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Member's Reviews

George of the Jungle 2, a review by Rich

Title: George of the Jungle 2

Genres:Family, Comedy

Plot:"Watch out for the tree-slammin', elephant-callin' action -- all the fun of the original and more!" (Mark S. Allen, UPN-TV). The wild adventure and comedy that families and critics went bananas for continue with everyone's favorite characters in GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2. When we last saw George, he and his bride Ursula were living in wedded bliss in the peaceful jungle. Unfortunately, all this is about to change. Scheming mother-in-law Beatrice Stanhope is not about to let her daughter and grandson hang around with the klutzy King of the Jungle forever. In an elaborate plot, she teams with Ursula's obsessive ex-fiance Lyle to hypnotize Ursula into leaving George and turn his jungle to mulch! That's when all vines lead to Las Vegas. There, George, Ape, Shep, and Tookie-Tookie must rescue Ursula, and then swing back to save the jungle from Lyle's bulldozing bullies. You'll go ape when these jungle jesters come together for irresistible all-new family entertainment.
My Review:
Some sequels should never be made, this is one of them.
I didn't even like the first film very much, but it was twice as good as this blatant commercial attempt to cash-in. Without Brendan Frazer in the lead role, there is little of merit to establish a positive from this attempted comedy. The script is funny, but only because there isn't one, as the 'story' wavers all over the place in a dumb plotline that is stupid. I actually felt myself getting irritated by its desperate attempts to mimic the first movie, and its cringeworthy amatuerism. Hollywood owes me another 80 minutes which I would have preferred spent watching paint dry.
The outtakes in the credits were funny, thats the only plus in a rubbish movie to avoid.
My Rating

(From Riches Random Reviews on January 24th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Year: 1984
Director: Leonard Nimoy
Rating: PG
Length: 105 Min.
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital: Dolby Surround, English: Dolby Digital: 5.1, French: Dolby Digital: Dolby Surround
Subtitles: English

William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley
James Doohan
Walter Koenig
George Takei

Scene Access
Feature Trailers
Closed Captioned

My Thoughts:
I went in not expecting much from this one... as I was told the odd numbers were not as good as the even number movies. Maybe not expecting much helped... but I enjoyed this movie. I thought it was a good continuation of The Wrath of Khan.  One thing I was sorry to see was the replacement of Kristie Alley as Saavik. At least they didn't replace the actress again for The Voyage Home. I did find it a little weird that Christopher Lloyd played a Klingon in this movie. Not that he wasn't fine in it... it was just strange to hear his familiar voice for a Klingon.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Weekend Movie Marathon: The Final Frontier on August 13th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's Random Reviews, a review by Tom

Title: Dawson's Creek: Season Four
Year: 2000
Rating: NR
Length: 999 Min.
Video: Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital Surround, Commentary: Dolby Digital Surround
Subtitles: Portuguese, Spanish


It's senior year for Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen and Jack! After spending the summer together, Joey and Pacey find it difficult to keep their romance going with the realities of school, college applications and their strained relationship with Dawson. Dawson rediscovers his true life's dream, Jen turns over a new leaf after getting a new boyfriend, and Jack tries to rebuild relationships after revealing he's gay. This DVD includes new music exclusively provided for this release including the international opening theme song.

Teen Choice Awards1999NominatedTV - Choice ActorJames Van Der Beek
Teen Choice Awards1999WonTV - Choice ActorJoshua Jackson
Teen Choice Awards2000WonTV - Choice ActorJoshua Jackson
Teen Choice Awards2001WonTV - Choice ActorJoshua Jackson
Teen Choice Awards2002NominatedTV - Choice Actor, DramaJoshua Jackson
Teen Choice Awards1999NominatedTV - Choice ActressKatie Holmes
Teen Choice Awards2000NominatedTV - Choice ActressKatie Holmes
Teen Choice Awards2001NominatedTV - Choice ActressKatie Holmes
Teen Choice Awards2002NominatedTV - Choice Actress, DramaKatie Holmes
Teen Choice Awards1999NominatedTV - Choice Breakout PerformanceRachael Leigh Cook, Meredith Monroe
Teen Choice Awards1999WonTV - Choice Drama
Teen Choice Awards2000WonTV - Choice Drama
Teen Choice Awards2001NominatedTV - Choice Drama
Teen Choice Awards2002NominatedTV - Choice Drama/Action Adventure
Teen Choice Awards2002NominatedTV - Choice SidekickBusy Philipps

Closed Captioned
Interactive Game
Scene Access

My Thoughts:
After I have seen Joshua Jackson in a supporting role in "Apt Pupil" and Dylan Neal as one of the main stars in "Blood Ties", I had the urge to finally continue watching Dawson's Creek. I had stopped watching after the third season set and had the fourth season now for five years in my unwatched pile.
I thought that I had passed on watching the fourth season when it originally aired, but most of the season was familiar to me. So I must have watched it after all. I am surprised how much I enjoyed it.
I was a fan of the Joey/Pacey storyline in season three, so I was a little wary about watching this season, where the inevitable of those two was to happen. Because sadly they think in this kind of series, that it is boring to keep a couple together for too long. I had thought that the breakup was very much in the beginning of the season, so I was pleasantly surprised that the relationship was going fairly strong throughout the season. The breakup came towards the end.

As for the other storylines (spoiler alert):
- I didn't like Dru Valentine character. I know we aren't supposed to like him, but the character just didn't work for me at all.
- Dawson getting close to Pacey's older sister. I was skeptical at first, but I think the storyline wasn't so bad after all.
- Andie left the series after the first few episodes. I always liked her character, but I never really liked her storylines. And is these are resolved, it is now wonder they have written her out of the show. Not much to tell anymore.
- Jen was always my least favorite character. And I don't like it that they on the one hand show her as having changed compared to her wild past, but they take any opportunity they can to have her fall back into her old ways (drinking).
- Mitch and Gail (Dawson's parents) are getting another baby. Not really an exciting storyline, but I always like it, when The Flash (John Wesley Shipp) is on-screen.
- Jack's struggles with being gay is an ok ongoing storyline.
- Harve Presnell as the aging and grumpy old-time Hollywood director is a joy to watch.
- Harry Shearer as the school principal is a riot :)

01Coming Home
02Falling Down
03Two Gentlemen of Capeside
04Future Tense
05A Family Way
06Great Xpectations
07You Had Me At Goodbye
08The Unusual Suspects
09Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
11The Tao of Dawson
12The Te of Pacey
14A Winter's Tale
15Four Stories
16Mind Games
18Eastern Standard Time
21Separation Anxiety
22The Graduate

(From Tom's Random Reviews on November 25th, 2009)