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Member's Reviews

Drawing Blood, a review by Jimmy

Title : Drawing Blood (2005)

Bodies begin to pile up the moment George Adam's wife leaves town for the weekend. George's past comes back to him, but its nothing like his current life in a safe, calm suburban home. Unbeknownst to him, lovers, friends and neighbors cannot escape the grip of his evil basement. If the local law enforcement can piece the grisly clues together, they may be able to save the next innocent victim. Drawing Blood is a psychological horror film that captures the raw terror of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the pure horror of Halloween.

My Impression
"Raw terror of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and pure horror of Halloween" my ass ::) Really poor movie with no character development at all. Sure many people are killed (very poorly to be polite), but we don't really care since we know nothing about them except for what we see before they got in the house. Terror sure ::), a person enter in the house for whatever reasons, George isn't there and they are smash on the head with an axe, a hammer, a bottle and a couple of ridiculous things I won't say. The acting is really poor with the exception of Robert Z'Dar and Joe Estevez (he really looks more and more like his father) who aren't there a lot in the movie. Some nudity is present that help a little (even if the girls aren't that good looking) but not that much. By the way one of those scene demonstrate the lack of talent of the crew involve in the filming : 2 actors are supposed to have an intercourse but we are able to see clearly that they wear their underwear all the time ::)

Pete if you watch this one could you tell me who is the killer... I sure have no idea of who is it supposed to be :-\

Rating :

(From Jimmy's 2009 Horror Marathon on October 1st, 2009)

Member's Reviews

Kamikaze Girls, a review by Tom


Title: Kamikaze Girls
Year: 2004
Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
Rating: Category IIB
Length: 102 Min.
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85
Audio: Japanese: Dolby Digital Surround EX , Japanese: DTS ES (Discrete)
Subtitles: Chinese, English

Kyoko Fukada
Anna Tsuchiya
Hiroyuki Miyasako
Ryoko Shinohara
Sadawo Abe

Momoko (pop idol Kyoko Fukada) yearns to live in 18th-century Versailles and loses herself in the dreamy, doll-like fashions of the "Lolita" scene. She travels all the way from Shimotsuma to Tokyo to the shop selling her favorite "Lolita" designs hose. One day, she encounters a super-rebel Ichiko (Anna Tsuchiya), a member of motorbike gang. The two self-directed trendy girls find themselves taking different paths. Momoko wishes to be a "Lolita" designer and Ichiko fights her way to be a motorbike gang leader. Somewhat against their will, they slowly develop a strong friendship as they share their feelings on the odd going-ons around them.

Scene Access

My Thoughts:
I first came to attention of this movie, when I saw its trailer on another DVD. The impression I got was that of a movie similar in style to AmeliƩ.
But because the cover of this DVD put me a little off (and also the stupid English title), it took me almost four months to finally watch it. I almost regret not doing so sooner. It was a great movie!
The imaginary was a little reminiscent of AmeliƩ but this movie has a character of its own.


(From Two-Weeks Movie Marathon: Unwatched Movies on August 30th, 2008)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's TV Pilots marathon, a review by Tom

     The Office: Series One (2001/United Kingdom)
IMDb | Wikipedia

(United Kingdom)
Length:174 min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78
Audio:English: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

BAFTA winning comedy about the Slough paper-merchant where life is stationery...
David Brent (Ricky Gervais) is a petty, pompous boss who thinks he's the funniest, most popular man in the world. Pedantic jobsworth Gareth (Mackenzie Crook) agrees with him.

They're both wrong.

Tim (Martin Freeman) really is popular and funny but the joke is on him, as he's stuck in the middle of their little world - a world in which he hates everything except the receptionist Dawn (Lucy Davis). Will Tim escape? Will Dawn choose the right man? Will MI6 ever call on Gareth to help them out? And will David Brent ever regret letting a film crew into The Office?

The Office
1.01 Downsize
Writer: Ricky Gervais (Writer), Stephen Merchant (Writer)
Director: Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant
Cast: Ricky Gervais (David Brent), Martin Freeman (Tim Canterbury), Mackenzie Crook (Gareth Keenan), Lucy Davis (Dawn Tinsley), Oliver Chris (Ricky Howard), Stirling Gallacher (Jennifer Taylor-Clark), Joel Beckett (Lee), Robin Hooper (Malcolm), Paul Sharma (Sanj), Yvonne D'Alpra (Joan), Ben Bradshaw (Ben), Angela Clerkin (Jackie), Jamie Deeks (Jamie), Neil Fitzmaurice (Alex), Jane Lucas (Sheila), Ewen MacIntosh (Keith), Emma Manton (Emma), Alexander Perkins (Ralph), Phillip Pickard (Phillip)

A great series. Though this is more of a one-man show than the American remake. When they started to make the American remake, I thought they will never get it to work as well as here. But I have to admit, that I enjoy the American version even more. But only after they started doing their own thing instead of trying to recapture what was done in the original series.


(From Tom's TV Pilots marathon on June 17th, 2012)