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Member's Reviews

The Chronological Donald: Volume Four: 1951-1961, a review by GSyren

TitleThe Chronological Donald: Volume Four: 1951-1961 (786936-768268)
DirectorJack Hannah et al
ActorsClarence Nash,
Produced1951 in United States
Runtime344 minutes
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Mono, Commentary Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
My thoughtsDisneyland
My rating4 out of 5

(From Reviews and ramblings by Gunnar on July 2nd, 2013)

Member's Reviews

Dolores Claiborne, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Dolores Claiborne
Year: 1995
Director: Taylor Hackford
Rating: R
Length: 131 Min.
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital: Dolby Surround, French: Dolby Digital: Dolby Surround, Commentary: Dolby Digital: 2-Channel Stereo
Subtitles: English, French

Kathy Bates
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Judy Parfitt
Christopher Plummer
David Strathairn
Eric Bogosian

Scene Access
Audio Commentary
Production Notes
Closed Captioned

My Thoughts:
This is a movie I have never seen before today. But I have been hearing how good it is for years. So been wanting to see it for some time now. I just hope I am not going into this one with too high of expectations. Before putting the movie in I watched the trailer in profiler... which made me want to see the movie even more. Then I glanced at the cast list to see if there was any other big names in it besides Kathy Bates and Jennifer Jason Lee. And I was a bit surprised to see the name Ellen Muth as a Young Selena (Jennifer Jason Lee's Character). For those of you that don't know or remember... Ellen Muth starred in the series Dead Like Me as George Lass... the recently dead girl turned reaper. This is the first thing other then Dead Like Me that I had the chance to see her in.

This movie was quick to grab... and keep my attention. Until the opening credits showed it... I completely forgot that this movie was based on a Stephen King novel. But I shouldn't be surprised as much as I enjoyed it... as I have always enjoyed all of the movies and miniseries I have seen based off his work.  I thought that the entire cast did a wonderful job on this one. I also liked the way they told the story... bringing out what they needed to as they needed to do so. Superbly using flashbacks. And that is coming from someone that don't usually like flashbacks in movies. But when done right they can really help to advance the story. And they were definitely done right here. This turned out to be a great movie to start the day off with. If you are like me... and never gotten the chance to watch this movie... I highly recommend it!

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From The Movies From Within My Lifetime on April 16th, 2011)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's Buffy and Angel Marathon, a review by Tom

21. Becoming Pt. 1 (1998-05-12)
Writer: Joss Whedon (Created By), Joss Whedon (Writer)
Director: Joss Whedon
Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers), Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris), Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase), David Boreanaz (Angel), Anthony Stewart Head (Giles), Max Perlich (Whistler), Seth Green (Oz), Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers), Julie Benz (Darla), Bianca Lawson (Kendra), Jack McGee (Doug Perren), Richard Riehle (Merrick), James Marsters (Spike), Juliet Landau (Drusilla), Armin Shimerman (Principal Snyder), Shannon Welles (Gypsy Woman), Zitto Kazann (Gypsy Man), Ginger Williams (Girl), Nina Gervitz (Teacher)

One of my all-time favorite episodes. This is the first time in Buffy, that they really used flashbacks to the past of Angel. I love those flashbacks to earlier lives of an immortal main character. This is the main reason I enjoyed watching the Highlander series.


(From Tom's Buffy and Angel Marathon on February 15th, 2009)