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Member's Reviews

The Lady Vanishes, a review by Dragonfire

During a transcontinental train trip in Europe, a young woman is alarmed to discover a passenger has disappeared. Starring Margaret Lockwood

My Thoughts

This one does start off slower while the various characters are introduced.  I was wondering briefly where the train was..lol.  Anyway, the movie has a unique group of characters and there are some humorous moments with some of them.  There is a good amount of tension and suspense throughout the movie, especially once the woman has vanished and everyone denies ever having seen her.  The mystery is decent and helps to make things interesting.  The explanations for what happened as well as why everyone denied seeing the woman ultimately work.  Many of the passengers have their own somewhat selfish reasons for denying seeing the woman.  There is decent chemistry between the main characters and their developing relationship is believable.

Overall, the movie is very entertaining and I enjoyed it.


(From Alfred Hitchcock Marathon on June 10th, 2009)

Member's Reviews

The Brute, a review by samuelrichardscott

The Brute (1953) R0 UK

Shortened Review:
The Brute is an interesting film and, like Susana, does not contain much of the surrealism Buñuel is famous for, instead opting for a melodrama that is both tragic and dark. Whilst the plot may not be particularly inspiring and sounds rather formulaic and simple, it ends up drawing you in through the strength of the script and the cast. In the lead role of Pedro (AKA 'The Brute') is Pedro Armendáriz (Calibre 44) who is perfectly suited in his role. A very big guy, he looks like the type of man a landlord may employ to evict his tenants yet also manages to show the viewer that he isn't just a tough guy through the character's simple mindedness, played to a tee. If it wasn't for Armendáriz's ability to play Pedro's scenes in which the character displays his weaknesses so well, this film would not have worked on the level it does. Also of note cast wise, is Andrés Soler as Andrés the landlord, Rosa Arenas as Meche and Katy Jurado as Paloma. The film is also filled with a couple of extremely memorable scenes, my favourite of which is the scene where Pedro is chased by tenants and, as he runs down one alleyway, Buñuel has set up the shot so that his shadow runs down another. I recommend this film to anyone with a passing interest in Buñuel's work, as this film is an excellent entry in his resume although just don't go into it expecting the surreal.

Full review:

(From Never Ending Movie Marathon (short reviews) on March 19th, 2011)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's TV Pilots marathon, a review by Tom

     Switch: Komplett. In Farbe und Bunt. (1997/Germany)
IMDb | Wikipedia

Turbine Classics (Germany)
Length:1392 min.
Video:Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio:German: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

1.01 Folge 1

I really enjoyed the first season when it originally aired. I lost interest though later. Part of it because of some cast changes.
This comedy parodies different TV shows by simulating switching between different TV channels.


(From Tom's TV Pilots marathon on July 28th, 2012)
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