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Member's Reviews

Tenebre, a review by Jimmy


Title: Tenebre (1982)

Genre: Horror
Director: Dario Argento
Rating: NR
Length: 1h41
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
Audio: English and Italian
Subtitles: English

Anthony Franciosa
Daria Nicolodi
Giuliano Gemma
John Saxon
Christian Borromeo

My Thoughts:
When Dario Argento is at the top of his game he is the best italian movie maker and more often than not he is. This is another excellent thriller from him in the tradition of the best italian Giallo. As usual the fun with a Giallo is to try to find who is the killer while watching and with a weak one we find it fast, but not in this case since all my guess were wrong and I didn't got it untill the end. Some of the murder are quite violent and the effects, as usual with the italian crew, are well done. Since it's an Argento's movie there is also some beautifull visual (I really like the long camera tracking shot before a particular moment I can't evidently talk about). The only downside is the dubbing (whatever you watch it in italian or in english this is dubbed) as some acting seem weak wich isn't the case (certainly not for Lara Wendel who is a very experienced actress, but the dubbing make her sounds like a wooden newcommer).

Easy to recommand since it's one of the best film of Argento.  

Rating :

(From Jimmy's - 2013 Ooctober Horror Marathon on October 21st, 2013)

Member's Reviews

The Muppet Christmas Carol, a review by Danae Cassandra

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Year of Release:  1992
Starring:  Michael Caine, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, The Great Gonzo, Rizzo the Rat
Directed By:  Brian Henson
Genre:  Comedy, Drama

Overview:My Thoughts:
I love A Christmas Carol, and I remembered enjoying the Muppets years ago, so I thought I'd pick this up this year, making this the sixth version of Dickens story in my collection.  I'm very glad I did too.  While this doesn't top my favorite version of the story (that would be the 1951 film with Alastair Sim), I think this might be my second favorite.  I loved Michael Caine's performance as Scrooge.  He did a wonderful job in the character and her really brought a lot of believably to Scrooge's transformation and redemption.  Kermit makes a great Bob Cratchet and the rest of the Muppets add a lot of charm to the film.  Given VirtualScot's posts about it over at Invelos we chose to watch the fullscreen version (which includes the song "When Love is Gone") and I'm very glad we did.  I really feel the song adds a lot to the film and Scrooge's character and it was a shame to cut it.  Great film, recommended for anyone looking for a good Christmas film for the whole family.

Bechdel Test:  Fail

Overall:  4/5

(From Danae's Yuletide Marathon on December 18th, 2012)

Member's TV Reviews

"Stargate SG-1" Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

Disc 5

Synopsis: RepliCarter is broght before the remaining System Lords who mistook her for the real one. She kills them all, including Yu. After that she begins to take over the entire Goa'uld fleet. Ba'al is forced to battle against the Replicators which gives the rebel Jaffa the opportunity to take the most holy planet to every Jaffa: Dakara. But on Dakara is also a powerful weapon and everyone wants to have it: The Humans, the Replicators - and Anubis.

My Opinion: Now they want to bring it to an end. RepliCarter casually killed the System Lords T-1000 style before the intro and now overruns the remaining forces. But of course there is a super-duper-weapon that can stop her and it happens to be in the place where Teal'c is heading. That 's a bit constructed but it's the grand finale and thus I don't resent it.

Reckoning, Part 2
Synopsis: On Dakara the future of the galaxy will be decided. The rebel Jaffa are holding the temple and Sam tries to activate the weapon. Then Ba'al's fleet arrived. Although he works for Anubis he isn't loyal to him (he is a Goa'uld after all) because his own survival depends on the failure of Anubis's plan. But then the Replicator fleet also arrives and the war reaches its climax.

My Opinion: They dug deep into the special effects bag of tricks this time. The huge space battle above Dakara was really cool. Although they used archive footage when they opened all Stargates in the galaxy it was still awesome because the imagination has done the rest. The moment where Daniel managed to bring all the Replicators to a hold was great.

Synopsis: RepliCarter has stabbed Daniel but has been killed by the weapon on Dakara. Daniel is dead but once again he gets the opportunity to ascend. Oma Desala is offering him this again but Daniel learns through the "newspaper" that Anubis wants to destroy avery life in the galaxy and is going to attack Dakara. But Oma must not interfere and there is nothing Daniel can do. None of the ascended - except for Oma and Jim - is even willing to notice his presence.

My Opinion: When I watched the episode for the first time I didn't realize who "Jim" really is. They killed two birds with one stone with this episode. In the normal world there was simply no way to stop Anubis, this was fairly obvious from the beginning of the season. But they managed to finish his and Oma's story without making it unrealistic.
But the story about Carter and Jack slowly becomes a neverending story. In JAG it also took an eternity but at least they finished it in the series finale.

Disc 6

Synopsis: Although there is a great risk involved, SG-1 (including) Jack undertakes a time travel 5000 years into the past. They want to steal a Zero Point Module from Ra. Since the Goa'uld have never found out what it is they are hoping that the theft won't change the timeline.
Dr. Daniel Jackson is teacher for English as a second language. Dr. Samantha Carter proof-reads scientific articles. But one day they are contacted by the Air Force. During an excavation a mysterious video tape had been found.

My Opinion: Alternate-Daniel and -Sam are very well portrayed, both come across as nerdy scientists who never achieved anything important. Sam's speach (in front of no one) about her reproductive organs was a nice reference to the pilot. Jack hasn't changed at all and that also fits.
First you don't know the people but once you know them you meet them everywhere. Matthew Bennett (Aaron Doral in Battlestar Galactica) was recently seen in his second appearance on SG-1 (Icon) but as a different character. Now Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Gaeta in BSG) has his second appearance, also as another character.

Moebius, Part 2
Synopsis: The Puddle Jumper that has been lost in the desert for 5000 years has been found. With the help of the retired but reactivated Colonel O'Neill it can be used again. O'Neill, Kawalsky and Sam and Daniel (who are allowed to come along) travel not into the past but to Chulak, where they encounter Teal'c - and Apophis.

My Opinion: When Alternate-Carter mentions that the time machine has to be destroyed I was reminded of Back to the Future. But Doc Brown also wanted to correct the timeline before doing so.  The funny thing is that the original Daniel has now helped to drive Ra away from Earth as well as to kill Ra on Abydos. On both occassions he helped to create an uprising.
Technically speaking the four people that are sitting on Jack's pond aren't the same people we've known for the last eight years. Apart from the fishes that are now in Jack's pond we don't know which events we've witnessed have happened in this timeline. For example, the fishing trip at the end of Threads doesn't seem to have taken place. But that's technically speaking. ;)
It was nonetheless a very good  season finale.

The Season - My Opinion: I had the suspicion that Jack's promotion to General hat the purpose to give Richard Dean Anderson more time off without having to invent excuses. But there is a suprising number of episodes that take place on the base and Jack is in the center of it. But they also continued the trend to concentrate on one character during an episode. But that worked very well for the season.
The final episode of the sixth season was called "Full Circle" and this season accomplished that. The System Lords are defeated, the Replicators are (currently) no thread anymore, Anubis is gone and the Jaffa are free.
In my opinion the last five episodes were the perfect ending for the series. The story has come to an end but there is still room for imagination (e.g. what will now happen with the Jaffa nation).
And that's the reason I have a stomach ache regarding the next two seasons. While I have watched the first eight seasons more than once, I'e only watched a few episodes of the ninth and none of the tenth season. But I am aware of what will happen, I am just not sure that it will work. It's kind of sad that a cash cow series is milked to death just to get the last gold coin out of it.

But we will see.

(From "Stargate SG-1" Marathon on April 26th, 2008)