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Member's Reviews

God Bless America, a review by Tom

God Bless America

This is the only movies of this year's FantasyFilmFest, that I heard of beforehand. And this because it was praised here in this forum. When I saw it on the schedule (and I still haven't come around buying the DVD which is on my wishlist), I thought I'd take the chance to watch it in theaters. I have to say, that your recommendations here were not ill-advised. It's a great movies. Also all of my friends who were with me highly enjoyed this movie. I will definitely add this one to my collection


(From FantasyFilmFest 2012 on August 29th, 2012)

Member's Reviews

The Brotherhood of the Wolf, a review by Eric

I loved Pacte des Loups! Looking forward to read your comments on it, Erici. Maybe that one could be a cool addition to the Movie Analysis thread, since it is unique in several ways.

It's a very good movie, it's the 2nd time I see it and I don't regret buying it but a few things really annoyed me, enough to reduce my pleasure.  There's two types of thrillers IMO, psychologial thrillers and action thrillers. There really is nothing to understand in an actin thriller (which this movie is), it's meant to be watched and enjoyed with any deep psychologial analysis.  So unlike other movies I talked about, I will write on this one about the script and direction instead of the story.

As I said, a few things annoyed me a lot, mostly the anachronism which, after listening to the interviews with the director, I understand to be typical of the "genre" (he kept talking about "the genre" but never mentioned what genre it was ;))

One of them is the use of Martial Arts. If they had been used by only one or two characters it wouldn't be much an issue but everybody knew martial arts in every fight.  In 18th century France, martial arts weren't know by every one.  What made it even more annoying to me is the Indian who is depicted as a Martial Arts Master.  Since the french were the first to set foot here and to make contact with our indians, I doubt any of them would have learned Martial Arts, that really bugged me throughout the movie because I can't believe in the chracter.

A few others caught my attention and pulled me out of the story.  At a point in the movie, GrĂ©goire de Fronsac explains that his indian french comes from a tribe called "Mohawks" that no longer exists and that he was the only one to survive.  That would catch the attention to anyone living in Quebec because the Mohawks still exists today.

Now de Fronsac also says that Mani is the only survivor ofhis tribe after the french attacked it but as I recall, Mohawks were on the french side but I'll hav to check on this.  The funeral of Mani also bothered me a little, de Fronsac picking up ashes was ridiculous, indians didn't do that and a french would not have if he knew enough about indian funerals to perform it up to that point.  I know I'm picky but those are details that make it unrealistic to me because they're things about my country and I know it's not true.

But, all anachorisms put aside, it is a beautiful movie.  The special effects people did an admirable job with the woods and the caves.  The director also had some very nice ideas for certain shots that really caught my attention but in a good way this time.  One in particular that I found ingenious is when you see Monica Belucci naked on a bed, the camera goes along her body and as the movement continues it changes to snowy mountains.  That was brilliant and extremely well done.

(From Touti's Horror/Thriller Movie Marathon on September 2nd, 2007)

Member's TV Reviews

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete First Season marathon, a review by Achim

Dungeons and Dragons

Yeah, another good episode. Some mysteries were being set up so that there is some suspense to find out what will develop from that. Seeing a T-800 during those flashbacky-forwardsy thingys (just a look-a-like though...) was nice. I thought the future scenes was quite well done and help to develop the "back"story for Derek. ("Dereks don't run." :laugh:)

I too can hardly wait for Monday so that I can continue (I have a day off Monday, in fact the whole next week, so I just might finish the last disc in one day ;D

No one ;liner stuck in my mind this time ???

I just checked and found that Season 2 is apparently a full-blown one, according to IMDb there's be 22 episodes. :thumbup:...for more content  :weep:...for higher price when purchasing the Blu-ray set later this year

(From Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete First Season marathon on January 21st, 2009)