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Member's Reviews

Mickey's House of Villains, a review by addicted2comics

Mickey's House of Villains

The Plot: The villains from the popular animated Disney films are gathered at the House of Mouse with plans to take over. Soon, the villains take over the house and kick out Mickey, Donald and Goofy. It's all up to Mickey and his friends to overthrow evil and return the House of Mouse to normal--or as close to normal as it get's.

My Thoughts:

While I'm still young enough to stomach the playfulness and innocence of this show, I decided to write a review. Then again, who's too old for Mickey and the gang? It's classic! Off the bat, I have to say its a fun movie. Great for the kiddies. Otherwise, its really worth a few laughs. Some shorts I think you all may especially enjoy is "How to Haunt a House" and "Donald's Halloween Scare". Putting Mickey against all the Disney villains is an interesting idea, and there is but one musical number - a rockin one at that!

But, oh - - - the Dance of the Goofys?!?!?! The worst of the shorts by far, if not for anhy other reason than seeing Goofy in skin-tight leotards.

My Rating
Out of 5

(From Addicted2comics(:P)'s Official Review Thread!!! on October 26th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Shadow of a Doubt, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Shadow of a Doubt: The Masterpiece Collection
Year: 1942
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Rating: PG
Length: 108 Min.
Video: Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital: Mono, Spanish: Dolby Digital: Mono
Subtitles: English, French

Teresa Wright
Joseph Cotten
Macdonald Carey
Henry Travers
Patricia Collinge
Hume Cronyn

Hitchcock collaborated with renowned playwright Thornton Wilder (Our Town) to create this psychological tale of family drama, suspicion...and murder. Joseph Cotton shines as Uncle Charlie, a seemingly charming man visiting his relatives in their small and peaceful hometown. But when his namesake niece, "Young Charlie" (Teresa Wright), suspects that he may in fact be the psychopathic Merry Widow killer, Uncle Charlie must plot the death of his favorite relation in order to remain one step ahead of the law in this murderous game of cat-and-mouse.

Scene Access
Feature Trailers
Production Notes

My Thoughts:
This is another movie I never seen before. While I enjoyed this one... it is not a favorite. It just don't rank up there for me as those such as Rear Window or Psycho. But it is definitely an interesting story that is well worth watching. I liked the character of Charlie (the niece) the best. Even when scared you could tell she is a strong woman... which is something I always liked... and a bit surprising going by the times this film was made. Teresa Wright, who played the niece, looks so familiar to me. But I must have been confusing her with someone else... as this seems to be the only thing I have in my collection with her in it. Joseph Cotten, who played Uncle Charlie, also did a fine job. I did get a kick out of the father and his friend always plotting each other's murders for fun. So as I said... this is a fine movie... but not the best Hitchcock movie I have seen.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection Reviews on December 27th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete First Season marathon, a review by Dragonfire

7. The Demon Hand
Ellison digs into the history of Sarah Connor. Cameron sets out to find the Turk but discovers something else entirely.

My Thoughts

This was an interesting episode.  I liked that it tied back into some of the things from the second movie and even brought back that idiot Dr. Silberman.  Where he ended up at the end of the episode was just..perfect.  I loved that.  :)  I did like that what he saw when Sarah escaped and the T-1000 was after her was well as how the doctor and the staff dealt with it.  I didn't like one development as much...just because I didn't think it really fit with the character of Sarah.

8. Vick's Chip
What does a T-888 really think? John attempts to hack into a Terminator's memory chip in order to protect Cameron before it's too late.

My Thoughts

I thought this episode was entertaining and interesting as well..though I'm not sure why the plot outline said the hacking was done to protect Cameron.  I must have missed something..but it was late when I watched it.  Anyway, it was really interesting to see John doing more, though I did wonder how they could afford the computers and stuff while on the run.  I really want to know what is going on with Cameron...and exactly why Derek feels the way he does about her.  I'm thinking it is more than just her being a terminator...

I'll probably go watch the last episode here in a little while tonight.  Then I'll be anxious to see the 2nd season episodes.  lol  I may start tracking them down online.

(From Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete First Season marathon on January 27th, 2009)