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Bedtime Stories
« on: January 09, 2009, 04:29:48 AM »
I went to see Bedtime Stories on Tuesday.  I really enjoyed it and thought it was a fun, family type of movie.  Certain things were a bit silly, but they worked for the movie.  There was a decent amount of humor in the movie, and not all of the funniest parts were shown in the trailer..that seems to happen more and more lately. 

People who don't like Adam Sandler probably won't want to see this one either, though he was more toned down than he has been in many of his other movies since this one is for kids and families.  I thought he worked well in the part.  Russell Brand turned up as a rather goofy, unique character who stole several scenes.  It would have been interesting if his character had been around more. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie.  I did post a longer review at Epinions if anyone wants to take a look.

Bedtime Stories