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Member's Reviews

The Kite Runner, a review by Jon

The Kite Runner
4 out of 5

Khaled Hosseini's stunning debut novel is now an acclaimed motion picture. As young boys, Amir and Hassan were inseparable friends, until one fateful act tore them apart. Years later, Amir will embark on a dangerous quest to right the wrongs of the past - and redeem himself in ways he never expected - by displaying the ultimate in courage and devotion to his friend.

After half an hour or so, I thought I had The Kite Runner pegged and it was exactly what I suspected; a kind of, Stand By Me Finding NeverlandAtonement

(From Jon's Alphabet Marathon 2010 on July 8th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Rushmore, a review by Antares

Rushmore (1998) 3/5 - In writing this review I'm a little hesitant to put down my exact feelings for the film, because I think it really needs a second viewing to finalize whether or not I like it. The first time I watched The Royal Tenenbaums, I didn't care for it, but after a second viewing, I appreciated it far more. Right now, I'm a little indifferent as to whether or not this is as good as that film is, or if it's a flawed precursor to a better film to come. I have read that Anderson was a big fan of Hal Ashby's Harold and Maude and I can now see that for myself. But whereas the characters in that film are also quirky, they were at least a bit more plausible and much more likeable than those present in Rushmore. I just couldn't connect with anyone in this film, they all just came across as distant and fabricated. Maybe a second viewing will change my mind.

(From Antares' Short Summations on March 8th, 2012)

Member's TV Reviews

"Battlestar Galactica" Marathon (1978-2009), a review by DJ Doena

Disc 3

The Living Legend
Synopsis: "Commander, there's a signal coming over Fleet Comm Line Alpha!" There's another surviving Battlestar, the Pegasus, under the command of Commander Cain, a living legend. Now they have two Battlestars and Cain wants to use them to attack the outer capital of the Cylon Empire. But Adama can't leave the fleet defenceless, he has to care for more than just revenge. And Baltar has now the force of three Basestars and wants to wipe out the colonial fleet once and for all.

My Opinion: Great start to a great two-parter. I always liked this Cain. At times he seems morally ambiguous but he has his heart at the right place and he takes a stand for what he believes is the right thing to do. I also liked that they made some new special effects shot for this and the following episode, especially when it comes to shooting down Cylon Raiders. And I loved Baltar's face when he saw that second Battlestar!

Disc 4

The Living Legend, Part II
Synopsis: Thanks to the Pegasus Baltar's attack failed miserably but the Galactica was heavily damaged. But the fleet is running out of fuel. They have to attack the Cylon capital and their fuel depots. Cain devises a plan where the Pegasus diverts the Basestars and the Galactica attacks Gomorray and secures the fuel. One Battlestar against three Basestars. This will be a battle to be remembered.

My Opinion: Cain is a great contrast to Adama. I always felt that Adama was more a member of the Quorum of Twelve and the leader of the fleet than a military commander. Cain is a warrior to the core. The greater the battle, the greater the victory. I really loved it when he charged that two Basestars (Baltar has of course retreated). And I loved it how Baltar shooed his Raiders from the Pegasus to Gomorray and then back to his Basestar and how he (inadvertently) made them totally useless. ;D

Fire In Space
Synopsis: The Cylons have developed a new tactic. Instead of engaging the colonial Vipers in a dogfight and getting shot down they simply load their Raiders with explosives and ram the Galactica. And it's working. The Galactica sustains heavy damages. One landing pod is burning uncontrollably, Adama is badly hurt and needs surgery and Boxey, Athena, Boomer and others are caught between burning sections of the ship. Every attempt to extinguish the fires is failing until there's only one solution left: To blow holes in the outer hull and let the vacuum of space do the job.

My Opinion: This episode and the two previous ones were re-cut and released in european theatres as Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack. I thought this was a good, dramatic episode that took its time to develop the characters a bit more - especially Boomer's and the doctor's character. I also liked Starbuck's and Apollo's "space walk". It may not have looked perfect but I thought it looked fairly decent and not as if they were hanging on ropes or something.

War of the Gods
Synopsis: A patrol has gone lost when they were scouting a nearby sector. Suddenly there were bright lights and an eerie sound and they simply vanished. Starbuck, Apollo and Sheba (Cain's daughter) land on a planet in that sector and discover a crashed ship - and what seems to be a survivor. He asks to be brought to the fleet and they agree. But once in the fleet he tries to become more: The fleet's leader to Earth and he has very persuasive powers. He even promises them their arch enemy: Baltar.

My Opinion: Patrick McNee played a great Iblis. He has the charisma and when he threatens someone he is deadly serious. It became clear very quickly what Iblis was supposed to be, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

War of the Gods, Part II
Synopsis: As promised, Baltar is now a prisoner in the fleet and Count Iblis gains more power every day. But since he has come aboard the spheres of bright light are always in and around the fleet and they seem connected to Iblis. Starbuck, Apollo and his father are amongst the few who don't fall for Iblis's charming personality. And Baltar has found out where he heard Iblis's voice before: From the voice synthesizer of the Cylon Imperious Leader.

My Opinion: Funny thing is that Patrick McNee actually voices the Imperious Leader. But luckily neither is Iblis the devil in the literal sense nor are these light beings angels. They are just older than the Humans. One could compare it to the First Ones in Babylon 5. I liked the conclusion that even these higher beings have to follow the rules and that not even Iblis can break them. But I have to say that I didn't like Anne Lockhart's (Sheba) acting in the "ship of light". Her mourning didn't convince me. Granted the acting in this entire show isn't the best, but that scene stood out for me.

(From "Battlestar Galactica" Marathon (1978-2009) on March 28th, 2009)