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« on: December 03, 2010, 10:34:24 PM »

I went to go see Unstoppable a few weeks ago.  The story is inspired by real events.  I read about the real events after seeing the movie, and some things have been changed for the movie.  The setting is changed from Ohio to Pennsylvania, and it seems like things have been exaggerated to add tension and drama to what is going on.  Most of the movie is focused on the attempts to deal with the runaway train. 

Things get off to a slightly slower start as the characters are introduced and the situation with the train is set up.  It is just a fluke that allows the train to leave the rail yard.  It does take them a while to figure out that the train has picked up speed instead of just coasting.  Another train, with Will and Frank on board, barely misses a collision with the runaway train.  After other attempts to stop the train fail, Will and Frank put their own plan into dealing with it in motion.

Most of the movie has a fairly fast pace as things tied to the runaway train are dealt with.  There is a little action in a few scenes that is done well.  Jerky camera work does turn up in a few scenes,  usually when some kind of action is happening.  I find that really annoying since it makes it harder for me to be able to tell what is going on. 

The characters are interesting, though they aren't that developed.  Denzil Washington and Chris Pine do really well with their parts.

Overall I really enjoyed Unstoppable and think it is worth checking out.

I did get a longer review posted on Epinions.