasted in the part since she doesn't get a lot to do.

Overall, I loved Burlesque and think it is definitely worth watching.  It isn't a movie for everyone though.

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