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« on: April 30, 2009, 03:34:50 AM »
I have liked many of the movies that Julia Roberts has been in.  I've also liked Clive Owen in several of his movies, so I decided to go see Duplicity when it came out.

Ray and Claire are former rival spies who now work for rival private companies.  Then Ray discovers that Claire is actually a mole at the other company working for the same company he is.  Their goal is to steal the idea for a hot new product before it is made public and patented.

I did enjoy Duplicity overall, though it was nothing like what I expected.  The previews made it look like it would more of a fun romantic thriller with a decent amount of comedy.  It wasn't.  There really isn't anything thrilling about what is going on, there is very little romance, and very little comedy.  The only mystery is tied to what the new product is.  Once it is shared what the product is, it makes sense that companies would want to be the first to get the product to stores.  There is a tiny bit of suspense in one or two scenes later in the movie and that is it.  The pace ended up being a lot slower than I expected which was disappointing.  The movie just wasn't as entertaining as I had hoped it would be given the cast.

Duplicity jumps around in time a lot, showing one event, jumping forward five years, jumping back several years, back to the present, and then back in time again.  This went on throughout the movie and will likely annoy some viewers.  Every time the movie jumped, it said when and where the scene was set, so it wasn't that hard to follow, but with the way the story was told, some things don't make any sense for a very long time, if at all. 

Clive and Julia were fine in their parts.  They did have a few entertaining scenes together.  There just weren't enough of those types of scenes.  Most of the other cast members, like Paul Giamatti, were wasted in their roles since they had so little to do.

This one is ok, but not that great.  Fans of the cast might find something to like, but many will be bugged by the way the story is told. 
This one is probably somewhere between  :-\ and  :D.  I felt like it was barely a 3 star movie for the rating at Epinions when I did my review there.