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« on: April 30, 2009, 02:03:04 AM »
I went to see Taken not long after it came out in February.

Bryan had been a spy for years, putting his work ahead of his wife Lenore and daughter Kim.  The marriage ended and his relationship with Kim suffered.  Bryan finally decided to retire so he could try to rebuild his relationship with her.  He is a bit over protective, which paints him as the bad guy at times while Lenore and her wealthy new husband basically give Kim everything she wants.  Kim wants to go to Paris with her friend Amanda, but she has to have Bryan's permission before she can go.  He really doesn't think it is a good idea, but he ultimately gives in because he wants to make Kim happy.  Right after she and Amanda get to Paris, they are kidnapped while Bryan listens on the phone - he had just happened to call Kim right before the bad guys showed up.  Bryan then uses his former contacts to find Kim and rescue her himself.

Certain things about this movie were a bit convenient, like how Bryan was on the phone with Kim when everything happened and how he was a former spy who had the types of contacts that would allow him to hunting for his daughter.  The movie is rather predictable because of those things, but it is still very entertaining.  There are a few surprises here and there throughout the movie the help to keep things interesting. 

There is a decent amount of action in Taken, most of which involves Bryan beating the crap out of anyone he thinks was somehow involved in Kim being taken.  He ends up leaving a path of destruction through Paris, including many bodies.  He is willing to do anything to get Kim back, including killing people involved.  There was one or two car chases as well that were done well for the most part.  Jerky camera work does pop up in a few scenes, which is highly annoying since I hate that.  There is violence in the movie, though it wasn't as graphic since the movie was rated PG-13.

Liam Neeson did a really good job with the part.  Who knew he could believably play a character going on spree of beating people up and even killing some.  Kim isn't shown in a lot of the movie since it wasn't that far into the movie when she was taken.  She did come across as a bit of a brat before the trip with her basically having a temper tantrum until Bryan gave her what she wanted.  I do think she loved her father, but she didn't have a problem manipulating him to get what she wanted either. 

There isn't anything that complex about Taken and the movie is mostly predictable.  It still manages to be entertaining and is a decent mindless action movie.


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