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Rush Hour 3
« on: September 30, 2010, 12:06:22 PM »
Rush Hour 3

When a Chinese criminal mastermind flees to Paris, there's only one culture-clashed, crime-fighting duo for the job. Ready to raise hell in the city of lights, Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) and Detective Carter (Tucker) instead get caught in an explosive battle between the French police, the Triad gang and two gorgeous femmes fatales! With everybody kung fu fighting to the top of the Eiffel Tower, this one-two punch of hilarious action doesn't let up until the final heart-stopping au revoir!

My Thoughts

Like the second movie, this one isn't as good as the first, but it is still entertaining for the most part.

For this movie, more time is supposed to have passed since the end of the second movie.  Carter has done something to end up directing traffic.  Lee is in town with Han who is now an ambassador.  Someone tries to kill Han, seriously wounding him and Lee and Carter start trying to track the bad guy.  The search takes them to Paris.  The different location is really the only new thing added to the movie.  Both of the main characters end up out of their element when they go to Paris instead of just one of them like happened in the first two movies.  There are some new characters and new situations, but things still aren't that original.

There is a decent amount of action in the movie again.  Lee ends up in a few fights that are done well.  Carter is even involved in a few of them.  The violence isn't that extreme or graphic, so it shouldn't bother anyone.  There is also humor added.  Like happened in the previous movies, some of what is done is silly and not all the attempts at humor work.  Carter ends up being rather annoying again in some scenes that I'm sure were supposed to be funny.  Carter continues to be obsessed with hooking up with women, and that does get him into one or two bad situations.

Overall, the movie is entertaining even though it has issues with the plot.  It would have been nice if Chris Tucker had dialed it back a bit so he wasn't as annoying.  People who enjoyed the first two movies may like this one too.

I did get a review posted on Epinions after seeing the movie in the theater.

Rush Hour 3