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Race to Witch Mountain
« on: April 30, 2009, 03:07:31 AM »
I have seen most of the movies that Dwayne Johnson has made and I've enjoyed them.  I think he's very entertaining, and I do tend to give his new movies a chance.  I wanted to see Race to Witch Mountain after the first time I saw a preview.

Jack Bruno is a cab driver in Las Vegas trying to get his life in order.  He is a bit annoyed by the UFO convention going on in town and thinks that most of the people involved in it are idiots.  He meets Dr. Alex Friedman, a scientist who is speaking about the possibility of life on other planets, when he drives her to her hotel.  At the same time, a group of government men are investigating what they think is the crash site for a space ship.  One of the government men is determined to track down the aliens. 

Two teenagers, Seth and Sarah, end up in Jack's cab and want him to take them to a deserted spot.  It isn't long before Jack has to accept that Seth and Sarah are aliens and they need his help to save the planet. 

I've never seen the original Witch Mountain movies, so I don't know for sure what was the same or what was different.  The movie has a decent plot that is interesting which made for an enjoyable movie.  There is action in a few scenes that help to keep things interesting.  There is some humor in the movie as well that I think worked overall.  There did seem to be an attempt to make Jack a more complex character by adding in something tied to his past that ultimately didn't go anywhere.  I did like Jack though and enjoyed Dwayne Johnson's performance.  Seth and Sara did seem stiff for a while, but that fits with them being aliens who don't understand much about Earth.  Alex gets pulled into what is going on later in the movie.  She is a decent character even though she isn't developed much.

Overall, Race to Witch Mountain is a fun, entertaining movie that is family friendly. 


I did post a review on Epinions if anyone would like to take a look.

Race to Witch Mountain