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Member's Reviews

Supervoksen, a review by Tom

Title: Supervoksen
Year: 2006
Director: Christina Rosendahl
Rating: 11 år
Length: 88 Min.
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35
Audio: Danish: Dolby Digital 5.1, Danish: DTS 5.1, Commentary: Dolby Digital Stereo
Subtitles: Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

Emma Leth
Cathrine Bjørn
Amalie Lindegård
Sebastian Jessen
Charlotte Sieling

Deleted Scenes
Music Videos
Production Notes
Scene Access

My Thoughts:
This movie is about three teenage girls, who make a pact to do really stupid dares. The most sane one of the three is a closeted lesbian, who comes to grip with her sexuality during the course of the movie. Her storyline is the most interesting one, but sadly it has very little screen time. Almost not qualifying for this marathon.
There is a guy in this movie, who already has over 6000 DVDs at the age of 15 :o
When one of the girls went to him (because of a dare) pretending to want to borrow a movie from him, he says why she didn't go to Blockbuster then. Involuntarily I had to think of Skip after that line.

Here the part of the lesbian's first dare which essentially is almost her entire storyline, except a little scene later on with her second dare. The interesting thing here is, that she was the first one to actually fulfill her dare, but said otherwise, because she didn't want to admit to her friends and herself, that she did enjoy this kiss.


(From Lesbian Movie Marathon on April 4th, 2009)

Member's Reviews

The Card Player, a review by Jimmy

The Card Player (Il Cartaio)

Years : 2003

Director : Dario Argento

Stars :

Stefania Rocca
Liam Cunningham
Silvio Muccino

Synopsis :

An English Interpol agent and an Italian policewoman team up to catch a serial killer in the city of Rome. The killer play an internet poker game with the police, the results decide the destiny of the victims.

Viewing experience :

This is a good thriller as only the Italian make them. A very good story with some good twist, an unpredictable end and a perfect soundtrack by Claudio Simonetti. Stefania Rocca (a complete unknown for me) had all the movie on her shoulder and she succeed on the challenge of it . A good serial killer movie who doesn't use the gore and the CGI effect to create the tension, but a good soundtrack, the natural lightning and a proffesional cast (the principal and the secondary ones). If you like Argento and the seventies giallo, I recommand this one to you ... you will like it.

Rating : 4/5

Movie trailer :

(From DVD Profiler random marathon on December 22nd, 2007)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's TV Finales marathon, a review by Tom

     Chuck: Season Five (2011/United States)
IMDb | Wikipedia

Warner Bros. Home Video (United Kingdom)
Length:540 min.
Video:Widescreen 1.78
Audio:English: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles:English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

Chuck is back with new missions, a new business - and no intersect. the stakes are high as Chuck sets out to become a full-fledged spy. But without the CIA backup, Chuck will have to rely now more than ever on John Casey, Sarah Walker and a new intersect - Morgan Guillermo Grimes.
Across all 13 episodes of this thrilling final season, Chuck will find that his wits, his friends and his family are the only backup he needs.

Season 5.13 Chuck Versus the Goodbye
Writer: Josh Schwartz (Created By), Chris Fedak (Created By), Chris Fedak (Writer)
Director: Robert Duncan McNeill
Cast: Zachary Levi (Chuck Bartowski), Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker), Joshua Gomez (Morgan Grimes), Ryan McPartlin (Captain Awesome), Mark Christopher Lawrence (Big Mike), Vik Sahay (Lester Patel), Scott Krinsky (Jeff Barnes), Sarah Lancaster (Ellie Bartowski), Adam Baldwin (John Casey), Angus MacFadyen (Nicholas Quinn), Linda Hamilton (Mary Bartowski), Bonita Friedericy (General Beckman), Mekenna Melvin (Alex McHugh), Mark Pellegrino (Hector), Vladimir Kulich (Renny Deutch), Jessie Heiman (Fernando), Michael Kawczynski (Skip), Ilka Urbach (German Woman), Robert Duncan McNeill (Operative), Alexander Von Roon (Lutz), Lawrence Stachowiak (Larry), Daniel Samadani (Daniel), Gabrielle Eisenstadt (Gabbie), John Jurgens (John), Natasha Soudek (Wienerlicious Girl)

As I just finished watching this series, I am posting this review out of order. This last season was a nice watch. I really enjoyed it. And we got a nice conclusion to the series.
And I have to admit, that I am happy that contrary to rumors I had read when this season first aired
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(From Tom's TV Finales marathon on February 1st, 2013)