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Member's Reviews

Spy Kids, a review by Rich

Spy Kids

Bursting with an awesome array of ultracool high-tech gadgetry, Spy Kids delivers enough thrilling entertainment to satisfy the entire family! Nine years ago, top international spies Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez (Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino) traded the excitement of espionage for the adventure of parenthood! But when they are called out on a secret mission, the Cortezes are separated from their family and kidnapped by the evil Fegan Floop. Fortunately, there are two people who possess the skills and know-how to reunite the family: Carmen and Juni Cortez, their kids! Your family will love every fun-filled second as Carmen and Juni bravely crisscross the globe in a thrilling quest to save their parents. All the while, they discover that keeping the family together is the most important mission in the world for kids and parents alike!

Entertaining and fun movie, well paced, imaginative and with reasonable effects, and gladly not too preaching in its message. Banderas and Gugino are well cast, but personally I found both kids to be too bratty and 'Hollywood' schooled. Some good cameo appearances to spot, interesting character for Alan Cumming, and some original ideas around the villains.
Altogether an enjoyable viewing.

**Carla Gugino mini-marathon

(From Riches Random Reviews on August 6th, 2009)

Member's Reviews

Monsters, Inc., a review by Jon

Monsters, Inc.
4 out of 5

Who knew that the monster in your closet was just doing his job? Monsters, Inc. is where Sulley (John Goodman) and Mike (Billy Crystal) work, good naturedly scaring kids in the human world to provide energy for their own. But actually, the monsters are more scared of the kids, which are toxic to them. So when Boo gets trapped on the other side of her closet, Mike and Sulley have to get her back while fending off the villainous Randall (Steve Buscemi)...

What a wonderful world of cinema we're in that can accurately call a fantastic film like this merely average, but thanks to Pixar, the best studio working today, that's exactly what we can do. Monsters, Inc. is less ambitious or subtle than most of their others, yet it's still better than most other children's films since. So, average it is then!

It's great fun from start to finish, very funny and quite clever in its own way. The broader target of the story means everyone has wider margins they can stretch into, so it becomes quite extravagant, with even the background monsters getting their own gags. Like many of Pixar's stories though, it still comes down to a double act and this is one of the best oddest of odd couples. Mike Wachowski, Billy Crystal has a perfect match for his stand-up brand of humour and in turn, the banter with John Goodman works beautifully. Steve Buscemi as the slimy Randall and James Coburn as Waternoose are similarly well cast. The film could die on the Boo character, but in a brilliant move, she's voiced by just recording one of crews daughters and using the resulting gurgles, giggles and screams, so she's cute and believable when compared to a typical Disney child, and that goes for live action too!

I watched the Blu-Ray version and after the incredible quality of WALL.E and Ratatouille, I was expecting it to be, well, average. However, whereas there have been undeniable advances, this film is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I think it's simply because the monsters are all sorts of weird shapes and primary colours, they contrast even in their own world (which actually appears a bit like New York anyway). Normally, the figures would suit and to some extend, blend into their environment, but here they dazzle in the differences and you can really pick out the detail, especially texture in the slimier characters! Randall is particularly fanatastic, changing colour all the time, but the real star is Sulley. I remember the articles at the time saying how they were animating the individual hairs of his fur. Now for the first time, I can actually see it properly and it is astonishing. Add in beautiful moments like when he emerges into a dark, red-lit tunnel, and trying to justify calling this film average gets harder by the second.

Oh, yeah. I suppose the kids will like it too...  Wink

(From Jon's Marathon of Horror! 2009 on October 18th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

The Flash Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

The Flash Marathon

Image: Trickster and his new sidekick Prank capture The Flash

Episode 22 - Trial of the Trickster
Can anyone out-trick the Trickster? Perhaps not after accomplice Prank helps him escape his trial... and after the mag magician roars through Central City with an unexpected partner-in-crime: The Flash!

Guest Stars:
Mark Hamill as The Trickster
Corinne Bohrer as Zoey
Richard Belzer as Joe Kline
Vito D'Ambrosio as Bellows
Biff Manard as Murphy
Joyce Hyser as Megan Lockhart

My Thoughts:
This is a fun episode to end the series on. I am glad they got to revisit The Trickster before the series ended. Corinne Bohrer who played Prank/Zoey is one of those people I know I seen in things before... but never knew who she was. Just a familiar face. It was also good to see the character of Megan again as well. She is the Private Eye that discovered Barry is The Flash about half way into the series. I am sitting here now sorry that this marathon is over. I would have liked to seen at least one more season.

My Rating:

(From The Flash Marathon on April 26th, 2010)
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