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« on: December 02, 2010, 10:50:54 PM »
I know I'm behind on posting about this one..and the other movies I've been watching.  I'm going to try to get caught up ...or at least not as far behind.  :laugh:


This one is based on a comic book series that only lasted for a few issues...3 or 6 I think.  I haven't read the comic books, so I don't know what has been changed for the movie.  It follows Frank, a retired CIA agent and shows how he is dealing with life now that he is retired.  Things get interesting once it is clear that someone is trying to kill him. 

The action starts fairly early in Red and keeps popping up throughout the movie.  There are explosions and several shoot outs.  The action is a bit over the top and not believable, but it still manages to work for the movie.  And some of the action scenes are just cool.  A bit of humor does turn up throughout the movie and it blends in well with what is going on. 

The characters are interesting, though they aren't the most developed.  The cast does really well with their parts.  Frank isn't that different from other parts that Bruce Willis has played, but I still enjoyed the character.  I loved Helen Mirren as Victoria, a former MI6 agent who is deadly with a gun. 

Red is entertaining, though I can see it not appealing to some people.

I did get a longer review posted on Epinions after seeing it in the theater.