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Member's Reviews

Big Ass Spider!, a review by GSyren

TitleBig Ass Spider! (5-055201-825308)
DirectorMike Mendez
ActorsGreg Grunberg, Lin Shaye, Ruben Pla, Alexis Peters, Lombardo Boyar
Produced2013 in United States
Runtime85 minutes
AudioEnglish DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
OverviewA 50-foot-tall alien spider escapes from a military lab and rampages the city of Los Angeles. When a massive military strike fails, the city's scientists and soldiers turn to an unlikely hero. Alex (Greg Grunberg – Heroes, Star Trek), a bug exterminator, and his Mexican security guard sidekick, Jose (Lombardo Boyar – 24, Modern Family), are the hapless duo who team up to kill the creature before the city is destroyed.
My thoughtsThankfully this wasn't the total crap that I feared, but also not as good as I had wished. The CGI is actually pretty good for a B-movie like this. Not perfect, but I've seen a lot worse. Grunberg is quite good, and Boyar is really funny as his sidekick.

One thing that works against the film is that the spider is really creepy when it is (relatively) small, but when it gets enormous it just becomes so unbelievable that it's more silly than scary.

Still, this film is a lot better than most of the crap that comes from SyFy or The Asylum. The blu-ray looks and sounds good, but is lacking in features. A trailer is all we get. If you liked Eight Legged Freaks you'll probably like this one too.
My rating

(From Reviews and ramblings by Gunnar on February 15th, 2014)

Member's Reviews

Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein, a review by addicted2comics

Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein

The Plot:

The Chipmunks are working at the amusement park, Majestic Movie Studios, in a singing attraction. Little do they know that the real Dr. Frankenstein are in a new attraction called, "Frankenstein's Castle". After Alvin drives a crazy bus ride, they miss their next performance and get locked in the park after closing time. Dr. Frankenstein figures that the castle isn't scary enough and re-creates the real Frankenstein and after the monster finds the boys, it starts a wild and wacky adventure!

My Thoughts:

Well, I have this to say: the opening Chipmunks song was awesome!! ........ and it went downhill from there....

Don't get me wrong, I watched this every Halloween with the Wolfman one. That, and ther Frankenstein monster is really a kind creature that was misunderstood. They stayed true to that! But ... they had him on the playground. He's afraid to go on a rollar coaster. They completely babied a monster!! (stay calm, Britt....there we worse versions....remember Rock n roll Frankenstien)

But... its a good family movie, and they did do nice things with the good doctor! Sooooooooooo ......... I'd recommend it for the kiddies, But I'd suggest Wolfman first and foremost.

My Rating
Out of 5

(From Addicted2comics(:P)'s Official Review Thread!!! on October 19th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Psych: The Complete Second Season, a review by addicted2dvd

     Psych: The Complete Second Season (2007/United States)

Get ready for more quirky adventures with TV's freshest and most eccentric sleuth as all 16 Season Two episodes of the hit series Psych arrive on DVD! Phony police psychic Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his skeptical best friend Gus (Dulé Hill) are back on the case in this 4-disc set. Joining them is a supernaturally talented roster of guest stars, including Primetime Emmy® Award nominee Tim Curry, Golden Globe® nominee Gina Gershon and Kevin Sorbo. Featuring two episodes directed by the legendary John Landis (National Lampoon's® Animal House, The Blues Brothers) and over 45 minutes of can't-miss bonus materials, Season Two of Psych is a must for every DVD library! Critics exclaim, "It's not only laugh-out-loud-until-soda-squirts-out-of-your-nose funny, but it's also perfectly cast" (New York Post). We predict you'll love every quick-witted moment!

1. American Duos
2. Sixty Five Million Years Off
3. Psy vs. Psy
4. Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds
5. And Down the Stretch Comes Murder
6. Meat is Murder, But Murder is Also Murder
7. If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?
8. Rob-a-Bye Baby
9. Bounty Hunters!
10. Gus' Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy!
11. There's Something About Mira
12. The Old and the Restless
13. Lights, Camera ... Homicidio
14. Dis-Lodged
15. Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion
16. Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead

James Roday as Shawn Spencer
Dulé Hill as Burton "Gus" Guster
Timothy Omundson as Detective Carlton Lassiter
Maggie Lawson as Juliet O'Hara
Kirsten Nelson as Interim Chief Karen Vick
Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer

  • Audio Commentary
  • Feature Trailers
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Featurettes
  • Outtakes/Bloopers
  • Lil' Shawn and Gus webisodes

My Thoughts:
I been enjoying this show so much that I just couldn't be bothered writing a review for each disc. So I waited until I watched the complete season. And I am still completely hooked on this series. I have now watched 2 of the 4 seasons that I got for Christmas... and just can't wait to start season 3. Why am I so hooked on this series?... I really don't know... just know that I am enjoying every moment of this fun series. Favorite episode of the season? So many good episodes it really isn't easy to say... but I guess I would have to go with Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead... which happens to be the season finale. And I think they ended the season with a nice little cliffhanger. Nothing detrimental to the storyline... but something to keep your interest for the next season.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Addicted2dvd's Random TV Series Watched on December 31st, 2011)
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