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Member's Reviews

Ikimono no kiroku, a review by Antares

Ikimono no kiroku

Year: 1955
Film Studio: Toho Co. Ltd., The Criterion Collection, Eclipse
Genre: Drama
Length: 103 Min.

Akira Kurosawa (1910)

Shinobu Hashimoto (1918)...Writer
Fumio Hayasaka (1914)...Story By
Akira Kurosawa (1910)...Story By
Hideo Oguni (1904)...Writer

Asakazu Nakai (1901)

MusicStarsReviewShichinin no samurai, and YojimboIkimono no kiroku (I Live in Fear), a postwar drama set amidst the fears of nuclear Armageddon. For the most part, this film has been forgotten or dismissed by most critics and Kurosawa fans alike. And while it may not have the intensity of his jidai-geki films, or the subtle humanity of say Ikiru
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Review Criterion

(From Ikimono no kiroku (I Live in Fear) (1955) on June 16th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Little Big Soldier, a review by dfmorgan

Little Big Soldier

Year: 2010
Director: Ding Sheng
Cast: Jackie Chan, Leehom Wang, Steve Yoo
Overview: Join the undisputed King of Action Comedyfor a madcap action-packed journey across ancient China. In the aftermath of a great battle between rival kingdoms, only two men remain standing! One is a peasant soldier with a shameless ability for avoiding his responsibilities in battle (Jackie Chan); the other is a warrior prince, who has been wounded fighting for his country (Leehom Wang). Irresistibly tempted by the chance to collect a large reward, the peasant overpowers the disadvantaged prince and sets off to collect his bounty. When danger confronts them around every corner, the world's two most unlikely allies quickly realise they will need to join forces if they are to make it home in one piece! As each challenge takes them closer to victory, a prince will learn humility and a nobody will find the strength to be someone great.

Based on an original story created by Jackie Chan himself, Little Big Soldier is a irresistible, pulse-pounding deluge of side-splitting comedy, stunts and kinetic martial arts action that is guaranteed to enthrall and entertain from start to finish!

Watched: 11th. Nov 2010
My Thoughts: Very much still the usual Jackie Chan fare of martial arts action and comedy. On top of this though Mr. Chan is bringing a dramatic edge to the proceedings. I think the two parts did mix but it wasn't fully cohesive in places as if he had to rein in his action for the drama. There was the usual bloopers during the end credits.

My Rating: An overall enjoyable film 3


(From Dave's DVD/Blu-ray Reviews on November 11th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Babylon 5: Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

Disc 5


Synopsis: The body of a dead Minbari warrior is presented on Babylon 5 as a sign of respect towards the warrior. But the body is stolen and the Star Rider clan of his blames the humans for the loss. Meanwhile a young girl is found who has teep abilitiies. Whila Talia Winters wants her to enter the Psi Corps, Susan Ivanova tries anything to keep her away from that organisation.

My opinion: Funniest moment was when somone remined Garibaldi that the Pak'Ma'Ra are carrion eathers. ;) We also learn that the Narn are the only people that have no teeps. And we get another look into the Minbari culture and tradition. For the first time we see Delenn use her power as member of the Grey Council. And I liked the ending where Talia and Susan - who where opponents over the teep business - apologized to each other.
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Quote of the episode:
Neroon (to Sinclair): "You speak like a Minbari"

A Voice in the Wilderness Part 1

Synopsis: The planet Epsilon 3 around which Babylon 5 is orbiting devolps a series of quakes. A survey team which tries to land is being attacked when the planet is supposed to be uninhabited. Meanwhile riots have broken out on the Mars colonies and Garibaldi tries to communicate with a previous lover.

My opinion: At last we learn something about the planet below Babylon 5 except it being a nice wallpaper. We see that there's a huge machinery down below the planet's surface but like most two-parters the first one is only the prelude to the second part.

Quote of the episode:
Draal: "The third principle of sentient life is the capacity for self-sacrifice. The conscious ability to override evolution and self-preservation for a cause, a friend, a loved one."

A Voice in the Wilderness Part 2

Synopsis: Earth heavy cruiser Hyperion arrives at Babylon 5 to protect anything of interest that may be found on Epsilon 3. But another ship arrives, too; claiming the planet belongs to them and that they will take it by force, if necessary. And the dying man from the Great Machine tells Draal and Delenn, that someone must take his place in order to prevent the planet's destruction.

My opinion: Loved it. Sinclair is willing to risk everything to protect the station and the people living there. He is truly a man who understands the third principle of sentient life. And to see the sparkle of excitement in Londos eyes to really do something again - marvelous. It was also interesting to see that there are (and have always been?) tensions between the Earthers and the Marsians.
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Babylon Squared

Synopsis: Babylon 4 is back! After Bablon 1 to 3 were destroyed during constructions, Babylon 4 got lost 24 hours after going operational. Babylon 4 was trapped in a time distortion field and it seems to fall back into it. It's decided to evactuate the station before it disappears again. Meanwhile Delenn is summoned back to the Grey Council to take back her place there which means she has to leave Babylon 5.

My opninion: I alsways like time travel episodes even though this time it wasn't really a time travel. But I loved the hints about Sinclairs future. And I like the fact that Delenn left the Grey Counsil because of the calling of her heart and her expressed opinion about the humans (even if it came from a human script writer ;))
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Quote of the episode:
Zathras: "The One leads us. The One tells us to go. We go. We live for the One. We would die for the One."

(From Babylon 5: Marathon on August 5th, 2007)