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Member's Reviews

Hukkle, a review by goodguy

  Hukkle (Hungary 2002)IMDb

DVD:Soda Pictures (UK 2005)

My rating:

(From goodguy's Watch Log on January 3rd, 2011)

Member's Reviews

The Deadly Mantis, a review by GSyren

TitleThe Deadly Mantis (The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection Volume 2. 025195-011686)
DirectorNathan Juran
ActorsCraig Stevens, William Hopper, Alix Talton, Donald Randolph, Pat Conway
Produced1957 in United States
Runtime79 minutes
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Mono
SubtitlesEnglish, French
OverviewThe calving of an Arctic iceberg releases a giant praying mantis, trapped in suspended animation since prehistoric times. It first attacks military outposts to eat their occupants, then makes its way to the warmer latitudes of Washington and New York. A paleontologist works together with military units to try to kill it.
My thoughtsStill being in a 50's mood I decided to re-watch The Deadly Mantis
My rating

(From Reviews and ramblings by Gunnar on February 24th, 2014)

Member's TV Reviews

The One Where It All Began: The Pilot Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

What's the show about?
Buffy Summers is The Chosen One, a teenage girl that was chosen by destiny to fight vampires, demons and other underworld beings. But she has help in form of her friends, her watcher and even vampires.

What happened before?
She lived in Los Angeles before. There she learnt of her status as The Chosen One and there she began to slay vampires until she had to burn down the school gym.

"Welcome to the Hellmouth" / "The Harvest"
Buffy and her mother have just moved to Sunnydale, California, after the events depicted in the movie. She wants to leave her Slayer days behind her but for that is Sunnydale the completely wrong place. Why? Because Sunnydale lies directly over a Hellmouth, an opening to the hell dimension and The Master has just been awakened...

My Opinion
Didn't like the show. Was very boring with that vampire-killing and so on. Yeah right! That's why I watched all 7 season within a month - and bought "Angel" afterwards. ;)

(From The One Where It All Began: The Pilot Marathon on January 6th, 2008)