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Member's Reviews

Moneyball, a review by Dragonfire


I was interested in seeing Moneyball, a movie about baseball, after seeing the trailer.  I don't like baseball, but I was still interested in the movie.  For some reason, I tend to like sports movies even though I don't like sports.

Moneyball is based on a true story of how the general manager of the Oakland A's, Billy Beane, used statistics to try to predict how well players would do to put together a team with a limited budget that could still compete against the teams with huge payroll budgets..the teams that pay several players millions of dollars a year.  When Billy started using the different way of finding new players, a lot of people in the organization though he was nuts, and he ticked off some of the scouts.  The movie follows how he put together a team, with the help of Peter and then how the team did in the next season. 

Overall, the movie is very entertaining.  I don't know how accurate everything is.  From some things I've read, it sounds like a few things may have been condensed..something that is normal in these types of movies.  Peter is a fictional character based on a few real people.  I did look up a few things and main things mentioned in the movie did really happen.  Some of the games are shown, though usually it is just a few bits here and there.  Most of the movie deals with baseball in some way.  Some time is taken to show Billy with his daughter..and ex-wife.  Some of the scenes with his daughter do drag the pace down a bit and seem to go on a bit too long.  The characters are interesting and the cast does a good job.  The movie is worth seeing, though it isn't going to appeal to everyone.

I did get a review posted on Epinions if anyone would like to take a look.


(From Moneyball on October 6th, 2011)

Member's Reviews

Whiteout, a review by Dragonfire

I wasn’t sure about Whiteout when I first saw the previews for the movie.  They did make it seem like it would be more of a horror type of movie.  Then I read a few things about the movie that said that it wasn’t horror and was actually a mystery/thriller type of movie, so I decided to give it a chance.

The movie starts by showing the events leading up to the crash of a Russian airplane in 1957 somewhere in the southern hemisphere.  That is all that is said about the location, but it seems clear that it is in Antarctica. 

Things then jump forward to current times, though not actual year is provided for the time period for the rest of the movie.  Anyway, a research facility is shown and the staff change is underway so it will be done before a huge storm hits in three days.  At that point, the facility will be cut off for fix months.  The U.S. marshal there, Carrie Stetko, is ready to leave her post, but she ends up with a murder to investigate during those last few days. 

I know the movie was based on a graphic novel.  I haven’t read it, so I have no clue what might have been changed.  One thing I read did say that the plot stayed fairly close to the source material.  The plot is interesting, especially considering the more isolated setting.  Things do move rather slow for a while before picking up during certain scenes, so some scenes may seem boring to some people. 

I think there is a decent amount of mystery to what is going on, though it could have been much stronger and more in depth.  Some of what happens is predictable, though some of that is probably because of the limitations imposed because of the setting and the limited group of characters.  Something is mentioned somewhat early in the movie that I didn’t think anything about at the time.  Then, later as more things are coming out, it turns out the previously mentioned thing was a clue.  Now that I think about it, I am a bit surprised that Carrie didn’t put something together sooner.  There is decent suspense in a few scenes, though that could have been a bit stronger as well.  There is violence in some scenes, as well as a few other somewhat gory things that I didn’t need to see.  Nothing is too explicit, but it may be too much for some viewers.

Everything that happens takes place in Antarctica, basically in the middle of nowhere.  The temperature is shown a few times and the warmest it was said to be was 50 below zero.  This is not a forgiving environment and that kind of cold is downright dangerous all by itself.  Several things happen outside, and the characters mostly seem to be dressed properly.  However, the first time Carrie is shown, it seems like the hat she has on is just there for looks since it barely covers any of her head.  Characters are shown putting on goggles in a few scenes, but no one ever has a scarf or anything else covering the lower part of their face, something that they would have to do in that type of extreme cold to avoid frostbite.  Before Carrie and John head out to look for the body, different planes at the facility are shown and someone is complaining about how long it takes to get them running in the cold. Then, when Carrie gets where they are going, the pilot shuts everything on the plane off and they are in the middle of nowhere.  That just doesn’t seem right. 

There aren’t any sex scenes in the movie though there is a tiny bit of nudity.  A group of men is shown streaking outside which just seems extremely stupid in that sort of cold.  Within minutes of first showing up in the movie, Carrie is stripped down to her underwear and then in the shower.  Steam keeps her from being seen completely naked, but a lot of skin is seen.  I’m guessing that was done to add some eye candy for some viewers.

Carrie is in the most scenes, though there is still not a lot shared about her and there is even less development for the rest of the characters.  Most of them just seem to be around sort of as filler in the background.  The cast is fine in their parts.

Overall I enjoyed the movie, though it does have issues and could have been better.  I would give it 3.5 stars.

I did get a review posted on Epinions if anyone wants to take a look. :)


(From Whiteout on September 19th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's Random Reviews, a review by Tom

Title: Blood Ties: The Complete Series
Year: 2006
Rating: 15
Length: 950 Min.
Video: Widescreen 1.78
Audio: English: Dolby Digital Stereo


After witnessing a horrific demonic murder at the side of a Toronto roadway, private investigator Vicki Nelson finds herself on a collision course with another citizen investigating the case. He is Henry Fitzroy - former Duke of Richmond, cutting-edge graphic novelist and 470-year-old vampire.

To solve the brutal murder, Vicki finds herself collaborating, against her better judgement, with the suave and seductive Fitzroy. The relationship soon progresses beyond a purely professional arrangement, complicating her long term love affair with ex-partner Detective Mike Celluci... and pretty well everything else in her life.

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed watching this series, even though most episodes are rather average. But there are some really good ones. My favorite is 5:55, which is a "Groundhog Day" episode (a rather good one at that).
On one hand I am glad that it is only one season, but sadly it ends in a big cliffhanger character-wise for all three main characters.

It doesn't hurt that Christina Cox is hot. I thought it was interesting, to have her character be an ex-cop who dropped out because of her eye condition. She is developing tunnel vision. But sadly they use this handicap very sparingly, except in the first half of the series, where they seem to have it mentioned at least once per episode, but never really be a point in the plot.
Dylan Neal is great as her ex-partner, who must struggle between being sucked into her new world (supernatural crime fighting), and still having to live the life of a regular cop and its responsibilities.
Kyle Schmid does also a great job as the vampire Henry.

01Blood Price Part One
02Blood Price Part Two
03Bad Juju
05Deadly Departed
06Love Hurts
07Heart of Ice
08Heart of Fire
09Stone Cold
11Post Partum
14Wild Blood
17The Devil You Know
18Drawn and Quartered
20The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
21We'll Meet Again
22Deep Dark

(From Tom's Random Reviews on November 25th, 2009)