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The American
« on: September 17, 2010, 10:03:33 AM »
I was interested in seeing The American when I first saw the trailer.  I had the chance to see it recently.  While I think the movie is good and done very well, it isn't exactly what I was expecting because of the trailer.  It looked like the movie was going to be more of an action thriller type of movie.  While there are elements of a thriller, this is not an action movie by any stretch of the imagination.  People expecting an action packed movie may end up disappointed.  There is a little bit of action in one or two scenes, but that is not enough to make this an action movie.  Things are more restrained.  I do think that works for the movie, though other people may feel differently.

The movie is focused on Jack, some kind of hitman.  When the movie begins, he is with a woman in a cabin in the middle of nowhere in Sweden.  It sort of seems like he's on vacation, though it doesn't take long for him to jump into action when men show up trying to kill him.  He ends up hiding out in a small town in Italy while his contact Pavel says he is trying to deal with the situation in Sweden.  Pavel convinces Jack, who is using the name Edward, to take another job.  While working on that, he starts seeing Clara, a prostitute and the two eventually start a social relationship.

Jack/Edward does seem to be struggling with some things throughout the movie.  At times he shows that he is still good at his job, and others, he seems to be slipping.  His developing a relationship with Clara, as well as a friendship with a priest, do seem to be signs that he wants to stop the work and have a somewhat more normal life.  The movie is more focused on what Jack/Edward is going through than on action.  Things are handled in a subtle way that I think works, though it will probably disappoint some viewers. 

George Clooney is the only cast member that I recognize.  He does a really good job as Jack/Edward.  The part is different from everything else I've seen him play.  Jack goes through a lot during the movie.  Some things end up being shared about him, but a lot remains a mystery by the end. The other characters are sort of interesting, though not much is shared about them.  The cast does fine with the parts.

I think the movie is very well done and is worth seeing.  It isn't going to appeal to a lot of people though.  I did enjoy it overall, though I don't know that I want to see it again.

I did post a review on Epinions.

The American