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« on: October 03, 2009, 04:03:15 AM »
I decided to go see Surrogates earlier this week. 

The movie is based on a comic book series that I haven't read.  It is about people using robot replacements - surrogates - in their daily lives while the people stay at home.  People are more disconnected from each other, even from their spouses.  Crime rates have gone down so much that the is basically no crime anymore.  Then someone uses a weapon that not only disables two surrogates, but kills the people who were operating them.  The FBI investigates and eventually Agent Greer is doing things as himself instead of as his surrogate.

The plot for the movie is very interesting, though I don't think it was developed enough.  The fact that some people don't like surrogates and are against the use does come out, but it isn't explored enough to make that a strong aspect of the plot.  No moral questions are raised about using surrogates.  There really isn't an explanation for how everyone can afford one.  There is no mention of what using one for hours on end every day does to people's health.  It is pointed out that people are more detached because of living through the surrogates, but even that isn't fully explored.  I think the movie would have been stronger if those things had been dealt with.

There is some action and a bit of violence in the movie, but nothing extreme.  The special effects are fine, though nothing outstanding.  The surrogates look attractive, though there is something about them that is slightly unnatural looking.  It is sort of a ..plastic look to the skin and there is a detached look in the eyes.  Not many actual humans are shown.  Most of the surrogates just look like younger, more attractive versions of the people operating them, though some of them look completely different.  None of the characters are developed that well, so they are all rather flat.  There isn't anything impressive about the acting either.

The movie is interesting and entertaining for the most part, but it could have been a better movie if more attention had been given to the plot.


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